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Yammer is a private social networking site for business which collaborates with the departments, contents, business application and geographies. In this report I will use the business of information technology in Australia and will discuss the benefits and problems with using yammer in this business. (Yammer).

Here I have planned to use two Australian companies in my discussion. One is ‘Computer share’ dealing with computers and the other is ‘Opt-us’ which is a telecom company.

Analysis of Computer share:

Computer share is an established and rising company earning a recorded profit of $139.4 million by the end of December 2013. It is also expanding in the regions like India and Russia. Its constant success has lower down its revenue to 0.6 per cent to $ 981.5 million. It is strengthening its currency. It has reaffirmed its interim dividend of 14 per cent per share, 20 per cent flanked. (Kemp, 2014)

Analysis on Opt-us Telecom:

Opt-us is Australia’s number two telecom company which has a reported profit of 25 per cent that is $227 million and has lowered down its revenue by 5.4 per cent. As a result it has lowered down its price and improved the profitability of the Optus’s mobile customers. The prime focus of Opt-us Telecom Company is to deliver sustainable profit growth and upgrading and proving significance improvement in the services of its customers. (Bingemann, 2014)

Advantages of using Yammer:

With the constantly changing working style, the traditional ways of passing of the information to the co-workers through meetings and written circulars are also changing. By using yammer Computer-share and Opt-us can enhance its business on next level by opening the Business communication channels for everyone. By using yammer the circulation of the information to the employees and partners gets convenient which helps in taking the quick decisions regarding the common business goals. By using yammer specific groups can be created for mass communication. It is a good source for business benefits. Yammer is integrated with other lines of business applications, so the third party applications can be used to promote the business. It can be used for the external communication. By using yammer at least 20,000 of leading companies are working together on the path of success. In yammer special training and motivational videos can be uploaded for the employees of the Computer-share and Opt-us that helps in the personality development and improves the working style of the worker. The employees can be introduced to the new tools along with the updated new information about the company and future plans.

Disadvantages of using yammer:

Yammer creates a line between the employees personal and professional relations as it can only be utilized within the competitive organization. But as it has personal profiles it can waste the working time of the employees in the general unprofessional communications. The data transfer to the outside world is also possible if the yammer is used with a bad hand. So while installing yammer by the organization, the security means should be kept in mind.


The recent communication technologies have pros and cons. It depends on how professional the working environment is to attain the specified business goals. A healthy working environment is required to make the employees understand about the responsibilities so these working professional sites can be utilized for the betterment of the business.


Bingemann, M., (2014), Opt-us lifts profit despite mobile drain: Wall Street Journal, [Journal], Available: [Accessed 13 February 2014]

Kemp, E., (2014), Computer share boss Crosby to step down: Wall Street Journal, [Journal], Available: [Accessed 13 February 2014].Order Now

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