This is a solution of Managing Organisations Assignment Help in which we discuss Managing Organisations can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented IT solutions.Managing Organisations Assignment Help

Managing Organisations Assignment Help


Students are to write a reflective essay (max 750 words) which details how they have experienced the Open Systems management approach (i.e. model) in an organisational context. To effectively do so students must accurately and succinctly describe the primary premise of the Open Systems model and its key characteristics. They must also support, using strong logic and reference to published material, how their experience is clearly symptomatic of the management approach.

Students with no workplace experience on which to base their essaywill need to identify and interview someone who can provide the required first-hand insight.Managing Organisations Assignment Help

 Due:                Prior to 8:59am on Monday 27th June, 2016

Marks:           20 (refer to the marking criteria below). Note that a minimum of 10 marks is required to pass the assignment; and therefore the unit.

Submit Process

All assignments are to be submitted through‘Turn-it-in,’ which can be accessed from the ‘Resubmit Assignment’ folder on Blackboard. The link will be made available by Wednesday 15th June, 2016, and you can submit the assignment at any time leading up to the due date.

You should identify your name, Student ID and assignment title in the file name details. For example:

Pat Gillett 0123456 resubmit.docx

Structure and style of the Essay

The document ‘Reflective Writing – Quick Guide’ (available in the Assignment 1 folder on BlackBoard) highlights two different ways to structure the essay. Either approach is acceptable.

Develop a catchy title which highlights (surreptitiously) the focus of your Essay.

The aim is to write an interesting story which clearly illustrates a good example (positive or negative) of the way in which you have experienced the OS management approach in an organisational context. It is important that the key concepts are presented in a logical manner so that the essay has good ‘flow’.  It is also important that you use pseudonyms to protect the identity of the organisation and the individuals concerned.

This is not a Creative Writing exercise. The objective is not to write a dramatic script so avoid, as much as possible, using overly emotional language and tone.

Essay Format

The single document submitted for this assignment is to contain the following components and formatting features:

  1. Assignment ‘Coversheet’ (document is available in the Assignment file on Blackboard).
  2. Assignment ‘Coverpage[1] identifying the unit name & code, assignment title, student name & ID, and the essay word count (note: Reference List content does not contribute to the word count).
  3. Content; i.e. your Reflective Essay.
    1. Both in-text and reference list skills must be demonstrated (use SCU Library’s Harvard Referencing style Guide).
    2. The essay is to include at least four distinct references from academic journals. It is the responsibility of students to accurately identify whether the article they cite is from an ‘academic journal’ or whether it is from a less reliable publication (such as a Trade journal). You may cite your textbook and sources identified in it but they do not contribute to the reference count. Quoting is not permitted. Paraphrase the information obtained from the various sources.
  4. Reference List

Adopt the following formatting features for the paper:Managing Organisations Assignment Help

  • Apply page numbers. Page 1 comes after your coverpage.
  • Font style: Times New Roman, 12pt, justified, 1½ line spacing.
  • Margins – top and bottom to be 2.54cm. Left and right to be 2.54cm. No page boarders.
  • Spelling – specify Australian Englishlanguage/grammar when running your spell-check.
  • Writing and grammar should conform to the standards of a professional report.


To ensure that the assignments are marked as quickly as possible, feedback will be limited to the marking rubric. For students who do not achieve a passing grade, the marker will highlight selected areas of their assignment that illustrate an unsatisfactory standard of academic work.

Marking Criteria:

A.      Quality of writing





1)      Unsatisfactory. The writing is ineffective due to numerous spelling and/or grammatical errors.

2)      Pass. Proof-read the final document to identify and correct minor errors in spelling and grammar. Plan for and undertake additional drafts to improve the quality of your written work.

3)      Credit. A good standard of writing is provided (no spelling errors) however there is room for improvement in terms of higher-order writing skills (e.g. vocabulary and sentence structure).

4)      Distinction. Higher-order writing skills are evident in parts. Greater consistency will improve the overall quality of your work.

5)      HD. The quality of writing is exceptional. Well done.

B.      Essay Content

(weight 35%)



1)      Unsatisfactory. Details of the Management approach and your personal account of its application to an organisational context arelargely inaccurate or ambiguous.

2)      Pass. The essay content demonstrates a basic understanding of the Management approach however it is predominantly descriptive.Further personal insight is required to show how ithas been experienced in an organisational context.

3)      Credit. The essay provides a good example of how the Management approach is applied inan organisational context. Expand on the analysis (depth or breadth) of your personal experience to show a stronger level of understanding.

4)      Distinction.Your personal experience of the Management approach is thorough and informative. Management theory is partially integrated into the discussion.

5)      HD. The essay provides a very effective and distinct example of the Management approach and its practical application to an organisation context. Personal observation is substantially and effectively integrated with Management theory. Well done.

C.      Formatting& Referencing

(weight 30%.)




1)      Unsatisfactory. The assignment document is unprofessionally presented and/or the required number of references is not provided.

2)      Pass. The assignment paper is generally well presented but a limited number of formatting features have not been adopted.

3)      Credit.All the required formatting features are provided. There are several errors with the referencing style.

4)      Distinction. All required formatting features are provided. There is one minor error with the referencing style.

5)      HD.All required formatting features are provided and the reference sources are appropriately cited.


 [1] The assignment ‘Coversheet’ and ‘Coverpage’ contain similar information but they are separate documents and fulfil different purposes.

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