Ten articles have been used for the perfect research conduction of the current research topic. All the articles are justified enough to focus on the required outcome based on the topic of Knowledge search and the practice management. The wide range of data has been collected through thisten articles in an effective manner. The appropriate research methods have been taken for the perfect progress of the research outcome in an effective manner.Knowledge is created through interaction. There are certain knowledge management systems by which knowledge can be shared, created, stored and used. Whenever a professional deals with different and typical situations, he gets an opportunity to learn many things that will enhance his own skills and if he shares the experience and knowledge gained with others then it will be beneficial for all. Sharing knowledge can be done through staff meetings, charting and bulletins and should be done with accuracy. Professionals must have zest to learn continuously. Every situation can be a learning experience for them and if they handle it things alertly they can strengthen their skills and improve their services.


The current study is based on a review of methodologies of researchestaken from the Knowledge Management Research and Practice journal.. Hence, it is important to conduct a review of  research methodologies so that  the outcome of the research  will be meaningful and of value to practitioners and researchers. The  research and practice of knowledge management is  important for understanding, managing, sharing and sustaining knowledge  in  organisations.  Research in knowledge management provides empirical evidence for organisations to find ways to manageand increase valuable knowledge in order to sustain competitive advantage. Therefore, reviewing methodology in this management field creates awareness of future researchers about the types of instrument, data collection methods and other aspects of methodology that researchers are currently using.For example, qualitative research is finding its way into knowledge management research. Researchers are now tapping onto the in-depth knowledge that can be amassed using interviews, for example. Moreover, researchers are employing the mixed method, combining both quantitative and qualitative research methods to increase the research robustness. Through the proper knowledge research and the practice management, the strategic direction of the organisations in the different industries uses to bring the requiredcompetitive advantage as per the requirement.  As per the view ofMackey and Gass (2015), the researchers must not determine on the fact that how the focus of the research should be. But,   it is also important to consider that what type of data and methodology would be most helpful in answering the field questions in an effective manner. For the current study, selection of the appropriate research methodology used in ten articles are the crucial section to be used so that it will be able to bridge the gap of the previous studies in an effective manner. In this research methodology section, the importance of the research measurement, the perfect assessment of the research measures, sampling, data analysis,  and the reliability of theinstruments have been discussed ina  proper manner.


The importance of the research measurement

As per the view ofFlick (2015), to grow and to be recognised, it is important to use the correct set of the research measurement which will justify the establishment of the research questions in an effective manner. Thus, the focus on the collection of the information for the completion of the research processedfor the ten articles have beenconcentrated by the researcher in terms of the source to collect the information, the reliability and the validity fact to be considered during the collection of the valuable data.
For the correct set of research, it is required to use the proper measurement tools. The quantitative and the qualitative research tools have been used for the ten articles in different manner as per the requirement of their research objectives.  Out of the ten articles, five articles have been accomplished with the help of the qualitative data collection and four have been done with the help of the quantitative data collection. One article have been done with the help of both the qualitative and the quantitative data collection. The usage of the research variables in a proper manner with the adequate quantity of the research information are required to be understand for the cross verification of the theoretical perspective used in the research based on the knowledge research and the practice management used to be done in different organisations an in different countries in an effective manner. In this manner, the qualitative data collection method is more flexible than the quantitative datacollection as the wider range of data is discussed with the help of the qualitative data collection method.

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