M6011444 Information Systems in Organization

M6011444 Information Systems in Organization

M6011444 Information Systems in Organization is prepared on Information system needs in organizations as the Boohoo company is UK based company which provides trending fashion clothing to the customers through an e-commerce website. This report determines various types of an information system which are acquired by the companies inenhancing their performance which fulfills the needs of users. The Boohoo’s functional areas require some new technologies to integrateinto the system for the advancement of editing features and can manage by the managers and its team. The informationsystem helps in to find out problems and methods ofresolving them by taking proper action through judgments of manager and their team members. This reportdescribes DSS, MIS, ESS which help in to determine and analyze the different parts where new functionalities required and how to tackle them in a proper manner. The report provides knowledge of a different information system and their use in the organizationtoimprove the performance. some for management assignment help 

M6011444 Information Systems in Organization1.1 Information needs of the different functional areas of an organization

Information needs are required in any organization for enhancing their properties and functionalities. The Boohoo company is a fashion retailer UK based e-commerceweb site founded in 2006 in which it had sales of around £580 million. On the basis of evaluation, nowadays 73% people usee-commerce web sites and this company also wants to increase users to buy their products as it provides various range of fashion products for the age of 16-30. This company provides different categories of clothing in the average range of £17 and they believe in to accomplish the sale of £3 million annually. The Boohoo company promises to deliver the order if it was done by last midnight and these conditions help in to enhance the growth of the organization along with an increase in users and profits. For the improvement of skills and knowledge of each member of this organization for their growth, they equally focus and provideopportunities to show and used for the empowerment of organization. In these days, competition is there in each company and for this, they require some enhancement in their functional areas which help in to grow higher and compete with the market. The Boohoo Company starts by providing fashion clothing and now reaches a different level as it also provides clothes of various categories and for different age groups. In accordance with the information to compete with market along with the growth of the organization, they need to focus on their functional areas where they get knowledge forimprove and provide various new functionalities (Bakos& Treacy, 1986).

The below points describe functional areas where additional information is needed as:

Sales and marketing:

In every e-commerce business, sales and marketing are the most important keys which help in to enhance the performance as well as profits. Boohoo company also need to analyze sales and marketing area which help in advertise their products and might be helpful in to reach to new users. This organizationneeds to understand the operations of sales and marketing and must apply to compete with the market chain. They also require to adapt knowledge for advertising their products in which various user will order the first time and get experience which is helpful for the next time if they like functionalities and conditions. The sale can be boosted up by taking necessary actions to enhance the products in a proper way and gather the market requirements to produce and fulfill customer needs. The market requirement can be gathered by utilizing various approaches as reach to customers, reviews form different users, questionnaires and many more. These methodologies will help to team for evaluating the needs of customers and their demand in the market which helps to produce clothing in different categories and this will equip most of the users. The company wants effective sales then they require formulating new ideas in terms of sales and marketing whichhelp in to accomplish the goal and target. Various campaignsfor marketing and sale provide information to make proper strategies and will achieve set target annually.

HR department:

In each organization, the human resource department is there which helps in to hire new members and sum up as a team who can work with the organization for their profits and improve the performance of organizationfunctionalities. The HR department allocates people by examining them and put in the desired location to improve existing system functionalities and make it more interactive. As they need to manage new members by giving various types of training, provide knowledge, enhance their skills and support other groups of organization for overall performance. The HR department needs to understand the requirement of the organization department and then move further to find members who will satisfy both the condition of departments. The recruitment is not an easy task so they perform after gathering all the information which is required in order to fulfill the desires of cognition and then take further action. The HR department will analyze the requirements of their employees and provide some incentive according to their work. In order to achieve advancement in some areas of the organization, HR department focuses on applicant talent while hiring if they meet with the conditions of department then they’ll select and train accordingly. The HR department also follows the concern of their employees for ant retentions and collect data from different departments of each employee after that will provide anappraisal.


This area comes after the hiring process which is done by the HR department for providing the requiredtraining for the new members. They give additional skills and knowledge on the basis of department requirement and candidate capability. The training department includes different methodologies to test the new employees and give training against various operations of organizations. They need to update with the organization department needs to follow the training resource based on that and make them compatible to work under any condition by creating interest in the respective departments.

Accounts Department:

This department playsimportant role in any organization by maintaining and handlesthe operations related to money and any paperwork. The Boohoo company needs to manage the accounts section for each employee and their products. This department update with the bills of products, payslips, finance operations of organizationdepartments and expenditures to manage the performance of the organization. It also manages the funds of the company and analyses the demand of fund for increasing their functionalities such as HR department need fund to hire new employees who can integrate new technologies which can enhance the speed of different features and also connect new users.


In every organization, the administration is there which ensures that the Boohoo team members are working and following proper ethics along with check whether they’re not going in off track or any kind of thing which is not in the behavior of Boohoo organization. As Boohoo admin department monitors their employees, departments, online retail store and fashion clothing to evaluate the performance and profits for enhancement in future which is necessary to compete with the market. It also acquires new operations in the faith of organizationand employees by collecting information.

The below flow diagram explains all the functionalities of stakeholders along with their task as:

This diagram consists of Human Resource Department (HR), customers, Accounting and Finance (A/F), Marketing and Sales (M/S) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). It represents Boohoo organization functional areas in which determine how they work. For example, the HR department performs the role of hiring employees to manage the E-commerce system, keep knowledge of payrolls, benefits, expense data and some legal & job information. The HR department information is kept by finance and administration departments. Customers place orders, make payments for that, evaluate generated invoices and credit memos which is passed to accounts as well as the admin department.

The marketing and sales department analyses cost, profits, sales order data which is passed to the accounts department. The accounts or Finance department is connected with all functional areas in some way and take care of all information which is required to manage Boohoo company orders, salaries, management of orders and other many operations.

P2.1 Describe different types of Information Systems.

There are various information systems which can be used in the organization and some of them are as:

  1. Expert system:

Boohoo company uses this system forevaluating and analyze their performance by calculating or analyzing production diagnostics and data information of sale and profit. The expert system helps in to get knowledge about decisions, recommendations for the organization growth and it is also known for the knowledge-based system.

Example: It’ll analyze company data and generate diagnosis and decisions along with recommendations which are controlled.

  1. Transaction processing systems

Boohoo Company utilizes transaction system to manage all the details related to purchase as collect data, the process for generatinga bill, store in the database to keep for future aspect, and some other points. The Boohoo system allows multiple transactions at a time for the users who shop some fashion clothes by saving theirtransaction history in the systemdatabase.

Example: It’ll generate reports for the Boohoo which consists of bills, inventory data, wages, manufacturing information and many more information.

  1. Decision Support systems

It is known for DSS which helps to handle decisions made by team managers in the faith of company but sometimes they’re wrong. So DSS help in to make needful decisions without replacing judgments of team managers by modifying their idea through analyzing various data models and some projections. It is useful when an organization taking helps from externally and wants to integrate for the growth of the organization (Druzdzel& Flynn, 2009).

Example: It’ll help in to generate statistical projections and data models which support in decisions taken by the manager.

  1. Management information system

It is known for MIS which is used for managing the collected data and utilize in the improvement of company performance. It analyses the details of the transaction processing system for managers as they can use for generating decisions in daily routine to evaluate the problems by making reports from data of TPS (Robey, 1979).

Example: It’ll help to make decisions by the manager by providing reports which are based on transaction processing and enhance the efficiency of managerial activity.

  1. The informationsystem in the organization

An information system is used to collect data, process data and store in the database for further use as it can analyze and give real-time for the organization to make decisions over them. It gathers data information fromdifferent users to improve functionalities and make some terms which can govern the system as the data information is handled.

Example: It provides knowledge for handling data which encompasses data information gathering from the people and system which consists of process, data info as storing and collecting.

  1. Data warehouse system

DWS system is useful for maintaininga large amount of data information for various operations excepttransaction-related and provide to managers by transforming for analyze and decision making. Basically, it is an electronic storage in the form of queries and information which is used for the business insights.

  1. Executive support system

It provides a report which is generated fromdata information of entries and theiroperations and it can easily access by executive level used by different departments such as accounts, admin and many more (Vandenbosch& Higgins, 1995).

(Source: Ardales, 2009)P 2.2 Current trends in Information systems: Operational excellence, new products, services, business models, customer and supplier intimacy, improved decision making, and competitive advantage.

According to analysis in 2014 of Boohoo Company, they have various departments which help to grow n compete with the other organizations as the management information system is acquired to make decisions by the manager by evaluating transaction details and other factors too in the aspect of company growth. The executive support system is connected to DSS information system to made decisions in a perfect manner after taking external help for enhancingfunctionalities of the item. DSS analyze the decisions which are taken by company managers as sometimes their judgment can be false and to improve them, DSS information systemis used which doesn’t replace their judgment but improve according to the requirements.

CRM Systems:

CRM implies for customer relationship management system used to enhance and manage relationships between customers and Boohoo organization. It helps in deals with their customer effectively to optimize their functions like profits, cost. The CRM analyses the customer data information by taking details from the Boohoo and determine sales, profits, various opportunities to grow the interaction with customers.

P2.3 Evaluate the suitability of Information Systems for different functional areas of an organization.

In Boohoo organization, there are various departments which usedifferentinformation system as per the functionalities. If talk about MIS which is already discussed above, it is helpful for team manager, members, and head by collecting data from transaction information system to analyze the details and use in a way to enhance the performance of the organization. They handle the information in decision-making processes and doesn’t require maintaining again &again manually as management information system will help and resolve the issue of making decisions in a proper way.

An information system is also suitable for database part as it manages the stock, various operations on a product by handling data set for a largenumber of details. The other information system is used in their own way as the decisioninformationsystem is helpful when they use external information and the departments need to manage along withmakingdecisionsfor them aboutimproving exiting functionalities.

The executive information system is useful in the organization for managing the stock, product prices, and any uncertainties. This information system is usefulforhandle all the internal and external factors of the organization. The DSS information system will help to make accurate decisions by the manager on the evaluation of all necessary information. The expert system solvesmainproblems of different functional areas as it is based on knowledge system which acquires informationthrough generated a report by the other system and utilized for the taking actions and judgments for the growth of the organization (Martinsons, Davison &Tse, 1999).

HR department:

In accordance withthe HR department, the information system is used in the respective of their task as they maintain the employee’srecord, their salary, attendance, and many more. The HR information system helps the manpower by integrating new software based on trending technologies which can handle the performance, salary details by the system. It also helps in by providing pay slips, accessing maintained record by the employees forvalidating the details which arestored in the database. The decision support system is suitable to many functional areas as human resourcedepartment need to select new candidates who meet with the requirement of the department to integrate new operations and for this HR department need to focus on their training as well as their skills and knowledge accordingly. link for computer science assignment help

Accounts Department:

The transaction information system helps to the organization by managing all the transact related services on the website as paymentdoes for any order by customers, store transaction history in the systemdatabasewhich can be analyzed by the company managers for anyimprovement in products as the Boohoo company provides in trend fashion clothing for the customers. This department will manage all the details and at the end of the month provide reports to the HR department and Management team to analyzethe salaries of employees and stock management.

Sales and Marketing:

This department should focus on targets and advertisement by providing knowledge of our products to the customer in some presenting way which attracts more customer and will use our services to analyze and keep shopping in the future. Sales department should evaluate sales by taking reports and keep work on the weak part to increase profits with the help of the marketing team which improves marketing by applying some approaches and methodologies.


On the basis of information system need in organization, I recommend for utilize various information systems for change in the existing features and functionalities as DSS help in to make effective decisions, TPS provides knowledge of sales, billing, wages and others through report which is further utilized by the MIS to make effective activities help in increaseperformance of Boohoo company. The above-mentioned information systems will help in different departments of Boohoo to enhance functionalities and produce effective outputs which are helpful in growth and profits.

P 3.1 Use an information system to generate valid, accurate and useful information for a given problem

The Boohoo Company provides trending clothes in the UK in which it needs to manage all the data information and solve the issues which arise while implementing new operations and features. The Boohoo organizations work on providing new fashion-based clothing as they need to managealldata so their team integratesfunctionalities which handle the operations and generate a report for the manager to analyze the performance. The integration of new operations in e-commercebusiness is not an easy task, for this HR department finds candidates who can performthe task in the proper way according to the department requirements. Information system helps to find functional areas needs and by providing various technologies whichfulfill the business requirements. The customer relationshipmanagement is introduced as a functional area in e-commerce business which maintainstheinteractionbetween customer and organization for connected with the users who can help in to make profits for the organization. The occurrence of some issues while integrating newoperation for fulfilling the companyrequirements can be solved by an information system which provides a various system to manage the problems and resolve effectively. For effective integrating of operations, management information system help in such a way that manager will take a decision on the behalf of future aspects and analyze past transaction history which helps to decide whether is good or not. The executive support system and MIS evolve effectively by establishing different features to run the whole enterprise and align accordingly to compete with other businessassociations. The main issue occurs while integrating operation is to manage new products according to fashion trend as management team should sync routinely to analyze and adopt market requirements and it can be possible by gathering knowledge from customers, market and some various approaches which can help to accomplish the target. The transaction process system maintains the record of payment summary which is done by users and manager need to keep these details as well as update with that to enhance the production and managethe stock according to sale. This task creates a problem in managing so information system needs to focus on that particular area to generate a valid report for analyzing by the management team. Sometimesthe variousproblemcannot be solved at a time so the implementation can be done in the small module to avoid any bugs and patterns. The integration of operation s by the development team for the required pattern is accomplished by Boohoo team members using particularfunctions based in business needs, service requirements and some distributed applications. The decision support system and management information system playsan important role in interacting operations as they provideknowledge of making decisions on the behalf of transaction generated reports and MIS provides useful information while implementingfunctions to improve company productivity and their accurate judgments which are taken by Mangers. The Executive support system information system providesan understanding of various functions for the fulfillment of CRM relations and stores the data information in the systemdatabase to generate a report by accessing information in a more proper manner and effectively (McNie, 2007). looking for matlab assignment help

P3.2 Evaluate alternative methods of solving the problem

The Boohoo company is growing in the world of fashion by providing trending clothes to the customers but to manage the database of the products is hard and due to this company faces a lot of issues which diminish their performance and profit as well. These problems arise because of not using the properinformation system by organization team members which fail in evaluate andanalyze various strategies like operations, account management, sales, and profits, transact reports. The Boohoo organization faces the problem in the enhancement of performance by not generating proper reports and it also affects the judgments of the manager. They provide various range of products based on fashion trendwhich creates problems of managing all data information as they have a large business. On the basis of these issues, need to resolve by integratinginformation system to manage all the data information and generate reports based on that. For enhancement in the performance of an organization by avoiding various causes and data limits require to use decision support system which helps in to make accurate decisions. A customerreview is necessary to Boohoo organization for keeping the rank and improve functionalities by determining overall performance. The management team of Boohoo not using proper resources which fails decisions, strategies, and the productivity of their employees and clothing products and due to this all system get interrupted.

According to these issues, the below some methodologies are used in the Boohoo company to resolveissues in a proper manner and generate better results the before which also improves productivity and performance of E-commerce business.

Determining problems in the organization:

The initiation of finding problem is done by the management team of Boohoo as they are the only one who can identify all issues which breakdowns the overall performance and profits. Through analyzing various problems of organization can be solved easily and make some judgments over to diminish the possibilities of issues and can make decisions over them. Determine problems help us to know the actual issue and give the knowledge to reduce them.

Evaluate strategies to solveproblems:

The analyzing problems can’t solve the issue, it should be rectified by giving effective solutions through finding or plan how to cure and overcome the problem of managinga database of stock. The team of Boohoo organization needs to find out methodologies to enhance the performance and productivity to produce better outcomes along with growth. To solve problems, the organization should follow information systems and their strategies tomake decisions and judgments to improve functionalities. visit for Finance Assignment Help

Backup plans:e

By evaluating and analyzing problems and their solutions which are effective for the performanceofthe organization to reduce and overcome problems by following decision support systems and management informationsystemmethodologies.

Suppose new fashion products are introduced with actual price and after sometime requirements are high so the management team needs to manage stock for cure the problem in the aspect of future requirements. The decision of stock management can be taken by the manager by following decision support system which helps in to analyze the judgment on behalf of internal and external factors and past order reports generated by a transaction process (Swanson, 2001).

Follow approaches:

In an organization, a new operation can be implemented by makingdecisionsby following some steps as discussions with a team member, analyze the reports, performance, sales,and profits which determine the need of operation in the company. To make effective growth, informationsystem provides executive support to evaluate the factors and reduce the risks by making a plan accordingly. The management team handles all the information of the data warehouse by keeping stock based on current trend and identifies the requirement of market and people.

The above describes various strategies and methodologies to help Boohoo company team to improve performance and productivity by following information systems. Information system provides differentreasons to follow by giving solutions and flow to accomplish issues in a proper manner. The data information of products and its sales managed by the management team and required operations performed by the information system by collecting all information on market requirement, strategies,and some benefits. On behalf of these, Boohoo Company can increase their growth and productivity by competingwith other associations and take appropriate actions with help of decision and executive support systems. The following recommendations will help to Boohoo Companyinimprovingother productivity, growth and their performance as follows:

  • Determine the skills of employees to allocate the operations to perform proper actions which fulfill the requirements of the company and manage all details in a proper
  • Analyse all required tools and employee skills to manageinternaland external factors to ensure the functionalities and generated reports toevaluatingperformance.
  • To achieve the target, the executive support system provides knowledge of entries and their operations which generates a final report for the manager and provide to seniors of the company.
  • Boohoo company team takes reviews and analyze them for improvement in their services and conditions to help users and enhance performance forbetter growth and profits.

This report concludes that the information system needs playsa mostimportant role nowadays in any organization as they can resolve many issues and provide new features for solving many functionalities by the system not manually. It describes a variousinformation system and thereused in the Boohoo Company which helps in different departments to solve the issues, help in to make decisions and judgments by the manager for the fulfillment of company needs. The information system is required in functional areas of Boohoo organization to manage new product stock and their data information in the systemdatabaseand also maintain the transaction history by generating a report in a proper way. This reportdescribes current trends of information system as some operational functions, decision making, procedures and many different areas in which by integrating new methods for handling the data and analyzed by the generated report for taking actions in the faith of organizationperformance.

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