Business Analysis and Planning

Title:Impact of spending cut on Adult care (Dementia) in Ealing Council.



The main aim of the research is to analyse the trend of dementia within adults in the elderly population from the past days.


Impact Of Spending Cut On Adult Care In Ealing Council.To analyse the trends of adult social care such as Dementia that are being affected most of the adult people.

To analyse the approaches to mitigate Dementia issues and to avoid this unwanted disease.

Demography of Ealing (this will be the geographical location, population data etc)

 Consider government legislations and how it affects either Adult social care or (Dementia) in your Ealing Borough

 Data Collection and Methods (Include and describe all data collected here: this will be all available data to collected using either secondary sources, or primary sources, put data in tables and MS Excel etc)


In this assignment it can be seen to analyse the different approaches for the Dementia issues it mainly uses the Secondary Sources. According to the secondary source the researcher chose, the qualitative approach. The qualitative approach is beneficial to collect data and critically analyse it’s effect and the impact on the adult generation.

Data Analysis, Interpretation and Inference (Here you start analysing the data above. You interpret bar charts or pie charts or Mean, Median, correlation and make comparison with other Boroughs etc of the data)

 Recommendation and Conclusion(here, you summarise your discussion and make good recommendations useful for improving the health issue you writing about)


Anaita, I have re structured the way to approach the work for you, with addition of the highlighted Headings and subheadings above. Please see my comment boxes above and action as advised. Thank you.

James AtikporuOghenovo (Tutor/Assessor) 15/05/19