Identifying Opportunities as a Hadoop Developer


Advanced world of digitization is solely dependent upon technologies and ,most of the dynamics are related to online world. So, the development and changes at the same place mean new introduction of technological excavations. It will be mediocre to discuss contribution of the developers and programmers.So, what are they thinking about the changes? It is definitely not the age of some conventional languages like C or C++  or even Java. It is the age of advanced Hadoop programing and for each and every programmer, there is waiting a lot of opportunities with the same platform. This research and assignment will make the entire chapter clear like water exploring the increasing opportunities of Hadoop developers.

Literature Review

It is not possible to change the entire base of any conventional platform introducing something new and different. Practically, it is the ease of usage and effectiveness that manage best appreciations for any kind of innovation. Hadoop can be considered as one of the latest database for promoting and storing, but at the same time, it is based upon Java framework. Initially, this effort has gathered many appreciations from experienced and expert programmers (Ghazi et al. 2015, p.48). So, is there any added opportunity available for the programmers? Literally, it can be said that a latest technology means something new and in that concern, Hadoop has its own characteristics (Gowthami et al. 2016, p.16).
Different fields of business need different technologies and at the same time there are different needs for different businesses (Yamada, 2012, p.408). The ultimate factor is that advanced business transactions are dependent upon the efficiency of database and processing. So, it is the efficiency of the programmer how efficient database can be managed. Hadoop has made it possible to implement a faster way of database solution and nothing else. To increase the efficiency, the experts have well analyzed the need and the respective language has been framed  on Java. From some of the literal aspects, there are certain facts those are quite true about Hadoop (Mone, 2013, p.22). According to the concern of IDC, the business sector of database and processing is increasing in a booming manner and the rate has been specified as 31.7% per year. On the other hand, Forrester has opined that Java programmers are tend to find their best replacement policy with Hadoop. So, the fact is that Hadoop is the advanced version of Java and the industry is ready to appreciate such kind of extended effort with both, hike and prosperity (Gupta, 2015, p.7).
It is not a matter of much time that Hadoop has been launched like a miracle in the industry of database and programming, but literally there are some aspects that it will work more efficiently (Mccormack, 2011, p.319). Initially, it will be easier for Java developers to understand and operate this new trend. Some business entrepreneurs can easily find more speed implementing this latest technology of database and programing and it will help to chase business competitors at the same time. Especially, in the field of IT sector and giant government institutions, Hadoop has brought more speed and efficiency. IDC has predicted that the growth will increase by 25% in speed and it will definitely assure more business solutions (Brattstrom, 2011, p.109). The developers who have already upgraded to Hadoop have opined that learning of this new language is not hard, but a learner can simply make a Google search with “How to gather Hadoop knowledge?  There will be complete guidance available on the web, but at the same time they have warned about the efficiency and little knowledge regarding programming in Java. So, there is no doubt that technology is bringing its best and Hadoop will be considered the latest business solution for database and other giant businesses. Hence, the experts have predicted that there is another language just about to launch and Hadoop is not the last one to finish.


Is it possible to save the database of social media or networking in a manual process? Practically, it is not. So, here is the need of an efficient and strong database that can store larger amount of information in least possible effort and time. Hadoop has been introduced as the latest one and at the same time business owners are experiencing the best parts of their business implementing the same, but still there are some folk who think it unnecessary to launch Hadoop. Is it possible? It is possible because they are not aware of the latest solutions managed by this advanced language. Some burning proposals or aspects in regard to Hadoop are many.
Simply, the business era is highly competitive. So, to chase and remain in the field, it is necessary to adopt faster solutions of information storing and processing. According to the announcement of the creator, Cutting in 2000 that Hadoop can easily process unlimited information in quickest possible time and the size does not matter. So, it can be frankly proposed that Hadoop is indispensable for any kind of bulk business.
Besides that, it was a matter of great expenditure for medium scale business owners to hire efficient developers and programmers. The inventor as well as related experts have well understood the dilemma and now the outcome is here, The affordable and scalable programming product like Hadoop is ready to help support larger data centers in a flexible way.
Finally, Hadoop is the amalgamation of open and varied sources technology, so it will be not hard to determine that it is the best solution of constant improvement. The open source code feature of Hadoop has made it possible to be modified by the users just according to the need and requirement of the clients. To operate all of these, the constant requirement of Hadoop developers  has become mandatory and regular. Mostly, each and every role of a Hadoop professional is highly required in the development process of a business firm and it is not only true for IT sector, but all the related businesses from programming to implementation.
As, it is discussed everywhere that technologies have certain drawbacks, the fact is true with Hadoop also. In regards to the features and flexibilities, there still a scarcity of the interested programmers those can hired easily. Hence, it is a fact that Hadoop has reduced the expenditure of learning as well as hiring of the professionals, but the important factor is that a business owner should hire an expert developers to enjoy the best benefits of this latest technology.
Another drawback for hadoop can be referred as Hadoop does not support real time data processing. So, there are still some gaps remain and the programming language may not be suitable for several tasks. The amalgamation of some conventional components has still made Hadoop confined with some conventional strategies.Order Now

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