Investigate And Evaluate A Business

‘Investigate and evaluate a business/event or part of an organisation that delivers a set of services or products (or both) to external or internal customers. This may be your own workplace OR you may choose an alternative organisation where you can gain an adequate insight into how they operate’.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of what it is that customers want, how the organisation establishes this and how then the organisation subsequently sets itself up to deliver to those customer requirements.

You are seeking to identify a specific problem where there is an actual or potential mismatch between what Marketing has identified and what the Operational activity actually delivers.

The study must also include the collection of primary data related to the identified problem. 

Component– (Individual Report)

You are required to produce a business environment report of your study, and as a minimum should include the following issues:

  1. A clear identification of a business ‘problem’ or ‘problems’ and associated issues from both a marketing and operational perspective
  2. Identify the relationships between the marketing and operational aspects of the problem
  3. Identify, describe and analyse the current customers and their involvement within the service
  4. What are the current market/customer expectations of the business/ organisation and how has this been established?
  5. How is the organisation set up to deliver to those expectations at the moment?
  6. How much of a discrepancy is there between what the customer would like and what the organisation is providing?
  7. What problems might this discrepancy cause within the business/organisation?
  8. What conclusions and recommendations would you make to improve the match between expectation and delivery?

Submission Details (Individual Report)

Investigate And Evaluate A BusinessThe upper assignment word-count limit is 2,700-3,300(3,300is the absolute maximum, beyond which nothing will be read or marked).

The limit of 3,000 includes a +10 percent tolerance as defined/ outlined in the University’s word count policy, which you can access by clicking on the link below:

  • This word-count includes everything in the main body of the text (e.g. headings, tables, citations, quotations).
  • It excludes appendices and references. However, please note that appendices must be used appropriately. Important information should be included in the main body of the text. Appendices should not be used as a means of ‘extending’ the word count.
  • You must include a reference list, with all cited sources (bibliography not required). Citations and references should conform to Harvard convention.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria are listed below and on the feedback sheet

  1. Coverage of the relevant activities set out in the brief.

You will need to demonstrate clearly that you have undertaken a comprehensive coverage of the various activities

  1. Analytical or evaluative ability in treatment of the activities.

Rather than merely regurgitating large amounts of material from market intelligence reports, lecture slides, your own reading and research you will be expected to distil clearly the information system and synthesise it so that clear arguments can be made that are clearly well-derived.

  1. Sound arguments and substantiation for points made.

The points derived by the analysis activity need to be presented as compellingly as possible.  This is more than just how well you write; it relates to how strong the arguments are in their own right and how well you can justify them on the basis of a strong analysis or by reference to quality sources.

  1. Internally consistent arguments and precision in argumentation

Points in the report should be precise rather than vague, and expansive enough to ensure they are precise. At the same time there should be no inconsistencies between arguments made.

  1. Correct use of a suitable range of relevant module material.

You should use the material you have come across in the module such as analytical or organising frameworks or consumer theories to help organise coverage and to explain theoretically your understanding of the problem, organisation and the customer(s).

  1. Clear and correctly attributed sources used in the report.

You should use the Harvard system for clearly attributing sources.  Details of the Harvard system for citation and referencing can be obtained from the Library’s resources. You should clearly list all sources in a Reference section.

  1. Appropriate report presentation.

Appropriate presentation involves a clear and coherent structure that is well communicated to the reader, internally consistent arguments, sticking to the word limit, grammatical correctness, accurate spelling, use of appendices that are clearly labelled and referred to from the body of the report and which contain relevant material that is supportive of the argument in the report.

  1. Appropriate PowerPoint presentation.

Appropriate presentation involves a clear and coherent structure that is well communicated to the reader, internally consistent arguments, sticking to the time limit, and which contain relevant material that is supportive of the proposal for the issue to be studied.

  1. Evidence of personally conducted research

You should provide evidence of research project that is suitable for the identified problem and organisation. If you are conducting research on the UWE campus you must avoid interviewing any of the service managers due to the number of students on the module and the subsequent demands that this places upon their time. 

Marking Guidelines

Written assignments will be assessed on their ability to achieve:

  • A well-structured, comprehensive and well-presented analysis of key arguments and issues
  • Clear evidence of wide and relevant reading and confident integration of material into written report
  • Effective and critical evaluation of arguments and related theory
  • A consistently well-argued case with appropriate links to trade and academic literature within the line of argument
  • Confident and convincing conclusions and opinions based in theory but evidencing understanding of key practical arguments. Order Now

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