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Management Decision Problems Assignment Help

The projects in this section give you hands-on experience developing e-commerce strategies for businesses, using spreadsheet software to research the profitability of an e-commerce company, and using Web tools to research and evaluate e-commerce hosting services.

Management Decision Problems

  • Columbiana is a small, independent island in the Caribbean. It wants to develop its tourist industry and attract more visitors. The island has many historical buildings, forts, and other sites, along with rain forests and striking mountains. A few first-class hotels and several dozen less-expensive accommodations can be found along its beautiful white-sand beaches. The major airlines have regular flights to Columbiana, as do several small airlines. Columbiana’s government wants to increase tourism and develop new markets for the country’s tropical agricultural products. How can a Web presence help? What Internet marketing business model would be appropriate? What functions should the Web site perform?
  • Explore the Web sites of the following companies: Canadian Tire, Nygård, Future Shop, Air Canada, Tim Hortons, and Priceline. Determine which of these sites would benefit most from the addition of a company-sponsored blog. List the business benefits of such a blog. Specify its intended audience. Decide who in the company should author the blog, and select some topics for it.

Improving Decision Making: Using Spreadsheet Software to Analyze a Dot-Com Business

  • Software skills: Spreadsheet downloading, formatting, and formulas
  • Business skills: Financial statement analysis

Publicly traded companies, including those specializing in e-commerce, are required to file financial data with the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) operated for the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). By analyzing this information, you can determine the profitability of an e-commerce company and the viability of its business model.

Pick one Canadian company that conducts e-commerce on the Internet, for example Hudson’s Bay Company. Study the Web pages that describe the company, and explain its purpose and structure. Use the Web to find articles that comment on the company. Then visit the SEDAR Web site, atError! Hyperlink reference not valid., select your company, and select “View This Public Company’s Documents” to access news releases and financial reports showing income statements and balance sheets. Select only the sections of the reports containing the desired portions of financial statements you need to examine, and print them out and enter the data into your spreadsheet. Create simplified spreadsheets of the balance sheets and income statements for the past three years.

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  • Is the company a dot-com success, borderline business, or failure? What information forms the basis of your decision? Why? In answering these questions, pay special attention to the company’s three-year trends in revenues, cost of sales, gross margins, operating expenses, and net margins. See the Companion Website for Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. for definitions of these terms and how they are calculated.
  • Prepare an overhead presentation (with a minimum of five slides), including appropriate spreadsheets or charts, and present your work to your professor and classmates.

Achieving Operational Excellence: Evaluating E-Commerce Hosting Services

  • Software skills:Web browser software
  • Business skills:Evaluating e-commerce hosting services

This project will help develop your Internet skills in commercial services for hosting an e-commerce site for a small startup company.

You would like to set up a Web site to sell towels, linens, pottery, and tableware from Portugal and are examining services for hosting small business Internet storefronts. Your Web site should be able to take secure credit card payments and to calculate shipping costs and taxes. Initially, you would like to display photos and descriptions of 40 different products. Visit Yahoo! Small Business, GoDaddy, and Volusion and compare the range of e-commerce hosting services they offer to small businesses, their capabilities, and costs. Also examine the tools they provide for creating an e-commerce site. Compare these services, and decide which you would use if you were actually establishing a Web store. Write a brief report indicating your choice and explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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