Integrated to Achieve Marketing Objectives-Btechnd

Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to achieve marketing objectives

Promotion means making the customers aware of the product to increase the sale of the product. Promotion is one of the very important elements of the marketing mix. For the effective marketing the marketing department must integrate the marketing activities with the promotional activities. The promotional strategies that the company can adopt are persistence, competition and the far reaching effect of the promotional activities. A lot of money has to be set aside for the promotional and marketing activities. The most common mediums of advertisements are Television, radio, newspapers, banners and the hoardings. These days the most upcoming medium of promotion is the social media. Different organization has different methods of the promotion and advertising. (Mack, 2016)

Promotional Mix consist of the strategies of the company to promote the product such as public relation, sales and promotion, personnel selling of the goods and advertising the products. The elements of promotional mix are as follows:

  • Advertisement

The most common mediums of advertisements are Television, radio, newspapers, banners and the hoardings. These days the most upcoming medium of promotion is the social media.

  • Public relation

The company also gives bonus points on the birthdays and festivals of the customers. In the advertising through the public relation the administration push the company towards advertising.

  • Promotion through sales

Sainsbury’s has the promotional strategy through telemarketing and by giving the loyalty card to the regular customers.

  • direct marketing

The sales person promote the product directly to the customer in malls and markets.

  • personal selling

Personnel selling is one of the other strategy which involves direct interaction with the customers by organizing various group gathering, also through various messages and calls.

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the promotion of a bran through tradition and non-traditional manner using different channels. IMC enables the companies to have a cost effective promotion as it concentrated the promotion from mass advertisement to niche advertisement. It involves the advertisement through digital and social media. The various techniques are as follows:


It stands for situation, objectives, strategies, tactics and targets.

  • Push strategy

It is a promotional strategy that involves taking the product directly to the customer. Push here refers to taking the idea directly to the market.

  • Pull strategy

Pull marketing means attracting the customers to the product. Here the markets try their best to pull the customers towards themselves.

Analyze the additional elements of the extended marketing mix

Service marketing covers the different processes such as selling of products, communication, health services, financial and other professional issues. The characteristics of services are as follows:

  • Perishability

These are the services in which time plays an important role. These services cannot be stored.

  • Fluctuation

These are the products whose demand changes with time and season. For example the season of ice cream is summer.

  • Intangibility

These are the services which cannot be touched and sensed but they can be availed. This is an abstract phenomenon.

  • Heterogeneity

These are the services which cannot be standardized. For example, a doctor charges rich clients higher than the poor ones.  (Chand, 2016)

The basic four elements of the marketing mix are product, price, place and promotion. The three additional elements were added later on. They are given as follows:
  • Process

There is some system or the organization to conduct the marketing strategies such as the delivery of the service, consumption of the service and the uniformity in the offering. The marketing department is concerned with the efficiency and effectiveness of the difficult process. The company makes sure that the message of the marketing reaches the concerned customer at the right time.

  • People

The main people responsible for the marketing process are the management and the employees. They make the customer aware about the products of the organization and the rich culture of the organization. They are responsible for presenting the services of the company in a good manner in front of the customers and the people outside. Human resource management holds the important responsibility of hiring the employees for the HR department and the other department as well. This department holds the responsibility of increasing the efficiency of the company by motivating and managing the employees. These employees have the responsibility of promoting the products and services of the company. Human resource department trains and develop the employees for performing the essential functions of the company.

  • Physical presence

This aspect includes the delivery of the service, development of the infrastructure of the company and providing services. The company should deliver the services in a very friendly and a healthy way. The ambience of the store should be neat and tidy enough to attract a lot of customers. The facilities provided by the store should be latest and modern. (Martin, 2014). Order Now

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