Learning And Development Strategy For Managing Performance


The objectives of the organization Star Industries, in being involved in learning and development through the use of Performance Management Systems (PMS) include maintenance of the performance of the human resources in the organization and it can be discussed under following sub-headings.


The role of the learning and developmental strategies in the organization is to manage the talent pool in the organization while at the same time it helps in development of a culture towards the development in the organization. Also this helps to drive the commitments of the people working in the organizations as they feel valued through satisfaction of the developmental needs and career advancements. Thus various strategies that are used by Star Industries are:
Assessment of learning needs: the focus is placed on understanding of the learning and development needs of the organization including the individual and group needs. This helps the Star Industries to allow for educational programs and better designing of the training programs in accordance with the learning needs of the employees. Also this helps in identification of current skills in the organization and the desired skills and thus bridging the gap.
Development programs drive: The organization is dedicated to planning for the development of its employees and thus initiates the internal and external training and development initiatives through commitment of sufficient resources in the organization.
Learning groups: This strategy helps the organization to allow for sharing of knowledge and skills amongst the group members and through the generation of self learned kind of groups in the organization
Mentoring and Buddy learning: This helps in encouraging and improving of the performance of the individual employees while working with the fellow employees and the mentoring allows the senior or reporting officer or manager to be in the role of a mentor and thus providing training and development of employees while performing the routine activities at workplace.
On the job learning: This helps in providing challenging task to the workforce and thus promoting the learning of the new skills in order to accomplish these tasks thus promoting a culture towards learning on the job. Job rotation had been used by Star Industries in order to allow learning of multiple skills and abstain from the monotonous nature of jobs.


the purpose of the deployment of various strategies in learning and development in the organization involves improvement in the knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) framework of the organization. Thus the strategy aims to promote a development and learning culture in the whole organization.


In this learning and development strategy at Star Industries, the target groups involve the people whose improvement in various avenues at work would help in improvement of the overall performance of the organization. Here the target groups involve the Team leader and Supervisors whose contribution is important in handling the human resources of the organization and thus managing the people in the organization. Thus improvement in their performance will improve the overall performance of the employees and thus the organization.


The Star Industries had been keen in assessing its performance including the performance of the key managers and all the individuals involved in the organization. Thus the learning and development strategy is the key to identification of the actual and desired performance and thus bridging the gap between the actual level of performance of the individuals, groups and the whole organization.
Star Industries had identified the key areas where the improvement will lead to bridging of the gaps to reach the marked performance standards and they are

  • Managing teamwork- the Star Industries is a large group and thus consists of various teams and groups performing in it. Thus through promoting the team working skills in the employees and development of managerial skills in the various employees like the Plants manager, Human Resources Manager, Supervisors, etc. This will help in better use of resources along with skills present in the human resources organization.
  • Participative decision making- This will help in coordination of work functions amongst the employees and drive their level of commitment towards the organization through better involvement with the organization and promotion of industrial democracy.
  • Collaborative Goal Setting- the setting up of goals and targets through collaboration with the employees who are actually supposed to perform it helps in improving their level of confidence and they are performing better towards their attainment and thus the organizational performance is impacted in a positive manner.
  • Interpersonal and organizational communications- the communication are an inseparable part of any business functioning and thus Star industries is committed towards the betterment of communication between the employees and maintenance of good interpersonal relations to avoid any negative impact on the working of the organization and minimizing of the conflicts through structure and systems in place.
  • Self management- This is a technique that helps the individual employee to gain an insight in to his own performance over the job and understand the various aspects including attitudes and behavior at workplace. Time management is a key skill required in the employees at Star industries and thus the company is directed towards the promotion of self managing practices in its employees. Self reflection is a practice where the employee understands his own learning and development during the course of job performance and thus plans for improvement in own performance. Thus Star Industries is committed to instill reflective practices in its employees and managers.
  • Giving and receiving feedbacks- through instilling an effective feedback mechanism the Star Industries aims to identify the improvement in the performance of the individual employees through gaining feedback from the clients and the managers and making corrective actions. Thus it will help the betterment of the employee performance through feedbacks.

the various learning characteristics that will be addresses by this learning and development strategy at Star Industries include promotion of a culture in the organization towards development and thus the various aspects that the learning and development strategy at Star industries seeks to address are as follows

  • Team working skills
  • Participation in decision making in organization
  • Collaboration with supervisors or managers in goal setting
  • Interpersonal and organizational communications
  • Self management
  • Gaining and providing feedbacks on performance

the learning and development strategies and programs in the organization involve important financial commitments on the part of the organization. Thus the Star Industries commits sufficient financial resources in the training and development programs. Also it provides for education of the employees and training from outside agencies which involve huge costs. Also other resources involved include technology and human resources in the organization. Also this involves loss of working hours of employees as being involved in seminars and workshops.Order Now

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