6.1 Addressable summary of market and Description of characteristics of ideal buying in an organisation

In the Australian market, the Marios Cafe is rebound for making their unique Fresh Fruit salad. According to Yonker (2016), the MRD system of a gastronomic business is essential to evaluate the customer’s needs and their choice of goods. Thus, on the production and marketing of the fresh fruit salad, the company has chosen the people of Italian and Australian origin as the food products are made based on these taste of these people. About 23 branches of the cafe are promoting this product. On the other hand, Möller & Parvinen (2015) argued that not only this but also an effective market promotion requires the analysis of behavioural, psychographic, demographic and geographic characteristics. In case of Australia, the number of Italian and Australian population is dominant of 82.36% in 2017 (Manganelli et al., 2014). As for this reason, this product is casted by the Marios Cafe. Along with this, it has been noticed that these people prefer to avoid spicy food, and Fresh fruit salad is attractive, tasty, also healthy which attract the people.

6.2 Buying target characteristics of an organisation and characteristics and behaviour of the target buyer

There are about 228 branches of Marios Cafe situated in Australia which is well known due to their vegetarian snakes. According to Huerta-Muñoz, Ríos-Mercado & Ruiz (2017), the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the nearby customers are demanding of superior quality of vegetarian products due to presence of a large number of no vegetarian junk food centres in Australia. Since 1980, the cafe is conducting their business with strategic product usage pattern, profitable presentation and supreme quality of food especially in case of fresh vegetables and fruits. As opined by Cronin-Gilmore (2013), effective market segmentation requires focussing on the preferences of the customers. In case of the Marios Cafe, the main branch and major subsidiary branches are located in the Fitzroy region of Australia where the number of Italian people is high. Thus, as for this reason, the business has become profitable.

6.3 Priorities according to geographic market and buying priorities in vertical industries

The main geographical target market of the company is situated in Australia, especially in the Fitzroy region due to presence of Italian people and Australian citizen with Italian origin. Campbell Tham & Boese (2016) supported and commented that, in order to choose a specific geographical region, a company must conduct a strategic market segmentation practice in order to achieve the major population as their customers. Thus, on the production and marketing of the fresh fruit salad the company has chosen the people of Italian and Australian origin as the food products are made based on these taste of these people. On the contrary Bragg et al.(2013) argued that in the market segmentation process a company might consider the major vegetarian fast food industry such as Carranza’s coffee Australian Fair in order to lower the competitive rivalry. On the other hand, the big brands such as McDonald’s might be ignored as the major products are no vegetarian

7. Case evidence oriented to business

7.1 Evidence oriented to business case

The Marios Cafe & Restaurant located at 303 Brunswick St. Fitzroy 3065 Melbourne Australia is the perfect case scenario. The Fruit Salad is one of the most exceptional varieties here, which grabs many eyeballs. The fruit salad constitutes of fresh seasonal fruits and low-fat curd. The cafe owners definitely know the criteria to attract the customers with this lavish fruit salad. The presentation of the salad and the freshness of the fruits evoke the customers to visit the cafe regularly. The presentation is an important factor when it comes to attraction of customers. As commented by Cronin-Gilmore (2012), the Restaurant Business is wholly depended on the quality and presentation of the food. This popular restaurant attracts many office goers, students and people who come over for business meetings. The location of the cafe makes it more feasible for the customers.

However, the presentation of the fruit salad is on the average side. As stated by Turnbull & Valla (2013), the freshness is the one and only factor for the customers. There are many more cafes and food centres nearby the vicinity of The Mario Cafe, which is quite efficient on the visual aspects. As stated by Bragg et al. (2013), the ‘look good’ aspect is considered eye catchy even in the food business. People often tend to go for a platter which is more attractive. Thus, the presentation aspect for The Marios Cafe & Restaurant has to be developed to a great extent to grab further customers.

7.2 Evidence oriented to business Case 2

The Marios Cafe and Restaurant is an award-winning cafe, especially for its quality and customer services. It is one of the most famous cafes in Australia present on the 303 Brunswick St. Fitzroy VIC 3065. The place in at the centre of the tourist spot, as a result the Marios Cafe is quite famous among the tourists. The quality of the food is also impressive and presented in adequate amount. The services provided by the Cafe are quite satisfying to the customers that lead them to beat the competitors in the long run. The cafe provides enhanced quality of breakfast with varieties of hot and cold drinks. The cafe also provides nice quality lunch and starters. The interior decorations of the cafe are quite amazing and eye-catching. The Marios Cafe also maintains safety and security in the food that they provide.

However, in recent time many customers have raised the complaint of poor communication and improper behaviour of the staffs. The customers do not have the access to communicate with the management of the cafe regarding the issues and the problems. The customers receive bad and rude behavior from the staffs as they are not able to manage the large crowd gathering. Therefore, in order to enhance their customer services, the Mario Cafe need to enhance their customer services. They need to introduce training in order to enhance the communication skills of the staffs. The cafe also needs to provide the customer with online services so that they could review the cafe and discuss their issues.

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