This is a solution of Management Strategy Assignment in which we discuss  the learning and development needs of the target group covering the skills.

Management Strategy Assignment

Management Strategy Assignment

I’m particularly interested in looking at the learning and development our supervisors and team leaders need in managing performance. Could you please develop a business strategy to this effect? You might consider areas such as: 

  • Collaborative goal-setting
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Managing Teams
  • Self-management
  • Participative decision-making
  • Interpersonal and organisational communication

I’m sure there are others and part of the work I need you to do is to identify the learning and development gaps for managers in making effective use of STAR’s Performance Management System. I’d appreciate a draft of this strategy by the end of the month. 
 Ben Russell


Part A

Your task is to develop a Learning and Development strategy for supervisors and team leaders in managing performance using STAR’s Performance Management System.  Use the bolded headings to structure your strategy and answer the dot points under each heading.
Part A should be approximately 1500 words.
Title    Learning and Development Strategy for managing performance using STAR Industries Performance Management System.

  • Why is the learning and development strategy required?
  • What’s the purpose of the strategy?
  • Who are the target group? What learning and development gap is the strategy aimed at filling?
  • List the characteristics of a learning organisation the strategy will address.

Learning Framework

  • List the learning and development needs of the target group covering the skills, knowledge and experience required to perform their people management responsibilities.
  • Based on your analysis of the learning and development needs develop a Learning and Development Plan (using the template below) to be implemented over the next 12 months. Attached this completed template to your strategy.
  • Consider the attached proposal from CTF (Appendix 1) to provide some training aligned to your strategy. Based on CTF’s proposal and your identified learning and development needs which aspects of your Learning and Development Plan will you consider contracting to CTF to deliver?  Justify this approach.
  • Outline the methods that will be used to ensure compliance with quality assurance standards & to negotiate remedial action with providers where necessary.
  • Outline the resources (physical, financial and human) required to implement this plan.


  • List the action you want the CEO to approve.

Learning and Development Plan for Supervisors and Team Leaders in Managing People Performance at STAR Industries


Learning and Development needs in priority order


Link to objective in the L&D Strategy


Date, Time and Duration


Which members of the target group will participate?




Mode of delivery (e.g. workshop, on-the-job, networking, qualification, mentoring, coaching, buddy, etc)

Training Provider

Who will deliver the learning and development?


Methods to ensure compliance with quality assurance standards & negotiate remedial action with providers where necessary


What report are prepared to advise appropriate managers on progress and success rates of activities

Part B

Part B should be approximately 500 words.

  • You’ve received the following email from Gary Denver, Plant Manager NSW.

FROM: Gary Denver, Plant Manager NSW

TO: General Manager, Human Resources

CC: Al Perez, GM Manufacturing

SUBJECT: Advice Regarding Maintenance Supervisor

I’ve noticed a few problems with John Thompson, Maintenance Supervisor’s performance over recent weeks.  He has been taking long lunches, particularly on a Friday and at times I have smelt alcohol on his breath.  He also hasn’t been completing the end of shift reports which are required to be counter-signed by me and filed on the computer system.  John has been with STAR for 15 years and has generally been a good performer.  What action can I take to address this underperformance? 

Gary Denver

  1. Prepare advice to Gary on the steps he needs to take to develop a performance improvement plan with John.

  • You’ve now received the following email from John Thompson, Maintenance Supervisor following his meeting with Gary Denver about his performance.

FROM: John Thompson, Maintenance Supervisor NSW

TO: General Manager, Human Resources

CC: Al Perez, GM Manufacturing

SUBJECT: Advice Regarding Maintenance Supervisor

I’ve worked for STAR for 15 years and never been told I’ve done a bad job.  In fact most people I meet reckon I’m a good bloke and I keep the peace between the boys.  All of a sudden John has a problem with me.  Sometimes on a Friday we have a bit of a get together at the pub.  He asked if I had been drinking alcohol over lunch, and I said, ‘Yes, but just a couple’. It’s never been a problem before.  He also went on about me not completing the end of shift reports.  I’ve delegated this to one of the boys on the line because they know what’s been done each day.  I’m very upset at how John has handled this this.  He could have had a chat with me.  He’s gone and made this all formal and I don’t trust his approach.  What can I do?

  1. The matter is at a point where mediation must now occur. Prepare a document to give to Gary and John on the steps that will be followed as you work with them to mediate this grievance.


I have:

    • Completed ALL questions in this assessment task
    • Attached a completed learning and development plan
    • Included a bibliography
    • Included my name, student number, unit number, assessment number
    • Reviewed and spell checked my document
    • Saved a copy on my own computer.

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