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Required Risk assessments by regulation,legislation, and organizational requirements confirming suitable action is engaged

Managing Business Assignment HelpThe risk calculation is one of the significant responsibilities of an organization. There are various types of risk factors located in the organization. On the other hand, the health and safety issues should be taken as a serious factor(Tatom, 2011). Moreover, the management of an organization should implement proper rules, regulation and legislation for all stakeholders of an organization. Risk assessment is a kind of process which prohibits some specified negative events to occur.

According to the case study, I’m working in a nursery as admin and finance officer. We provide childcare 6 months to 5 years. In this nursery, some significant risk assessments are identified such as child protection, grooming and safety. It is very common that a child of 6 months needs extra care and safety. First of all, in order to prevent diseases all employee should clean their hands with liquid soap. Moreover, that child requires more care for better improvement(MacGillivray, 2013). Therefore, food safety takes place in this nursery. This nursery maintains specific food chart for an individual child. In addition, many germs and bacteria can spread up through the water. So, we take it seriously and arrange a water purifier for drinking water. However, some staffs did not clean their hand but serve food to children. As a result, some children become ill for infection. So, health and safety issue should be executed properly in the nursery.

Health and safety rules in precise work circumstances

Health and safety regulations and legislation involve some important measurements that influence health and safety environment for employees. As early mentioned our nursery home provides child care, so we try to give full health and safety equipment to our children. Talking about a reasonable complex work activity, we mainly focus on the pre-school activity. This facility is going to age 3 years to 5 years, children. According to health and safety regulations, we do not create mental pressure on children’s brain. We have very efficient teachers who are very responsible and sincere. On the other hand, we have only 3 rooms for child care but only one room is allocated as a pre-school room(Osteoporosis: diagnosis and risk assessment, 2014).

Talking about the specific work situation, our teachers do not show aggressiveness during class. For an example, a child is facing trouble to understand a specific lesson but he do not express, in that critical situation our teacher take extra care in order to teach the lesson without hurting him. It is comparatively better rather than any other pre-school. Moreover, teachers resolve problems between students with patience without punishing anybody. In other words, our teachers do all things according to the health and safety regulations and legislations. In terms of student’s safety issue, our teachers pay more attention to the development of children through active learning facility. However, they always teach their students how to maintain safety in life. In addition, they provide the basic education to their students which lead them to a bright future(Hendershot, 2016).

Systematic review of organizational health and safety policies and procedures to ensure the effectiveness and compliant

The administrative health and safety guidelines should cover the total strategy of an employer’s occupational safety and health organization(Holly, Salmond and Saimbert, 2012). The fundamental element of a successful health and safety management includes the following systems:

  1. Planning

An effective planning is required to fulfill the health and safety policy in the workplace. An efficient management formation and arrangements should be set in place in the delivery of the policy.

  1. Commitment and policy

According to section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, any workplace should prepare a professional health and safety policy program. This will help in the improvement of the business performance. Liabilities to the working environment and people will be met in a way that fulfills the letter and spirit of the law(Hanberger, 2015). Therefore, proper official documents need to be approved by the government, so the nursery can run its business without any type of disturbances.

  1. Operation and implementation

The systematic approach for the implementation of safety and health policy via an effectual health and safety management system should be planned properly to minimize risk. The risk assessment methods should be utilized for the determination of priorities and setting objectives. It is used to eliminate hazards and reduce risks. For example, the nursery contains babies and toddlers and, therefore, the proper implementation of rooms needs to be made with proper first aid kits to reduce risk.

The everydayuse of health and safety rules and actions in the office

Suppose two health and safety policies are taken into consideration for describing the practical application in the workplace. The two health and safety rules are Work Health and Safety Act 2012 and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012(Hadjimanolis and Boustras, 2013). According to Work Health and Safety Act 2012, employees and other peoples are protected against damage to their fitness, care, and wellbeingover the abolition of risk from work. Therefore, the toddlers and teachers in the pre-school room will be protected by using the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 policy. The main application of this policy is that it establishes cooperation between all teachers, staffs, and students. The policies inspireproposals for understanding the healthiness and securityobjects for creating a harmlessoperationalsetting with a nilmishap rate. This policy implemented for teachers and students to make them safe work practices. It is done to avoid injuries. It also makes the employees take sensiblemaintenance of the health and safety of the children. Apart from these, it complies with any direction given by management for health and safety(Johnstone and Tooma, 2012). Therefore, in the nursery, this policy can be applied for the proper safety of children. On the other hand, the teachers and staffs should report all accidents and incidents during the time of working. They should also report all observed or known hazards to the administrator. Therefore, it can be concluded that the nursery can be well maintained if these policies are applied.


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