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Coca cola is the greatest non-alcoholic beverages brand in the world. Its main competitor is Pepsi, and its products are sold in more than 200 countries. The 2019 annual report states that, more than two billion servings of Coca- Cola organizations products are consumed regularly across the planet. The organization has established a comprehensive international distribution system to support its transactions worldwide. In addition, Coca- Cola Company publishes vast sums of money every year and stands out from the crowd of refreshing brands. Coca- Cola Company has four of the best cocktails in the world. However, in addition to the resistance, other issues arose before Coca- Cola Company, including paint issues and water (Chu, 2020).

Coca- Cola Company has a strong competitive advantage and differs in its advertising practices. However, PepsiCo has intense competition, and the company needs to focus on improving its ingredient mix to stay competitive. Despite intense competition in the humidifier industry, it lags in different regions, effectively differentiating the range of components. Curiosity about the luxury goods accepted among individuals worldwide has grown, and their changing trends test the Coca- Cola Company (Štofová and Kopčáková, 2020).

Critical evaluation of digital adoption:

Digital business strategy:

Coca- Cola Company (TCCC) does not need a presentation because it is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Maintaining this privileged status requires the contribution of its various offices, and in this way, information technology is one. Central and Eastern Europe of cola (CEE BU) operate on a very diverse business environment on the planet: it has a modulation of 411 million in 26 countries (four – Italy, Russia, Poland, and Romania – more than half of the activities in Central and Eastern Europe); 16 critical criteria; Seven business sectors with modulation of over 10 million and four major bottle partners (SIBEG in Sicily, CCBS in Albania, GSD and the remaining BU sectors in Malta, CCH) (Lacy-Nichols,2020).

For his part, Damiano, The executive of change agent in CEE Coca- Cola company, was recently guided by the goals set by Barry Simpson, TCCC’s senior vice president and chief information officer, who said two years ago that “digital transformation. The three main objectives of the project are: “Digitization for consumers” through the collection and testing of data, the advancement of personal, intelligent, and emotional encounters. ‘Digitalizing the customer’ by improving existing cycles, creating new marketing cycles, and creating other business nearby; “Business Digitalization” by allocating resources to the skills to create an active and profitable work environment. TCCCC is committed to promoting advanced promotion, online business phases, adaptive offers, and business innovation to achieve these goals (Singaram. et al., 2019).

Another critical indicator of computerized change is TCCCC’s relationship with its packaging partners (Gómez, 2019). This system, abbreviated as “Coca- Cola Company System,” includes TCCCC, which introduces emollient products to its packaging partners, this time adding various stabilizers and distributing the products through four major market channels, namely supermarkets, convenience, and discounts. While the net benefits for packaging partners are often the same, the edges of the process are much thinner, which TCCC wants to do to create research. “TCCCC is in a strong position to improve ratings, establish constructive team deals, and promote brand

development,” says Marabelli. “With its multi-sectoral customer base and client base, TCCCC has to spend more on statistical research – when the business sector needs to change TCCCC’s competitive practices, behavior and strategies (Maani, 2019).

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