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Your role is to provide a deep analysis of the company chosen by the concepts and theories learnt and give advices to your principle/investor (seminar leader) on the future investment opportunities. (Optionally you can find a company which is not a good investment opportunity, so you can suggest not investing in it by your analysis.)

Analyse the strategic planning position and recommend various strategic options of your chosen company in no less than 3.000 words.

Your analysis must be thorough and must touch upon at least the following points:

  • Analyse the macro environment of your chosen company using the appropriate analysis learnt.
  • Evaluate the industry/sector your company operating in and evaluate whether this is an attractive sector to compete in. (Identify the critical success factors as well)
  • Observe the Business Level  Strategy of your company and identify the range of “generic” strategic choices your company appears to have made.
  • Identify the competitive advantage of your company using the proper framework to prove your findings.
  • Using the framework of strategic development directions and methods, further evaluate your company Corporate Level Strategy against the future competition they face.
    (your answer must include a review of the company recent performance – see below)

Some guidance notes to this assignment:

  • Word Limit: 3000 words +/-10%. The word limit excludes references. There is no allowance for words over the limit.
  • The importance of your research: We expect you to have completed a substantial amount of relevant research to support your analysis and findings.

As a guide, we would typically expect a well-researched piece of work to have consulted at least 10 different sources.

Material on a firm’s resources and capabilities is not always readily available from the firm’s published sources.  You will need to learn to look widely through third party commentaries such as business press reports, analysts viewpoints, case studies, etc.

This might typically include identification of key competitors (or strategic groups of competitors), key groups of suppliers and groups of customers, performance indicators that analysts use to review success in the sector, analysis of the concentration of market shares, etc.  It is important that your research enables you to understand the sector, the trends, and the drivers of change that influence it – please ensure that you consider trends over the last five years. Read more about : Managing Financial Resources Decisions Assignment

  • The importance of using course concepts, models and frameworks: The module is designed to teach you about the tools of strategic management and how to USE them.  Work which is essentially descriptive”” in nature will fail, so please evaluate and prioritize your findings in all cases.
  • An overview of the company chosen (or of its individual competitors) can initially be obtained from annual financial statements and reports (downloadable from websites), and their investors’ websites.  You should also seek out analysts’ reports and comments on the sector, and in some instances corporations publish lists of prominent analysts for their sector on their investor websites. Apart from information that analysts will provide on specific issues or performance, they will typically refer to what they, as experts, regard as the Key Performance Indicators for the industry.
  • Financial and Performance data: The evaluation of your company success and the strategic development directions of their strategy going forward will require you to review the company financial information, and those for its principal competitors. The data will not simply be available for you pre-packaged in one place, but it is likely you will have to research data from a number of sources.  Merely re-presenting the published financial data from the annual report and accounts is inadequate to answer the question, however.  More insight can be gained by analysing trend data, and making direct comparisons with the key competitors and industry average data.
  • References and Sources: You will be well aware of the business school’s rules on referencing and acknowledging sources.  Coursework which fails to meet these requirements may well be penalized or referred to the Academic Conduct Officer.

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