Human Resource Management Environment in Australia

Human Resource Management Environment in Australia

IntroducHuman Resource Management Environment in Australiation

Although the HR practices are mostly uniform with common characteristics throughout the world, there might be certain deviations in the human resources management environment on nation-to-nation basis. Here are few major practices that influence the human resource management environment widely in Australia:

  1. From 1 July, 2015, the National Minimum Wage rose to $17.29 an hour, which was $16 an hour, or $656.90 for a full-time working week. If the trend of increasing minimum wage continues like this, Australia will be on par with USA in 2037.
  2. In 2009, the Fair Work Act proposed a National Employment Standard. This is the first time that legal legislation allows parents and caregivers to ask for change in working environment so that they can take care of children under school age or children under 18 with disability. The right to ask for family-friendly arrangements is an integral part of Australian workforce.
  3. From January 1st 2012, the new OHS legislation came into effect in standardized form. OHS regulations, which control codes and conduct of health and safety of employees, are controlled by different state and territorial jurisdiction. To avoid the confusion and make the law more consistent through the Australia, OHS regulations were standardized.
  4. From 1st July, 2014, the Superannuation Guarantee increased by 9.5%, which was 9.25% previously.
  5. When it comes to temporary overseas employees, people prefer 457 Visa. Unfortunately, 457 visa holders are mostly underpaid, abused and subjected to sub-standard working conditions. Therefore, Australian Labor Government proposed a review (the Deegan Review) and revised the 457 visa program, which came into effect from September 2009.

Human Resource Management Environment in UK

Here are few influential factors that every human resource management department in UK acknowledges:

  1. From April 1st of 2016, the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates are as follows: £7.20 (for 25 and above), £6.70 (21 to 24), £5.30 (18 to 20), £3.87 (under 18) and £3.30 (for apprentice).
  2. Employers and employees need to agree on the changes in agreement. But an employee in UK can insists on a change if he or she has legal right to. If any dispute arises, the employer can consult with the employee informally as well as through mediation. Employees can consult with their trade union representative, Citizen Advice and Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service).
  3. All employees working in UK possess the legal right to ask for flexible working hours – it is applicable not just for parents and caregivers, but all. This act is known as making a statutory application. Under this, employees have to make a request to the employer.
  4. Federal Government of UK proffers three types of breaks to all employees over 18 years. The three types of break includes rest breaks at work (mandatory 20 minutes break during their working hours), daily rest (11 hours rest between their working days) and weekly rest (an uninterrupted 24 hours/48 hours without any work each week/fortnight).
  5. An employee cannot be forced to work on Sundays if the employer and employee jointly have agreed to it. The employers have to pay higher than the usual rate on Sundays, only if it is mentioned in the contract or any written terms of condition.

Human Resource Management Environment in USA

Here are few legislations and code and conducts that influence the human resource management environment in USA — a brief overview of those factors that every HR professional needs to acknowledge:

  • The minimum wage in USA is $7.25 an hour. But US workers are going rogue about raising the minimum wage in United States. The fight for minimum wage to $15 an hour is gaining momentum with days. As a result, California and New York have agreed to provide minimum wage of $15 an hour by 2022.
  • In USA, employees going through a life-changing event like divorce can seek help from the HR professionals. The HR team helps the person cope up with some issues like updating personal details, changing medical insurance coverage, changing life insurance beneficiaries, changing retirement accounts, etc.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows an employee to take unpaid, job protected leave for family and medical purposes with continuation and of group of health insurance coverage with the exact terms and conditions as if the employee has not taken leave. A survey found the request for FMLA has increased in five years. Therefore the HR professional counter difficulties implementing regulations related to it.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act ensures occupational health and safety of employee in private sector and federal government agencies of USA. In order to keep the standards in workplace, the act has created an autonomous research institute named as National Institution for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is the regulated occupational health and safety body on behalf of US federal government in all 50 states.
  • Diversity in the workplace can create challenges for HR professionals. Working with the diversity issue need a firm understanding of the federal laws that cover the issues of discrimination in workplace. The most significant federal laws related to diversity in workplace are Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (VII), the Equal Pay Act (EPA), Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), The Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Human Resource Management Environment in Canada

The following are the most influencing factors that affect human resource environment in Canada. Five vital points are described in brief here:

  1. Canada’s current and forthcoming minimum hourly wage rate is $10.45 for experienced adult workers. The rates increase on the basis of the average percentage change in Consumer Price Index and also depend on change of percentage in average hourly wage in the individual provinces during previous years.
  2. While establishing a job evaluation policy, the HR professional need to concentrate on meeting the pay equity legislation requirements. Besides, provincial human rights codes need the employers to treat the employees fairly and equally without discrimination. The job evaluation policy should include the rules and regulation on deciding compensation structure, staffing and promotion.
  3. If the contract worker is an employee of the organization, the organization is entitled to pay the employee premiums and provide every facility that it offers to its employees like Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Worker Compensation etc and also provide benefits mandated by the provincial Employment Standards.
  4. When it comes to hiring and recruitment, it is necessary for the HRM department to be objective and focused on the requirements of the job in order to avoid any type of discrimination. The HR professionals should consult with the human rights legislation to make sure the recruitment process complies with it.
  5. When compensating the employees, the HR policies of an organization should consider labor standards, human rights, employment insurance, pay equity, occupational health and safety, pension or retirement benefits and labor relations. The HRM department has to be fully aware of updated HR Toolkit, keep track of key government websites to ensure that the organization’s compensation complies with current legislation.

Human Resource Career Path

Even the smallest of organizations require HR personnel to place their organization in a more manageable position. With a drastic change in HR manager’s role, there is high demand for skilled and experienced personnel, although, the HR team’s functioning and job roles vary from one organization to another. In the mid-size corporations, the HR managers have to manage only the sales team, but in big organizations, the complexity of the duties extends to other departments as well. On the bright side, a HRM job pays highly competitive compensation compared to other departments of an organization.

Keeping the modern HRM policies in mind, a HR manager has to be smart, well-educated, one who is able to fulfill organizational expectations and deal with employees in stressful circumstances. The HRM departments offer well-defined career opportunities. The HRM career path can be a viable solution to any graduate students, but specialization in the same is preferred by most organizations. If you choose to pursue your career in HRM, you need to undergo a constant learning process and advancing statistical and financial skills.

If you have chosen human resources management as a career option then you should be aware of the qualities of a HR manager. Here are the essential requirements that employers seek in HR managers:

  • Excellent communications skills, high motivation levels and ethics
  • Organized, meticulous and compassionate
  • Complete knowledge of labor laws, motivational psychology, compensation structure and effective recruiting strategies
  • Strong ability to provide right directions to the complex employees
  • Possess knowledge of how to take disciplinary actions as and when required.

Career Paths under Human Resource Management

Here are the typical career paths that students would like to pursue:

HR Analyst
HR Manager
HR Senior Analyst
HR Genelist
HR Specliast
HR Director
HR Business Partner
Dispute Resolution Speclialist

Experienced business professionals take interest in HRM too

Most business leaders still complain that HR managers lack the business sense they are supposed to have. Business leaders are more interested in talking about numbers, whereas HR managers still hang on emotions and they have no control over the senior managers. This is one significant reason that is encouraging more experienced business professionals to take up the HRM career path. They are capable of turning the emotional department into a one that connects with the finance department. Therefore, the need of high business acumen is the newest addition to the HRM’s needed skills. Having business acumen enables a HR manager to explore more choices in an organization like financial management, operational management, etc. This is why this career path is fast turning challenging as well as promising.


Bratton, J., & Gold, J. (2012). Human resource management: theory and practice. Palgrave Macmillan.

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