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Task 1

Research the scope of tourism of the selected destination and analyse the tourism statistics in terms of foreign exchange earnings and visitor numbers
The statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends

The tourism at UK has been increasing at a higher rate. Around £2.1bn in 2010 has bene spent by the American Visitors in UK who form the major chunk in the number of visitors in United Kingdom. (Office for National Statistics, 2010)

The analysis is done by breaking down the tourism industry of United Kingdom into various sectors –

  • Airline Industry
  • Lodging companies
  • Cruise lines
  • Travel agencies
  • Motor coach operators.

As per the analysis in 2012 the most challenging factors of European tourism are: increased cost of living, economic uncertainty and political unrest in the tourist destinations.

The online travel trends have also increased and expected to increase more in the near future (Urry, 2003). The below table shows the online travel trends in United Kingdom:

Percentage of TripsJanuary till August 2008January till August 2009
Online Booking6170
Online information1516
Internet users7582
Non Internet users6559

(Source: IPK, 2009)

The table clearly depicts the changing trends towards the online networking in travel industry. This is also supported by the geographical shift in the demand.

Kat impact on the economy and the tourism industry has become the most important part.The tourism industry is very significant because it contribute 9% in total world’s GDP, the industry generates large number of jobs, It employs almost 102 million worldwide and it is contributing 6% in the world’s exports

Inreport by Deloitte, the value of inbound tourism at United Kingdom is estimated to be growing by £ 36 billion in the coming 12 years. The people forming the international tourism are the major sources of revenue (Fennell & Malloy, 1999).

(Source: Office for National Statistics. 2010)

The statistical data on the analysis of the tourism industry is needed for developing better procedures, products, policies, and promotional activities. It will also help in predicting the current trends that exist in the business and markets. UNWTO has also been using the world tourism barometer for analysis on statistical front for tourism industry.Around 43 million new tourists would be entering the tourism market will 2013 from 2010. The consumers are rising due to rising economic level in the various countries. The sector on tourism would be the major source of revenue for the government. People have become very much interested for the short trips and tours. There has been provision of the budget airlines that has reduced the distance as well as the costing for travelling among the shorter distances saving time(Willms, 2007).

United Kingdom has been quite expensive when compared with various other tourist destinations and has been losing on the tourism front for generating income. Europe has become one of the majorly travelled and admired destination and international tourism has been reduced in the lastdecade.

(Source: IPK, 2013)

UK, ABTA’s market statistics as per data in year 2014:

  1. There would be increased spending on holidays by 2014.
  2. An anticipation of around 19% of the consumers for holidays is there in 2014.
  3. Holiday makers would be working with the objective of the obtaining value for money.
  4. UK will have strong income from Sports Tourism.
  5. By 2014 people will prefer beach holidays.
  6. There would be gain in momentum for short haul travel destinations.

Task 2.

Investigate the cultural, social and physical features of the selected destination and evaluate the effects of such features on the tourism industry.

The cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations and their appeal to tourist

The United Kingdom is defined as the land of museums encouraging different religion, cultures, cuisines, and politics. Industry of Tourism at United Kingdom comprises of several physical, social feature, heritage and cultural aspects. These are significant for development of creating and impact for the tourists destinations.

  1. Cultural Resources: These comprise of the heritage property like churches, museums, monuments, and other structure that are made by man (McKercher and Du Cros, 2002). This also has food patters and various other events of entertainment like music, sports and art. United Kingdom has several historical towns and cities that are developed as an appeal among various tourists.As it has rich cultural resources, therefore it attracts many numbers of tourists when compared to places of native origin that do not have any heritage for culture. The museums of UK are providing an edge to the world in terms of increased tourism due to the heritage linked with them.
  2. Social Groups:These include the national, local and regional communities of a destination. The social groups play a very important role in attracting a large number of tourists from various countries. It helps in raising the level of tourism and even increasing the tourism capacity. These groups give a warm and high-fi welcome to the tourists and hence mark an everlasting impression of the country on the people who further spread its branding. They give a delightful experience to the people.
  3. Physical Resources: These comprise of popular lakes, landscapes, coastlines, mountains, beaches, flora and fauna, sand dunes and forests. These physical resources also leave a lot of impact on the travellers who are nature lovers. People look for a comprehensive and different kinds of tourist destinations in terms of nature and its beauty as an appeal to attract tourism.

The comparison of features of developing and leading tourist destinations

Tourism is influenced by the attributes and features of the tourist’s destination in a country. The factors like: its cultural appeal, destination itself, accessibility, attraction and features of destination also influence as an appeal for the destination.These factors are responsible for increasing the level of tourism in the country. Gateways and transport hubs also play a great role in tourism. Lifestyle of people, cultural programs, preferences of people, religion, festivals, and the traditions also play a key role.

Leading Destination – United Kingdom

United Kingdom’s Appeal: United Kingdom is one of the world’s most traveled ten tourist destinations, and is currently the 8th largest in terms of tourism. It has presence of great museums and heritage places that mark as an appeal for the tourists.

Costa Rica – Developing Destination

Costa Rica’s Appeal: It is one of the developing destinations in tourism industry. It contributes a lot to the economic growth of the country. The key places are heritage destinations, culture, best geographical location and the rich history of the city. It has efficient transport infrastructure and provides sports tourism to for national, local and international market for tourism. It is popular as an eco-tourism destination.

Comparison of developing and leading tourist destination

United Kingdom – Developed DestinationCosta Rica – Developing Destination
It is a popular destination in Europe. The area in total for United Kingdom is 243,640 km2 and population is 63.23 million.It has English Channel, Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, and the Irish Sea surrounding on all sides.Costa Rica is present in Central America. Its area in total is 51,100 km2, and population of 4.805 million. It has the Pacific Ocean to the west, Nicaragua to the North, Panama to the SE, and the Caribbean sea to the East surrounding it.
United Kingdom is ranked at 8th number among the ten most preferred tourist destinations.Costa Rica has grown its own niche in the tourism market at present. It is an emerging and developing destination. It is medical destination for the Americans. It is popular for eco-tourism.
It is ranked number 7 within the top 10 earners for 2012 by estimating 29.3 million international tourists and $36.4 billion with receiptsIt contributes 12.5% countries GDP with 2.43 million international tourists. It is the fastest growing economic sectors in the country

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