This is a solution of IT on Business Assignment in which we discuss Developing business and the marketing criteria are also enhanced and straight forward by using IT tools.

IT on Business Assignment


IT on Business Assignment

The staff and employees of Thomas Cook use IT components in their workplace. They are used to find the requirement of the customer, find more consumer, booking and cancellation easily on newly developed technology. The staff directly contacts to consumers and offer them services and products. The marketing plan criteria are also enhanced and straight forward by using IT tools. Now, they are able to advertise offers on social media in order to closer with people. This lead to provide relaxation to employees of the company and their salary structure is also improved according to profit gain is also increases of underlying company ( 2010). Implementation of IT tools also improves flexibility to customers and suppliers. Customers are able to find complete information about the product, update with latest offers and discount, flexible to choose services. Their critical decision-making process is also going to convert easiness by using IT tools and techniques. Now the customer can perfectly plan their journey and make successful plan for meeting, health, leisure or relatives. Apart from this supplier can directly present their services without using a middle party ( 2010). It is very easy to find clients by using information technology. Clients and requirement are drawn out rapidly and suppliers are enabling to take more orders.


IT brings limitless benefits and advantages for Thomas Cook. The company is able to contact with suppliers and distributors at any time and any place. The technology overcomes obstacles cultural and geographical boundaries. The company need to acquire inventory from various suppliers from all over the world so in this way they bring better price services. In this way, it reduces purchasing cost (Reigadinha and Cravidão, 2012). Apart from this information technology allow the organization to simultaneously communicate with both external and internal factors like- employees, customers. They are becoming closer to customers and able to provide fast repose of their query. This would increase customer satisfaction and lead to increase overall revenue of company (Reigadinha and Cravidão, 2012). The company is more flexible to choose efficient marketing tools like- most popular social media. The organisation is able to recruit tourism staff on the basis of online application form. Therefore, IT reduces cost and enhances flexibility. This would also helpful to find out needs for the tourism business and exactly what customer wants. The organisation is now flexible to handle thousands of customer and flexible to replay queries of the customer. In this way, it presents relaxation and efficiency of work.


The Thomas cook company may suffer security and confidentiality risk. Online market raises sophisticated criminals. They act as fraud supplier or distributor and it can also illegally access sensitive data of the organisation. The attacker may also damage transaction process due to security weakness. In this way, consumers may suffer from fraud and illegal entity. This would lay down customer satisfaction and trust. This would affect the business badly. Generally is has been seen that the database is more vulnerable to an attack where attack damage important details and images of the company ( 2011). These details are considering most important for business as it represents what organization offer. Therefore, such damage leads to a loss of attraction and trust of customers. In this way, the organization does not ensure that presented data to customers is actually one or not so there is confidentiality risk. Apart from that, the customer needs to book a tour by providing details of his/her credit card. The customer may suffer from security risk ( 2011). The privacy of data is at risk due to online attacks. Sometimes it also can be happened that the attacker sends a high volume of data and traffic to the network in order to degrade the service provider to the customer. The attackers are trying to engage the computer system in handling invaluable data packets so many customers losses data connection and do not get the response.


Thomas Cook Company maintains a strategy against such IT risk. The company is now using strong internal policy against security, privacy and confidentiality issues. In order to undertake these issues, Thomas Cook is using updated antivirus and antispyware software into IT environment. This would avoid entry of worms and viruses in IT business environment. They also implement a firewall to improve security and attacker is not able to hack sensitive information of the company. The firewall monitors data access and allows only authenticate the user to access personal information (Bigné 2010). This would also avoid unwanted packet flow in the system and make system congestion free. Apart from this, Thomas cook also establishes cyber security premises like encryption on hardware. Hardware data include images, details of products and customer information. However, they are well protected by encryption technique. Therefore, the attacker is not able to find information.

The system also encourages choosing a strong password like mix it with number capitals and lower case (Pantano and Di Pietro, 2013). Cyber criminals mainly damage trade, economic growth of company, innovation and competitiveness. This will be laid down the revenue of the business. In this way, the company now also hires security expert in their IT business environment who will monitor and check security aspects and find regions where security programs are required to establish.


This report concluded that information technology overcomes the distance between customer and service provider. The company is now flexible to handle various requests of booking and cancellation. In this way, it tools and software’s is necessary to be installed in the present system. The company need to define cost estimation and designing plan and hardware into the system. However, there is some risk like- securities, confidentiality, and privacy. All such issues are handling by using cyber security mechanism.


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