Managing Business Activities 


BBC World News is operated by BBC Global News Ltd. It stands for British Broadcasting Company which was established in the year 1922 on October 18. The BBC is the world largest international broadcaster, actually broadcasting television news, discussions, radio as well as speeches. The study will provide the various organizational strategies as well as different programs under it functions. The study will also forecast the relationship between the process and function in BBC(Broadcasting, 2003). Various plans will also be described that promotes the goals and objectives of the firm.

Task 2

2.1 design plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibility

Managing Business ActivitiesBBC has played animportant role in British life since its establishment.The goal and objective of the Company is that they want to become specialized business corporations. For the accomplishment of this goal, the firm has created an organizational structure which has particular functions(Promote, protect, prevent, 2013). Every department in the company has its own function and strategies but can help various other departments like link information, for supporting the execution of the project. Moreover, every department in the firm has its own working process and objectives. Normally, these procedures have to reach the desires of the company. Furthermore, ordering to grow and improve the market, the firm has created ​​a lot of plans for improving the quality of commodities such as quality control of raw materials, manufacturing as well as procedures(Broadcasting, 2003). The firm has set for themself four objectives with clients, markets, and social employees. Company used various appropriatesystems for ensuring the quality of services and commodities from their producing process to installation for the customer. For each objective, the company has certain criteria to operate activities for the industry.

The model of BBC is very complicated as the company gets its funds from TV license fees by the government. Though its gets its funds from the government, it can be stated as an intersect organization which is establishing its current conflicting issues and objectives. The company mission is to improve the lives of people with programs and services that could entertain, and improve them(Srinivasan and McFarland, 2001). The company shows its worth of money by initiating verity of shows, mostly of which would be allocated with minority’s issues. The BBC should plan to stay as modern as possible to compete with their competitors. They also have to compete against the overabundance of new channels and also have to ensure their financial stability and future ambitions.

2.2 objectives, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way

While commencing the businessthe BBC is now left with few loyal customers and with no reputation. The most effective as well as efficient objective for commencing a business is actually survival(Srinivasan and McFarland, 2001). As the business of the company enhances and is ready to penetrate and achieve the market share, the aim of the company shifts changes and gets towards its expansion.

The best kinds of objective of a firm areSMART which stands for:

  • Specific: this part specifies the areas which need to be cover up like, increased profit.
  • Measurable: this section clearly covers what numeric value; the company wants to achieve, like, increment in profit by 12%.
  • Agreed: all employeesare included in discussing as well asapproving a purpose.
  • Realistic: the objective and aim of this section is to give well market conditions, and also to make financial resources available to them.
  • Timed: It refers to the time frame that has been allotted for the completion of a work. The major aim of every company is to fulfill the given task in the specified period of time.

For illustration, The SMART aim of the company is to increase its incomes by 12% in the next 12 months. It allows companies to complete their given work in a given period of time.   .

2.3 implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, on budget and meeting organisational standards of quality

Time,accounts, and principles are the basic resource within which functions. Planning should be on the basis of actual time that the performance need to assure that the operation has much time to implement. Moreover, the budget must be evaluated appropriately for supporting the operation. Various measures are there that should ensure for the company in order to perform efficient way like improving communication procedures as well as deliver planning quality or standard  for every level in the firm. The company requires developing the communication procedure(Reilly, Sirgy and Gorman, 2012). This procedure should allow flexibility in the exchange of information amongst the stages in the.

The firm also implement to the software internal departments for exchanging information. Every plan and strategy should be balanced as well as objective time, cost and quality. Company should provide quality, which is an importance process in order to coordinate performance in operational level. Company should apply for quality parts, assembly in accordance to one common quality for ensuring the products which are uniform in quality. Quality work will help the department for working together in the system.

2.4 carry out work activities meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control

Controlling and monitoringare essential in order to meet the operational goals as well as for ensuring that the objective strategy is applied appropriately. This is a constant procedure which should be allotted in proper area before project application begins. Furthermore, the monitoring activities of the company should be portrayed on the work template and must include all the stakeholders. If the operating activities of the company are not performing well, then it should implement arrangements to identify the issues, so that it can be corrected. The monitoring and controlling process of a company is important to ensure the procedures that are planned. This will help BBC to measure their achievement regarding the targets. It should be based on the knowledge of the procedure, on which the operating system is implemented. It will portray positive impact on the operation, maintenance, and utilization of BBC.

Task 3

3.1 design systems to manage and monitor quality standards specified by the organisation

The designing system of an enterprise includes the structure as well as strategy of the quality management system of the company. The designing system also comprises the procedures and applicability of the quality management system. The designing system of BBC should be led by the senior management heads of the company to meet the objectives and requirements of the firm. It should be done by senior managers as they are known to the backstage procedures of the company. The designing system must be done to identify what would be the company core strategies and defined goals. It should be aligned with the necessity of one or more stakeholders.

3.2 demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process

Constant improvement includes incremental initiatives as well as innovations for achieving best practices. All objectives as well as expectations should be organized to shareholders appropriately. The BBC management teams should provide motivation programs to encourage and implement incentive plans that will help it to develop a philosophy of nonstop development.

3.3 recommend improvements which align with the organisation’s objectives and goals and which result in improvements

Goals and objectives alignment is an effective and strong management tool which provides job performance for each and every employee in BBC. But the individual who also establishes to employees their continuous value to their firm. While the engagement of employees within their work by alignment with the organization, they become much determined to their firm as well as achieves maximum levels of job performance.

3.4 report on wider implications of proposed changes within the organisation

For managing as well as implicating changes in the firm successfully, it is very important as the same time necessary for attending to the huge effects of the changes(Loukkola and Zhang, 2010). By considering the perceptible effects of change, it is also important for considering the personal effect on those adopted, as well as their journey to the performing in a new way for supporting the change.If BBC, implements proper strategy, the company would be able to grab the market, so that it can again increase its customer base and loyalty.  The brand loyalty of the enterprise will manage the customers to beside from rivals and also help the company to hold a strong position in the market.


It is found in the report that BBC is facing problem in its operating system. The analysis regarding the same has been provided in the report. The report also focuses on wider implication of modification in the organization.


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