This study will make a discussion on the Wesfarmers and its business policies implemented
within the market. A discussion will be done on the company structure on the basis of the job
roles of the employees. Depending on the structure evaluation will be done on the challenges
faced by the company. Challenges in the operational management will be discussed in this study.
This study will discuss the system acquisition method followed by Wesfarmers and will evaluate
the advantages of using the commercial software, customized software, and the ERT and will. A
discussion will be done on the differences in between them. In this study, the sales process will
be reviewed by the Wesfarmers. A discussion will be done on the development of the software
and evaluation will be done on the adoption of that software. This study will evaluate the current
market and be depending on that will make a discussion on the leaders in the market. A
discussion will be done on the advantages of the competition in the market. In this study, the
evaluation will be done on the possible challenges for both the customers and the users for using
the accounting software in the enterprises.

businesses in Australia. Generally, they earn the most in the sector of Cole’s supermarkets and
Bunning warehouse. In every department, the structure is the same but the higher authority of
Wesfarmers takes care of all the departments. Generally, the director board takes care of the
whole business and business planes. In the year 2017 Rob Scott was selected as the managing
director of Wesfarmers limited. The board of directors includes non-executive chairman, non-
executive director, and the managing director. At present non-executive chairman of Wesfarmers
is Michael Chaney AO. The non-executive directors are Paul Basset, James Graham AM, Tony
Hogarth AO, Wayne Osborn, Diane Smith-Gander, Vanessa Wallace, and Jennifer Westmacott
(, 2018). Under the directors and the members of the board of directors, there are
Chief Financial Officer, Group General Counsel, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer,
Company Secretary, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Executive General Manager. Under
Rob Scott, the Company Secretary is Linda Kenyon. The human resource is taken care by the
Chief Human Resources Officer at present this position is handled by Jenny Bryant. She takes
care of all the human resource management of all the sectors of Wesfarmers. Under her, there are
departmental Human resource managers who take care of the human resource of dedicated
sectors. The financial part of the company is taken cared by Anthony Giannotti who is the chief
financial officer of Wesfarmers. Under him, there are the financial officers for every department
of Wesfarmers. Maya Vanned Driessen is working with Wesfarmers since 1993 and now she is
the Group General Counsel. Managing director for the business development of Wesfarmers is
Edward Bostock. He was appointed as the in December 2017 takes care of the males and the
marketing portion of the company. Under him, the unit of Wesfarmers is Marketing head,
marketing manager, Zonal sales manager, and Area sales manager. The CEO of the departmental

2. twain the goals in order to maintain the reputation in the market which

is keeping the current customer base, Increase market share, develop high margin products, and

decrease operational expenses (, 2018). Depending on the above
factors the operation of the company is defined. In order to maintain the business, there may be Operational Challenges depending on the structure

The companies mainly main

some challenges in operating the business of the company which is alliance, Organizational

structure, staffing, decision making, growth strategies, Investments, Project Value Methodology,
Determining customer needs and pricing. As mentioned by Nasser and Tariq (2015), there are
several challenges that occur due to the organizational structure. There are several models is
used in an organizational structure which are Telecommunications Management Network (TMN)
model, Provisioning, Assurance, and Usage (PAU) mode, and Telecommunications Operations
Map (TOM). These models can be categories into two parts which are Mechanistic structures
and the other is Organic structures. Mechanistic structures designed in such a way that the
control of a single person is narrowed. This design is done depending on the specialization and
high centralization. Westermarck has concentrated in a different model which is similar to
Organic structures. The higher keys have the Haigh span of controls as the organizations run the
business in many sectors. The main challenges faced in the structure of the company are the wide
span of control of the higher authorities, decentralization, low departmentalization and a long
chain command. The main challenge is due to the long chain in the company which makes gape
in between the response and acts as barriers to a sound communication.

3. System Acquisition method

In the area of IT and advance technology enterprises maintain their business record with the help
of software. Mainly the need of the software is in the section of accounting to get an overview of
the business done by the company. In order to keep an eye on the business of an organization the
companies generally uses commercial software, personalized software, and ERP. The
organizations generally use the commercial software for the accounting the business such as the
sales record and the inventory record. As suggested by Seethamraju (2015), the design of the

software depends on the needs and the business strategy of the companies. Some companies use
personalized software depending on the need of the company. The software may only contain the
record and the accounting part. In the modern age, organizations are dependent on the newly
specialized software which not only contains the accounting part but also contains all the
information about the organization (Unschooled, 2016). Wesfarmers use ERP based software which
controls the total business of Wesfarmers. Generally, ERP is based on one database, one
application, and one interface. ERP is mainly Enterprise Resource Planning software. The single
software can handle the whole work of different sections of an organization. ERP is the most
likely Acquisition method in an organization depending on some reasons which are flexible,
modular, and comprehensive, beyond the company and best business practices. The features that
enable ERP to be most liked which are as followed.

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