Managing A Successful Business Project

Managing A Successful Business Project 

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Project Management Plan

Title: Importance of CSR Activities in Achieving Competitive Advantages: A Study on Organic Burger for KFC.

P1:       Aim:The aim of this research is to find out importance of competitive advantages for KFC.


  1. To launch campaigns for the hungry kids and raising funds so that KFC can provide foods
  2. To provide more job opportunities for the young people and provide adequate basic training.
  3. To gain competitive advanatages through CSR


Cost Calculation


Launching campaign and brand name£1200

  1. Promoting campaign £2150
  2. Recruiting new employees for project £1120
  3. Providing training facilities to new recruit £3130
  4. Total£7600
  1. Scope / Limitation

MANAGING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROJECT1The death toll of hungry child is increasing rapidly due to malaria, TB, AIDS and cholera. This campaign will reach more than 6000 kids in Africa and war prone region. This CSR activities will promote the brand name through these campaign. With this project, KFC will be able to promote the business in Africa region too. By maintain the legal, economic and socialactivities, this project of providing food will be great success for the company. On the other hand, this campaign will create job opportunities in those area. This recruitment and selection process will be a part of winning competitive advantages too.

  1. Time

The time duration for the program is 6 month. Among them first two month will the launching and promotional stage. After that, next 1 month will be designed for the recruitment and training program. And last 3month will the final phase of the project.

  1. Quality

This is the ethical part of the corporate social responsibilities of the KFC. Ensuring good quality of foods and do what is fair and legal is the ethical duties of KFC. Considering environmental issues is also part of the corporate social responsibility campaign. The brand was charged for serving rotten meat in China in 2013 which has great impact on the business. KFCquickly responded for this issue which represented their CSR duties.

  1. Communication

There will 4 teams to supervise the whole project under a supervisor. The supervisor will be the expertise from the company. The team leaders will be also from the existing team member of the company. But the other will be recruited by the company by creating new job opportunity for the young leaders. The four teams will be responsible for launching, promoting, executing and monitoring duty.

  1. Risk

The risk factors are also must considerable issue for this program. First of all, the most of the hungry kids are living in the war prone reason and mostly are situated in the Africa continent. It will risky to provide foods in these areas. Recruiting employees and motivating to work in the disease prone areas will be another risk factor.

  1. Resources

Except new human resources, every resources are available in the KFC. KFC will use the existing promotional tools for the campaign. There will be online promotion to reach maximum number of people. KFC has separated marketing team who will be responsible for the promotional activities and evaluation of the performances. The financial resources will be partially managed by the company, other will be collected from the fund raising.

P3: Work Breakdown and GANTT CHART (8 Weeks)

Week 1:planning and generating ideas: this is this first week work to plan for the project. First of all there will a series of ideas and across whole week, KFC will gather knowledge from available sources.

Week 2: screening the plan: the best one idea will be selected in this week. KFC will provide a standard to fulfill which will be fulfilled by the idea selected. After the final selection, KFC will go for the team building chapter.

Week 3-4: team formation: this is the week where KFC will deal with human resources for the project which will promote CSR activities. Company will advertise for the new recruitment process. The potential candidate will be attracted from the notices. This will take time to receive CV and screening candidates. But the time is limited by 2 weeks.

Week 5-6: promotional activities and training activities: KFC will put advertisement in the mass media of major countries. KFC will also promote in the online media. Along these, newsletter, leaflet and poster will be also printed for this job. Side by this, KFC will provide training to the new recruits.

Week 7: implementation of project: in the seventh week, KFC will implements the project in the selected region where food crisis is a major issue. The target hungry kids is 6000 in one week.

Week 8: evaluating output from CSR: this is the final job where the importance of CSR are determined by the monitoring team. This team will provide report on the outcome from this project and future guideline for furtherCSR activities. This how the importance of CSR activities will be evaluated to gain competitive advantages.

The Gantt chart of overall Project has been given below :

Fig: Gantt chart

Project Log Book

Update on weekly research/ tasks achieved
Project NameImportance of CSR Activities in Achieving Competitive Advantages: A Study on Organic Burger for KFC.
WeekItemOwnerStatus Date EnteredPlanned CompletionActual CompletionComments
 What is the item to be completed?

How did you fulfil task requirements?

Are you on track and within deadlines set?

Were any changes to your project management plan?

1 PLANNING AND GENERATING IDEAS:PM*Completed01/05/1704/05/1707/05/17
2SCREENING THE PLANPMCompleted 08/05/1710/05/17 14/05/17
3TEAM FORMATIONPMCompleted 15/05/1719/05/1721/05/17
4TRAINING ACTIVITIESPMCompleted 22/05/1724/05/1728/05/17
5PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIESPMCompleted 29/05/17 02/06/17 05/06/17
6 QUALITY ASSURINGPMCompleted06/06/17 10/06/1712/05/17
7 IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECTPMCompleted13/06/17 16/06/1719/05/07
8 EVALUATING OUTPUT FROM CSRPMCompleted20/06/1723/06/1726/06/17

 * PM= Project Manager 

Example Comments on week 3 

As project manager, I planned to execute most important work in week 3. I believe that team formation is the most important job as the human resources are the main handler of the project. The work of this week had been extended up to next week as the training and development program is also part of recruitment process. The main challenges of this week was to finds best person who has committed and loyalty to the program. The trainning and development program will extend the output of the project. 

Risk and/or issues identified

Project NameImportance of CSR Activities in Achieving Competitive Advantages: A Study on Organic Burger for KFC.
WeekIssue DescriptionProject ImpactAction PlanDate EnteredDate ResolveOwnerComments
How will this impact scope, schedule & cost? How do you intend to deal with this issue? Did you identify risks with a lack of skills required for undertaking research?
1 Selection of inappropriate ideasThis will diminish all the activities of the projectI will be careful with high priority01/05/1707/05/17PM
2No issuesPM
3Development of sense of unityDecrease efficiencyEnsure best method 15/05/1721/05/17PM
4Ensuring proper learning methodLack of implementationEnsure best method 22/05/1728/05/17 PM
5No issuePM
6 No issuesPM
7 Political and legal factorsThe overall project will be affectedFollow the rules properly13/06/1719/05/07PM
8 No issue

 Example of Project Impact on week 4

This risk factor will affect the overall costing of projects

Example of action plan on week 4

PM will ensure the perfect learning method for each employees. 

                                                                                                   Problems Encountered
Project Name 
What barriers do you face?

How did you overcome them?

1This weak was full of ideas and KFC has selected some bad ideas.
2PM has selected some standards to overcome the idea screening process
3Finding best people from huge number of applicant within short time
4Finding perfect learning method
7Adopting with political and legal environment

 Learning Achievement

Project Name 
1SWOT analysis for each ideas
2Implementation of pest analysis, marketing tools.
3six thinking hats to form team
4Four types of learning method
5Kaizen process
6Implementation of plans
7Analysis of political, legal and economic factors
8Importance of CSR in strategic management.
                                                                                                   Task Allocation
Project NameYour Project Name
                                             Performance Review
  •       What was the project supposed to accomplish?

•       Did the project succeed in its aims? How do you know? Specifically, please outline any evaluation and assessment undertaken.

•       What things do you think worked well and why? Evaluate all aspects of the project (e.g. initial inception, project activities and project outcomes) from a range of perspectives.

•       What problems emerged during the project and how were they tackled? Was there timely identification of issues and resolution during the project process?

•       What did you learn from undertaking the project?

•       How would you rate your performance as project manager?

•       What strengths and weaknesses of your performance did you identify?

•       How will this inform and support your continuous professional development

Supervisor comment

Task: P4, P5, P6 and P7 


The background of the research is to find effectiveness of the CSR activities in the strategic advantages. That is why KFC has designed a research project to launch a campaign to win competitive advantages.

Research Questions

Questionnaire On

The production of best organic burger of Bangladeshi restaurant in the UK 

  1. Do you think that KFC should do more CSR program?
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. How much will you contribute for charity of KFC?
  5. £10
  6. £30
  7. £50
  8. Above £50
  9. Do you likeparticipated in these program?
  10. No
  11. Yes
  1. Do you know about the death toll of child due to malnutrition?
  2. No
  3. Yes 
  1. What is opinion about service of KFC?
  2. Satisfactory
  3. Alright
  4. Excellent

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the research to find the effectiveness of CSR program and potential output of food providing campaign of KFC

Literature Review:

According to Carroll, there are four part in the corporate social responsibilities of the company which provide scenario of their present actions. The four parts are economic, ethical, legal, and philanthropic duties. There are another issue regarding using antibiotics usage in the foods of food manufacturing restaurant. The hunger fight program of the South Africa is great success and advised other multinational franchise to increase their social activities.  (CHRISTOPHER, 2015)

To complete the CSR activities, companies must fulfil the alarming issues of their stakeholder. To complete a survey researcher much use both quantitative and qualitative data which will collected from the primary and secondary sources. (YUM. 2014)

Research Methodology:

The population of this research is 300. The sampling method is convenient method. The researcher will ask randomly to get the answer. The data will be collected by survey and interview. The questionnaire will be ask question to the random people and get answer from convenient way.  The data will stored and screening through the various method. Firstly, the collected data will be analysed by omitting unnecessary data.

The tools used for this research are –

  1. SPSS
  2. Microsoft excel
  3. Data screening

The statistical tools used for this research are mean, median and mode. The variance will the show the disturbance of the collected data. The correlation and regression analysis showed the relation among the dependant variable and independent variable. This is how validity and importance of the data will be analysed through the questionnaire method so that researcher can get a good result.

Findings and Analysis:

This following analysis has been done based on the data collected from the 300 people.

This figure show that 51% people think that KFC should run more CSR program. Other 49% do not think like that.

This figure shows that 25% respondents want to pay 10 pound , 45% was 20 pound, 15% were 30 pound and 15% respondents wanted to 50 pound for the CSR program.

The 48 % people wanted to participated in the program whereas the other 52 % wanted no to participated in the CSR program of KFC.

This figure shows that 55% of the respondent did not know about the death toll of child in the Africa and other nation due to hunger and diseases like AIDS, TB and cholera.

This figure shows that 65% of the respondents are strongly agreed with the provided statement and 25% are agree with good option. Other 10% think that the service of KFC is average.


There four type of social responsibilities of the KFC. The philanthropic responsibilities are launching campaign for the social welfare. This creates differences in the society and create good cause in the society, the ethical social responsibilities will fulfil the obligation which are fair for society and for the product of the KFC.

There are also legal responsibilities of the KFC. KFC is always concern about the law and customs of the host country. As a multinational company, the operation of KFC is fully depends on the legal obligation of the country. That is why this is also part of CSR. No adopting any unfair means is the main issue of the issue of this part.

This is how the CSR activities will help to win over the rival through CSR.

Conclusion and Future Research:

KFC always operate high CSR activities to earn high CSR value. This can be derived from the above description. There are a lot of policies and programs so that KFC can effectively maintain good bargaining relations with suppliers. There are loop holes in their systems that is why KFC is facing problem with executing CSR activities. To sustain in this dynamic competition. KFC must earn more aesthetic value from the society. That is why KFC must focus on the sustainability of the business by doing CSR activities in the society. This will increase more bargaining power with the suppliers and will build long term relationship with the consumer. Everybody knows about the philanthropic activities of KFC. That is why this will focus on the natural disaster and more campaign in the war prone region and affected region. This is how KFC will win heart of millions of children who might not be able to buy food from KFC but they will be benefitted from the KFC.


  1. After the criticism, KFC must strong its brand value and position in the market. To reduce the criticism, KFC must improve its control over the supplier. The management of store will be also monitored properly. This is also part of CSR as it ensures the validity of products and services.
  2. KFC has a lot of competitors. KFC must learn from the rival company as the rival competitors are also conducting CSR activities to win hear t of million consumers. So KFC must learn from the rivals.
  3. Consumers are very conscious about health. That is why KFC must be careful while selecting menu for the customers. If possible, KFC may provide vegetarian foods.
  4. This campaign will be master campaign if KFC follows the plan strictly.


KFC. 2013. Are Your Chickens Well Looked After? . Available: Last accessed 22nd June 2017.

CHRISTOPHER H., 2015. KFC is dreadful, the company has ruined the product’ says man
who brought it to the UK, ‘I would not go in there’. Available: Last accessed
25th June 2017.

YUM., 2014 . Corporate Social Responsibility Report.. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 21 June 2017].

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