This is a solution of Literature Research Assignment part 2 in  which we discuss  the concept of the somatotroph adenoma that it formed in the DNA of human body.

Causes of somatotroph adenomas

Literature Research Assignment part 2

It has been already discussed in the concept of the somatotroph adenoma that it formed in the DNA of human body. The causes of somatotroph adenoma has been formed de to several cause it might be natural or man made. The natural formation of somatotroph adenoma is human resources such as biological relationship between two different person. The transformation of the DNA from one body to another body is the natural transformation of the somatotroph adenoma. Transformation of DNA refers to from parents to their children. It is not mandatory that child of affected mother or father would have the same disease because it is dependable on the density of the gene or DNA of parents (Camacho et al. 2011, p.24). Man made somatotroph adenoma has been derived as effect of nature on the human body it has been derived as the concept under which some natural activities are responsible for this. For example a person is working in the laboratory under the condition of ultraviolet rays, it is the probable situation that UV rays after that skin of that person. Due to high power of external rays it might affect the cells of that portion on which part rays falls down. It is kind of situation that might cause kind of somatotroph adenoma in the human body.Powell and Lightman, (1996, p.56) stated that somatotroph adenoma is not has any specification of man made or ature it has only two major types sparely and densely. It has been derived that somatotroph adenoma can rise in the human body naturally. It is depend on the activities that are performed by the human body. Different human body have different health issue some are highlighted at high extent or some are minor by nature. It is depends on the external factors that are inhaled or insert by human body into their internal body system that reacts with cells and tissues of the human body and
cause to rise somatotroph adenoma.

Impact of somatotroph adenomas

Somatotroph adenomas has been depicted as one of the alarming health issue that is responsible to cause serious problems in future. Somatotroph adenomas affected the body organs internally that paralyzed human body. It is a serious issue for a human being that their body organ has increased in against of its natural formation. GH or Growth hormone is the factor that has caused due to effect of somatotroph adenomas (Foster, 2015, p.13). Scientifically it has been defined that somatotroph adenomas is affected by the radiation in the nature that directly influenced the hormone growth of human it has been stated that due to growth of extra hormone in human body it affected other body organs in the body. As human body is the group of several organs that has framed by tissues and cells, it has defined that growth of the hormone in the human body has influenced the function of entire organs in body (Adams, 1998, p.2216). Somatotroph adenoma is the kind of tumour that has defined as extra muscular part of the human body. For most, probably it has found in the pituitary gland of the body that cause to paralyze the human body from one side.It has formed in the minor part of the organs that is denoted as cell. It is highly spread in the DNA and genes of the body that circulated in the entire body. Medically it has solution that human being can cut that extra growth hormones from the body but still it has not ensured that the human is safe or the symptoms of somatotroph adenoma has been removed from the body (Adams and Buchfelder, 1998, p.2216). A kind of bacteria starts to react when it comes in reaction with any other external factor.It has been depicted that due to effect or high radiation on a human body somatotroph adenoma has took place. The somatotroph adenoma has been generated in the cell and its spread in the human body slowly (Camacho et al. 2011, p.25). In some case, it reacts with DNA and gene of the body with
immediate effect and increase the hormone of the body. Due to GH or increase in the body hormone, human being has faced several kinds of issue or problems such as cancer.Due to somatotroph adenoma formation of the cell in the body has not worked in the human body and hence it affected the performance of the human being because if the organs of the human body not worked properly then it is impossible for the human being to behave properly in the nature of organization. Somatotroph adenomas ha directly influenced the sense of human being as it has found in pituitary gland that is directly attached to the nervous system of the body (Adams and Buchfelder, 1998, p.2216).

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