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Several functions are developed in organization with the purpose of maximizing the performances of the employees is Human resources department (HR). The initial concern of HR is the management of the people in the company, concentrating over the policies and over the systems. Human resources do not merely assist business operations; however, it undertake the leadership and ownership of change management projects. In any organization Human resource management usually undertakes operations involving the benefits of staff, planning recruitment for employees, appraisal for better performances, training and development plan. HR departments also endeavour to propose profit, which can attract the workers, therefore minimizing the risk of losing company information.

According to given case study, it has been demonstrated that an organization has conducted the training program for improving the performance of their employees so that it can help in increasing the benefits of the company. In addition, the aim of the training is to be so effective that the performance of each of the individual must enhance and generate the positive effect over the organization. Serene Teo, the new HR manager of the organization, she is not completely satisfied with the process of training. Simon Heng the training manager on the other hand, believes that his training method is excellent.

So with the reference of this case it is essential to illustrate what are the roles and responsibilities of HR, what is strategic management that is related to HR management. Along with this human resource planning process and recruitment process, different selection and training and development methods, everything have been determined to evaluate the Simon’s training and what management can expect from the training program.


HR Responsibilities and Roles

The function of HR in now days has a significant effect over the performance of the business as well as performance of the employees. The HR management determines the policies and practices concentrated on the growth of the employees’ performances, managing a high level of staff satisfaction. According to the perspective of Srividhya, (2010, p.90), apart from this, the role of HR also is to generate an excellent culture of the organization.

Figure: 1

Change Agent: At this point, the function of the HR is to carry out different program for each staff so that they can adapt the culture of the organization effortlessly. The other role of HR is to engage the employees and manages the process of change management.

Business Partner:  the chief role of HR is to construct, maintain, and develop a better relationship with employees and other managers thereby discussing the aims and objectives of the company with the leaders and focus on strategic management.

Employee Advocate: HR also protects the employees with proper activities, at the same time suggests, and applies the most effective outlook in change management projects.

Administrative Expert: The role of HR also includes monitoring, analyzing, and applying entire regulatory changes.

Apart from these, there are also, some responsibilities that have to focus by the HR those are such as; formulating straightforward and performance determined on compensation strategies and policies. The process of employing complete recruitment required for the association; along with constructing communication channels that can help every individual in the organization.

With the analysis of the HR roles and responsibilities, the new HR Serene Teo will able to understand the various ways in which an HR has to deal with their managers and employees.

Competencies HRM Professionals Need

There are various competencies, which should be followed by the HR professionals to enhance the performance of their own. This will also help them in conducting their roles and it will help to improve the performance of the employees and the organization both.

Global perspective

Maintaining a global perspective is about being receptive to the entire potentialities. It is vital for a successful HR, to obtain a perspective of culturally aware and knowledgeable. As this crucially assist the HR to operate and encourage different team.

Future Look  

It is essential to have the capability to recognize the trends, possibilities and threats to the company. Moreover, rapid changes in technology can generate a latest process of functioning. Now, the HR should be capable enough to identify how this latest technology can develop the performance of the company.


HR professionals are conventionally skilled so that they can be reliable in controlling the policy and ascertaining course of action. Therefore, this system makes sure a point of intelligibility and equity. Whereas, it is very important to be impartial and obvious all the time, it is significant to be flexible to work efficiently on diversity of circumstances as well as with numerous individuals. For being, a successful HR, they have to be unbiased and undertake transformation. It is commonly advantageous of being flexible, as it assists employers and employees to build stability in work and personal desires.

 Control risks

HR’s other proficiency is that they are asked to protect the principles and the assets of the organization from any kind of unwanted proceedings and circumstances which can collapse the value of the organization. In addition, Dessler, (2015, p.78) has said that, HR has to settle the risk before it proves to be a threat to the company. In risk management, the initial step is recognizing and understanding the risk appropriately. This helps to identify the process of minimizing the effect of the risk so that the business can rapidly recover if any incident has taken place.

The profession of HR is full of responsibility, which reflects the performance of the employees and the organization. In addition, the profit of the company varies as per the performance and work progress of the HR professionals.

Strategic Management

Reorganization and explanation of the strategies, which administrators can convey, with the aim of accomplishing improved performance as well as a competitive advantage for the organization is strategic management. Mello, (2012, p.145) has suggested that strategic management may also be illustrated as a collection of decisions and action that can be carried out by a supervisor and that decides the outcome of the occurrence of the organization.

It is necessary that the manager of the organization should possess a thorough understanding and analysis of the common and the competitive surroundings of the organization. This can help the managers as well as the HR to take correct decisions for the organization.  If the productivity of the organization is higher than the average profitability for all the companies, then an organization can be, define to encompass competitive advantage. Strategic management is about the planning of both expected and unrealistic possibilities. It could be implemented on both minute as well as big organizations as it is fact that evens the smallest organization has to handle competition and, with formulating and implementing accurate strategies, the organizations will able accomplish sustainable competitive advantage.


With the aim of developing the organization and its aims and plans, formulation of strategy involves planning and decision-making. On the other hand, it can be observed that the formulation is about putting the Forces prior to the proceedings. Along with this the formulation strategy is also an Entrepreneurial Activity established on strategic decision-making. Formulation is also a rational method that concentrates over the usefulness. It is important to contain coordination among the individuals in the formulation. An excellent deal of initiative and logical skills are necessary in the formulation. This formulation of strategy paves the way towards the Implementation (Mondy, 2013, p.69).


The entire means those are associated with carrying out the strategic plans are included in the implementation of strategies. On the other hand, it can be illustrated that implementation is about operating forces at the time of activities. Implementation is chiefly an executive task related to the planned and functioning evaluation. The focus of the implementation is competence. It is mainly a method of operation, which need proper coordination among the entire individuals. Particular motivational and leadership behaviours are essential for implementation.

This strategic management is significant for the organization to perform appropriately. Here in the given case if the HR and the manager follow the different strategic management then their training program can prove to be more effective. With these kinds of different measures, the training program of Simon can become effective and can create positive impact over the employees that can enhance the productivity of the organization.

The role of HR to carry out the organization towards brighter future aspects, the HR can deal with the strategic competitive advantage in various ways to accomplish its objectives. For better explanation example of TESCO can be taken, Tesco’s HRM hires professionals with experience that help the company to deal with the competition and to bring out the advantages in the industry (Delorme, 2010, p. 148). The company also provide tools to HR for observing the performance of the employees. These activities help the company to make benefits in the competitive market.

Analysis and Design of work

Job analysis

A significant factor is job analysis in human resource management of an organization. After the establishment of an effectual job analysis program, various difficult problems either become less complicated to determine or disappear completely. The core component of the other personnel operations is Job analysis. According to Foss, (2015, p.250), the outcome of are two significant documents especially the job specifications and the job descriptions. These can be employed in the other tasks, like performance appraisal, recruitment, training, compensation, and employee selection, health and safety programs, personnel planning, discipline, and labor-management associations.

Figure: 2

WHS Management Assignment System

Job design

Making a decision of what pattern of responsibilities and tasks must have to be assigned defines the job design process. There are diverse methods of job design.

Conventional Job Design

The conventional methods for conveying the job responsibility, stress is over the unity or resemblance of specific jobs transversely in the organizations.

Psychological Issues and Job Design

This process stresses over the psychological effect on the work of an individual that has been posed on an individual. With positive motivational force, individual can generate more appealing as well as challenging work (Lamond, 2011, 95).

Maximum Efficiency and Job Design

This element is related to the achievements of the excellent combination of tools, and task and physical movements to produce increased profitability.

Human resource planning & recruitment

Without correct people, it is not possible to manage the organization in the right way or produce growth in business. It is the responsibilities of the HRM to plan and recruit correct people by undertaking several measures so that the company can derive profit from them (Reynolds, 2015, p.20).

Human Resource Planning Process

The usefulness of planning based on the complete information. So, by analyzing all the factors, the information regarding further prospect of the organization can be obtained.

Forecasting is the observation of demand versus supply. This phase emphasize on the future requirement of the organization as well as recognition of issues that could be faced by the organization.

HR planning can involve an extensive scope of strategies about competitive sourcing, redeployment, staff development, recruitment, succession planning, and modification in work practice, and technology development.

Once analysis, planning, forecasting is completed, it is significant to implement the entire plan to derive enhanced result in HR planning.

Evaluation of company’s HR plan is very important for shaping, if the formulated approaches are focused on the gaps particularly.

Human Resource recruitment Process

For discussing the job recruitment process an example can be employ like Wal-Mart, it is a large organization. The human resource recruitment Process of this company is to post the job vacancy, hiring managers through online. As per the information that has been obtained the recruiting consultant will prepare a job posting. Along with the same, another form of recruitment process which implements as per the vacancy or position of vacant job.

Selection and placement

There are five selection method standards which can be used by any of the organization in HRM;

  • Validity
  • Utility
  • Reliability
  • Generalization, and
  • Legality

Apart from this, an organization may have nine different methods of selection those are;

  • Interviews,
  • Biographical information,
  • References checks
  • Cognitive ability test,
  • Physical ability test,
  • Personality inventories,
  • Work sample tests,
  • Drug test, and
  • Honesty tests

Employee training & development

There are different training activities that an organization must follow for making the performance of the employee more enhanced and making organization more productive.

It is also important to select certain specific activities to train and develop the employees’ performances.

At first, it is significant for develop a training program to recognize and measure the requirements of it.  Training needs assessment is important for conducting any training program for employees (Werner, 2014, p.130).

Then the other most significant factor is to set the objective of training. An Organization or the HRM must set a proper objective and this objective should be clear to the individual to known as the reason behind the training.  The clear objective will help the trainer and the employees to learn the significant substance that may help to enhance their performances.

Evaluation and revising the training will also prove effective and this can make the employees more skilled.

There are also other methods of training and development plan, but here in this case this three different training and development actions can be chosen for improving the performance of the employees.

However, there are also various other measures that can be used for better HRM like performance management through which the managers and employees can work together to plan as well as to monitor the overall contribution of individuals. The other important segment is the structure of payment. This is an important point as it can either encourage or discourage an employee. Fair payments and improvements or development in the level of payments should be determined by the HRM. As well as the HR should also keep in mind regarding the contribution of the employees over which their rewards and payments must be influenced. The benefits of the employees should also be given importance with fair judgement of their performances.

These measures can help the trainer to develop an effective training and development program as well as the new HR will able to carry out the effective program that can obtain the set objectives of the training.

The management of any organization will expect increase more productivity and future possibilities through these different measures and training and development plans (Arcand, 2015, p.366).


With the complete study, it has been observed that an organization has conducted the training program for enhancing the performance of their employees so that it can help in increasing the benefits of the company.

Here, in this overall discussion,  it has been demonstrated that what can be the effective measures which can help the trainer to develop an effective training and development program as well as the new HR will able to carry out the effective program that can obtain the set objectives of the training. Along with this, the expectation of the management with this program has also shed light on.

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