Management Information Technology Assignment

Management Information Technology Assignment

Management Information Technology Assignment on its belief that “skilled human resource are foundation of future growth” led Samsung to consider its human resource as significantly vital assets as well as objective, besides offering prospects and adequate work environment in the favour of positive work place development.

Samsung Electronics over a period of time has also decided to initiate and enhanced work- corporate HR culture that may be considered as the commencement of the revolutionary campaign referred as SMART that would significantly boost the innovation of the human resource’s approach as well as working attitude besides propagating a vivacious work culture throughout the organization (Lazarus, 1991).

  • Samsung for its human resource development has planned and implemented a number of programs that extensively facilitate inter human resource department communications between the employees as well as offer a work and life equilibrium.

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TASK 1Management Information Technology Assignment

P1.1 Samsung‘s Staff Recruitment Policy

Samsung always actively looks for active leaderships for enhancement of its global merit relative to the current digital Century. Samsung electronics has always been avid about its organization human resource for the reason that I recognize its people as leaders in its highly diversified global marketplaces as well as a continuing the technology innovation in its product through employee talent pool.

The staff recruitment policy as incorporated by Human resources department for believes the hiring of its people to enhance its product lines through their learning and creativity (Lazarus, 1991). Therefore while recruiting and training Samsun follows the below three principles:

  • Samsung believes strongly of implementing IT for effective staff management is used for establishments of the staff contract’ to convey on its tasks. It organize for the various designs of the several ways by what means it can be completed for instance, the customer may lessen the plea for the establishment’s yields. Even it can result in the factory channel partners to eradicate the various sources of work and monetary wealth to the trade; or ingredients may grab the administration for augmented levies, penalties or rules to prohibit the individual’s activities which do not fit in with the potentials of the civic.
  • The well-established talent pool leader’s recruitment can also result in an appreciated involvement to scarcity lessening, would unswervingly augment the standing of a business and reinforce its brand image & the idea of the Organizational responsibility undoubtedly goes away from that (Lazarus, 1991). The important human resource effective management matters includes & considers all the three aspects of ecological administration, eco-efficiency, accountable tracing, commitment of the shareholders , the labour values and functioning situations, worker and civic relations, social even-handedness, sex balance, anthropological civil rights, decent governance, and anti-corruption events. An suitably performed Organizational human resource management idea can realize laterally an assortment of good returns, such as intensified admittance to financial resources and markets, augmented transactions and earnings, functioning cost reserves, better-quality yield and superiority, along with a proficient human resource sordid, better brand imagery and reputation, value-added consumer loyalty, upgraded judgment creation and threat administration development

P1.2 Motivational and Change management Theories

  • Samsung uses different approaches to keep its organizations motivated. Over networking as well as communications, Samsung has time and again endeavoured to completely offer the intrinsic employee motivation. It holds regular employee volunteering meetings for continuous motivation and development of the organizations. It believes in power delegation to the team members and gives them the independence of undertaking their responsibilities (Lazarus, 1991). This is done through conducting focus group or questionnaire answering etc. The phase of inspection involves the analysis of the device’s aspects relative to user usability.
  • Every staff needs a comprehensive training prior to the implication of the wireless security network and the concerning risk besides in what way and places wherein the information may be securely transmitted. The accessibility of the Wireless network to the third party users or the non- staff members should be strictly restricted to configuration of public accessibility of Internet.

The following motivational theories are used time and again to boost the organizational intrinsic motivation:

  • Theory of Content as well as theory of Process: Motivation theory of Content needs to consider the aspects that helps in the motivation of the people along with the relative individual requirements besides its objectives (Gorsuch, 1994). A number of philosophers like Maslow had detailed the study on theories of motivation relative to the content view. The motivational theory of process deals with the motivation process besides is apprehensive of the way employee motivation occurs.  While Vroom, Porter elaborated the study of motivation relative to the process perspective.

Maslow’s needs hierarchy Theory of Motivation

In accordance to this theory of motivation, the employee makes every effort to search for a developed requirement while their small needs gets satisfied. Therefore it is evident that when the lower hierarchy need is fulfilled, then it discontinues to assists as an effective motivational source. There are needs are of motivation that only renders negative impact when it goes discontented.

  • The lower most level refers to the physiological needs whose existence that comprise of utmost rudimentary requirements for effective human survival, for example food.
  • The next level, comprise of the safety needs that refers to the individual’s security, fitness, well-being as well as security relative to possible accidents.
  • The 3rd level refers to the need of belongingness. This need refers to the significance of the employee internal as well external relationships.
  • The 4th level relates motivation to staff’s self-esteem. This need takes into consideration both the respect offered to him as his intrinsic goal achievement.
  • The top most level of motivational need refers to the state of self-actualization. This need hierarchy level requires affects that assist in comprehending the comprehensive potential of a staff individual.

Theory of ERG for intrinsic Motivation

This theory highlights there major aspects that drives staff motivation. These includes: the need of existence, the need of relatedness, and the need of consistent growth.

  • The need of existence stress on the achievement of the employee physiology as well as safety,
  • The need of relatedness highlights the need of social belonging,
  • The need of growth takes in to consideration both the Self-esteem as well as Self-actualization requirements of the staff

Herzberg’s Theory

Factors of hygiene: A number of factors of hygiene results in the creation of dissatisfaction only when the staff recognizes these factors as scarce or unbalanced, nevertheless employees would not be meaningfully interested in case the factors of motivation are observed as suitable or worthy. The factors of Hygiene comprise of external as well as internal factors, for example employee salary, job safekeeping as well as work environment conditions (Gorsuch, 1994).

  • The various factors of hygiene help in the determination of dissatisfaction, besides the factor of motivators helps in the determination of satisfaction. This theory of Herzberg adapts the theory of satisfaction that subsequently offers assertion of the satisfied staff that then is likely to work within an organization nevertheless this factor of satisfaction may not at all times effect in improved employee performance. Therefore it is evident that employee satisfaction is not the single variable that correlates directly to their productivity.

Management Information Technology Assignment

Process Theory

Theory of Expectancy

  • This theory has increasingly asserted that the staff motivation driving a specific way of behaviour is subsequently determined based on the employee’s anticipation of a particular behaviour that thereby result in a subsequent consequence, grew immensely by the inclination as well as valence that an individual possess for the particular result.

There exist a number of organizational internal factors that includes staff’s sense of success, acknowledgement, accountability, as well as individual growth. Samsung has incorporated external motivation through participating in events like love marathon.

  • Change Management Theories: This requires undertaking responsibility by all the Samsung employees for enforcing the value craters. The employees also seek for comfort level on various fronts be it easy of transportation, accommodation or food often are creating a major issue in the travel industry and therefore in order to counter the same the governments from across the globe are taking ardent steps in providing amenities that are of a global standard to attract tourists from across the globe (Gorsuch, 1994).

The organizational Responsibility undertaken by Samsung is a concept of the management field in which the businesses incorporate the social and environmental worries in their commercial processes and dealings with their existing stakeholders. The Organizational Responsibility is usually assumed as presence of the approach by which a business accomplishes equilibrium of the economic, environmental as well as social constraints also commonly referred as the Value creators, despite the fact that at the matching time talking about the anticipations of all the shareholders and stakeholders in the market.

P1.3 Samsung Staff Monitoring Documentation

Samsung Electronics owing to its staff monitoring and documentation has operated its Help Desk, where in all the workforces can enquire about the Compliance Program effectively for a Management System thereby allowing inquiries as well as clarification relative to the HRM compliance concerns which have not yet been described with clarity. The documentation of such enquiries suggest that total compliance enquires has increased since 2011 that suggest the increased employee work awareness and motivation.

Brief of this Assignment


 P 3.1 Strategic Planning in Samsung

  • To grow into a business excellence relative to the establishment of customer-based, outlining the strategy focus, value-addition for the business intelligence for effective services as well as products;
  • To develop an associated besides an integrated business where in all member have a perfect consideration of the comprehensive strategy as well as aims of the business as well as in what way its discrete role that is supportive;
  • To ascertain sustained as well as prolonged Investment on the Corporate Strategic programs as well as its subseuqent advantages;
  • To emphase an optimal utilisation of all resources based on strategic purposes that is primarily prioritised as well as effective decisions making for discontination of definite activities that is non supportive of the strategic aims;
  • To effectivelyenlist every Corporate strategic planning staff for its subsequent implimentation.
  • To generate prospects of the small, existing successes, for directing of the organizational change management (Lazarus, 1991).

Samsung Strategic Planning

P3.2 Appropriate methods of Strategic Planning

  • The strategic planning can be effectively carried by the use of a number of strategic planning tools like BCG, SWOT Analysis for effective external and internal factors for effective evaluation of business planning.
  • Strategic Planning needs to incorporate all the below factors for strategic planning:

P 3.3 Samsung strategic planning issues

The 5 most commonly faced concerns in the effective implementation of strategic implementation in most of the organizations are elucidated as below:

  • Leadership Deficiency: This refers to the effective planning of the company’s mission, vision that is in alignment with Samsung’s Organizational values. It is this strategic thinking that facilitates the leadership to keep the human resource aligned with the organizational objectives.
  • Consensus Deficiency: This refers to the challenges subsequent to the intra organizational conflicts. This can be minimized using effective employee communication, unbiased participation as well as comprehensive organizational collaboration.
  • Unrealistic Ambition: This concern arises owing to the irrelevant or too many goal settings without a relevant market and internal study. This can be minimized using the strategic planning tools like SWOT Analysis or BCG.
  • Ineffective integration of strategic plan and organizational culture: This refers to the integration of the overall organizational objective to the departments and team objectives.
  • Short term momentum slow down: Ensuring an effective strategic plan depends on the time line set to achieve specific objectives. Therefore it refers to the identification of all the steps which facilitates the task completion in short term along with affecting its subsequent implementation.

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Unit 6 Management in Information Technology Assignment is conclusive that in spite of the fast varying business external global environment, nevertheless, Samsung electronics supposed the changing environment and treated it as a global opportunity besides also appropriately answered to these challenges in a pre-emptive manner, on the basis of its product innovations and employee motivation that continued to be in advance of these environmental variations with a strong attitude to face the challenges. The conclusion refers to the collection of the competition data for the subsequent analysis for effective product development as well as for an efficient marketing and advertising communication designing.

  • The use of data and IT helps in pulling out the product development data as well as consumer end data for the effective evaluation of the products as well as its sales, inventories, etc. It is noteworthy that the electronics Usability quality needed to design the features of electronics device as well as affecting the evaluation of the device Usability which is referred as an indispensable activity necessary for user security perspective for safeguarding an exceedingly usable user interface of the electronics that needs to be shown in every Product designing life cycle stage (Sparrow, P., Brewster, C., & Harris, 2004).


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