Information Technology Service Management-Btechnd

Conclusion/Recommendations to Head of IT:

Research demonstrates that the utilization of both the systems, for example, ITIL and the ISO/IEC 20000 Certification are prompts enhanced IT administrations in an association. It likewise fulfils the necessities of the clients. In any case, the examination additionally acquaint with some indicators that are recommended an association named Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation (HSC) to improve their administration of IT administrations.

Some of those focuses are specified below:

  • In order to provide supreme services to the customers, the Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation (HSC) using ITIL’s Service Strategy and Design processes, but they need to pay the same attention to the security so that they can make most of ITIL.
  • It is prescribed to the Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation (HSC) to get and ISO/IEC 20000 Certification. It empowers the organization to focus on basic administrations and planning of the administrations to give accommodation to their clients.
  • Services goes under the most basic capacities ought to be on the high priority of the association and the non-basic capacities ought to come a short time later. It will help them sorting out the assignments in a suitable way.
  • It is prescribed to the Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation (HSC) to get and ISO/IEC 20000 Certification. It empowers the organization to focus on basic administrations and planning of the administrations to give accommodation to their clients.
  • An effective correspondence channels inside the association ought to be made so that every one of the offices can stay in contact with each other particularly with the IT division to redesign the IT office with the most recent business procedures of HSC so that the execution of the organization can be looked after well.



A list of activities, research time along with the reference links are mentioned below in the table:

DateDurationActivityReference Link
8 May 20162/5 DaysTo write a good document on ITSM, it was required to analyse the topic to understand its requirement, its use and the benefits an organization can get from ITSM. After analysing the concept, I started writing its short information so that my reader can also get the idea what I want to discuss through this document.
11 May 20162 DaysAfter getting the concept, I was curious to know about the goals of ITSM. Thus, I devoted my time to search about its goals so that I can describe the ITSM well.
14 May 20161 DayI was satisfied enough with my short research on ITSM and the goals it has set for itself. After this short research, it was time to search about the benefits of ITSM to an organization. I devoted my day to search about how an organization can get benefit using ITSM. Benefits of the ITSM helped me to know what can be added more in the services.
15 May 20161/5 DaysAs an IT student, I was aware that if a facility is associated with the use of information technology, then some security concerns are sure to be there. Using this knowledge I started searching about the security concerns associated to the ITSM so that I can’t miss a single and the most important aspect to mention in this document.
17 May 20161/5 DaysAfter collecting the information, the next task was to write a good enough report on ITSM. To write my views and topics I have researched, I started searching for the referenced to get some tips on how to write a good ITSM report.

The above specified table clearly depicts that how the research work was done to write this document.


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