Literature Review Job Satisfaction


Job satisfaction is the satisfaction that one finds doing a work. It depends on the person’s well-being. A person also tries to be satisfied with what they do because if his or her interest lies in what they are doing, then their mental well-being is also largely affected. Satisfaction in job is essential because it also controls person’s attitude towards life, towards other people and society at large. In this paper, the aim is to establish a relationship between job satisfaction and physical health. If one is not satisfied with their job, then it affects one’s health greatly. Structurally as some cannot afford to have a satisfying job because they are poor from their birth, at the same time, some structural problems within the job sector cannot let some people find the job they wanted or deserved to have. Sometimes, having a dissatisfying job due to other workplace related problems lead one to poor health concerns. In the study, all of this will be taken up and discussed with proper theoretical researche, empirical analysis and some practical implications of the research.Literature Review Job Satisfaction

Project objective:

Objective 1: A person’s education, workplace environment, family background may have an effect on job satisfaction.

Objective 2: Job satisfaction is claimed to have some effect on the person’s overall quality of life. Finally, how the job satisfaction adds on to the effects on health of the concerned individual.

In the literature review, theprevious researches that are highlighted interest us in direct or indirect manner. As one paper discusses the mental health, another discusses the ethical concerns when workplace is a field of bullying. Another one discusses different domains and their relation to job satisfaction. Cultures and religions are also shown to have played a role in this issue. But physical health has been overlooked in these papers.

Literature Review:

In the literature review below, we will examine the previous researches that were conducted that are directly or indirectly interesting the research we are aiming to conduct. management assignment help

Modern technology has been very accessible to the general public. It is heavily included in the modern production techniques, but with the advent of electronic gadgets and internet, it is at the disposal of the general public so much so that it has been viewed as an adverse effect to efficiency of the labour. People are found to spend most of their leisure with their gadgets. In workplace, it is banned in many sectors. Therefore, it is quite important to observe the effective relationship it has with the satisfaction in a job.In this paper, Sergio Roman, Rocio Rodriguez and Jorge Fernando Jaramillo reports about the findings of the research they have conducted. The main focus of the research was on examining if usage of new technological gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets help the salespersons to enhance their productivity, or these gadgets impedes their satisfaction. To work towards the research, the researchers have gathered the responses of 265 salespersons from broad range of industries in Spain and have examined the effects of usage of technologies. The study claims that use of technology has positive effects of satisfaction for the particular job which basically deals with job related stress. Using latest technological gadgets also help the employees become technologically compatible since they can immediately be up-to-date with the latest technological innovations.

Literature Review Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction cannot be a singular aspect of life – it is intricately linked to different domains of life and with different satisfactions. This study explores the domains of life where satisfaction is necessary and then it makes a cross-sectional analysis in order to find relationships between job satisfaction and others.Drawing on a totally theoretical point of view on life satisfaction, Yao, Curseu and Liang developed and tried a model that determines unmistakable ways from education to life satisfactions through three area satisfactions (i.e., work, monetary, and health satisfactions) (Yao, Curseu and Liang, 2019). Moreover, we proposed illustrative components for every one of these three ways (i.e., work fit, money related proficiency, and proactive healthy practices). To test our theories, we utilized a vast likelihood test including 3,011– 9,669 people, from the Netherlands, who gave review reactions more than four continuous years. The outcomes upheld the speculated intervening components clarifying the indirect connection between education and work, monetary, and wellbeing satisfactions. Discoveries likewise demonstrated that every one of these area satisfactions freely predicts general life satisfaction. By and large, the examination demonstrates the significance of education for overall satisfaction and features the significance of work (i.e., work fit and employment satisfaction) for people’s general abstract well‐being.The research also have had some practical implications such as successful gravitation of more educated people towards the job they ideally have been seeking. The mediating mechanisms adopted in the analysis of the data have contributed to the field of domain satisfaction in the manner of suggesting interventions that concern essential aspects of well-being.

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Bullying has always been an impediment to progress or satisfaction of any sort. It is a common practice since school and throughout the college and university days and finally in workplaces. Previous literature has explored how different bullying practices have only deterred work flow and also had an adverse effect on the work satisfaction of those who face it. In this paper, Valentine and Fleischman argue that the effect of bullying on the workers’ dispositions and attitudes toward works are unexplored in previous literature on this matter and hence embarked upon these issues (Valentine and Fleischman, 2017). There is also a novel approach taken by examining the effect of bullying into the ethical decision making. How the bullied is averse to taking ethical decisions is examined in detail. Bullying in workplaces has led any organization to two ways, Machiavellianism or dissatisfaction with jobs. In this paper, three hundred and eighty-four employees in the sales and business sectors have responded to a questionnaire of the self-report type. The findings have claimed that after the bias of social desirability are accounted for, workplace bullying positively leads to Machiavellianism and it statistically proved that the relation between workplace bullying and job satisfaction are negative in nature. Perceiving the importance of ethical issue by an employee who is regularly bullied and embedding it in passive-aggressive bullying methods have been shown to be negatively related to Machiavellianism. Furthermore, the study showed that job satisfaction positively affects the employee’s concern with ethical issue, as the findings evidently show a high degree of indirect effects. In the final part of the analysis, both job satisfaction and Machiavellianism have had a mediating relationship with the two key factors thought to have had an effect in the beginning, namely, bullying experiences and ethical issues as they also showed strong indirect effects. These results should have special interest to the Human Resource professionals.

Religious differences also affect the general ways of life. Most of the times, the differences show its effects in the workplaces. This paper shows how religiosity affects the job culture and consequently job satisfaction – work culture around the world is guided by principles unfamiliar to any religion and the mediation of this supposedly atheistic way of life formally intervenes people’s religious beliefs. For instance, the prayer schedule of an Islamic person engenders different timings in his or her work schedules. Religious intolerance is also something that people unknowingly inherit from their predecessors and their collective cultural and social history. Job satisfaction is assumed to have a negative effect in these cases of religious intolerance and can have a devastating effect on the employees.  This exploration is a multinational investigation of the impact of religiosity on sales representatives’ mentalities about their occupations, even in the wake of controlling for diverse contrasts and the specific administration experiementations in their business associations. Researchers estimate moderator impacts among religiosity and the salesmen’s qualities and mentalities, just as intuitive impacts between hierarchical elements and the way of life in which the organizations are implanted (Onyemah, Rouziès and Iacobucci, 2018). They test the impacts of these joint culture and religiosity effects on numerous aspects of job satisfaction and discover support for the speculations or hypotheses. The paper likewise show monetary ramifications for both individual business people and their business associations. Different countries and different continents have regionally been dominantly practising one religion as the State religion of that nation state. Thus, it is necessary to have data across countries with various religious beliefs – countries where all sorts of religions cohabit together are of more interest in the case. In the paper, the researchers test these impacts in an overview of sales employees working in 38 nations working in various industries. about my link programming assignment help

Free will is one of the leading ideologies all over the world. But the acceptance of it brings forth certain sociological and religious issues. In different countries and among different cultures, it has different receptions due to previously existing culture and religion. Therefore, the degree of free will within an organization is bound to have effects on employees’ attitudes towards the work or their satisfaction with the jobs. Researchers Feldman, Farh and Wong have conducted three different studies to examine the relationships that exist between the belief of free will and job satisfaction over a period of time and across different cultures. Study 1 explored 252 taiwanese real-estate agents for a period of three months. Study 2 tested job satisfaction of 137 American workers in an online platform of labour for a period of six months. In study 3, a large sample of 14062 employees from across 16 countries were examined and also tested for country-level moderators. A consistent statistical relationship has been found to be positive between the free will and job satisfaction. The question of agency of a worker to receive and accept such an ideology was also examined. In studies 2 and 3, a relationship beyond other constructs of agency was mediated by a perceived autonomy. The countries that endorse more free will are found to have been beyond agency constructs according to study 3. The researchers finally conclude that free will is capable of predicting the outcomes temporally and cross-culturally beyond the constructs of other agencies(Feldman, Farh and Wong, 2018). The researchers finally welcome more of empirical research to be held across more diverse cultures and longitudinally as it predicts more real life issues as hand through free will beliefs.

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Depression, stress and anxiety are regular issues for present day workers. Although the fact that having important work, or work that is critical, encourages self-awareness, and adds to more benefit, has been connected to better psychological well-being, individuals’ work may likewise should fulfil or agreeable to enhance results. The study that is discussed here aims at investigating the relationship that is built between an individual’s mental illnesses and the work they are doing with a relation of a moderator as the concept of job satisfaction. To test the built hypotheses according to the aims of the study, a diverse and large sample of online responders were set to respond. Meaningful work was found to have negative correlation with depression but it did not show any significant relation concerning stress and depression. This result was found while controlling job satisfaction. The result partially supported the hypotheses. In the similar fashion, relations between stress and anxiety, while moderated by job satisfaction were found in the study. To be specific, people who are only doing a meaningful work and also perceiving their work to be satidfying have been reported with less  stress and anxiety(Allan, Dexter, Kinsey and Parker, 2018). The researchers are stressing on the limitation of their study and asking for more comprehensive study on their research, with more sapmples, but they are considerably certain that employers and employees both have to focus on both meaningful jobs and satisfying jobs if they are willing to highlight the issues of these mental illnesses that are abound among the adults in workplaces. These mental illnesses have been directly related to job satisfaction and literature on this topic can enhance awareness on job satisfaction in future. That is very essential because job satisfaction has now become an integral part of overall well-being of a human being.


This research needs to be done because there is no direct work that focuses on the physical health of the workers and what is the relation of it with the degree of satisfaction of the work they do. When job satisfaction is the focus of discussion, on is often tempted to find a direct relation between this and the mental health. But job satisfaction also takes into account financial and overall life’s well-being. Sometimes over-qualification is met with under-achieving jobs. That leads to poor health. These things depend on several structural issues. In this paper, the structural issues that lead one to find a job that will eventually satisfy him or her and give the most benefits in all the terms of happiness or satisfaction index will be accounted for while the study will be conducted. For this reason, a large sample cross-sectioned across different religions, different socio-economic groups and different countries with varying wealth will be taken. Then a study will be conducted to find out if the relationship exists and if it does, how statistically significant the study is going to be. visit for best essay writing service

Reference list:

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There are different literature that are there discussing about the wage of the workers and job satisfaction. Since our research has got a very important economic significance underlined, it will be useful if we could study the relationship between job satisfaction and workers’ wage and what are the essential factors that moderate this relationship (Mohanty, 2018). Studies that focus on the socio-cultural groups and their interest in finding a job that interests them is also of great import. It is often seen that poor people do not care much about the satisfaction quotient (Khan, Sarwar and Khan, 2018).

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