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Human Resource Development Introduction The human resource management is the set of policies and practices that an organization puts in place to have a knowledgeable staff. The human resource manageHuman Resource Development Assignment Helpment is divided into two broad categories of activities: personnel administration and human resource development. The most valuable resource that every human being has is his own person. And the most valuable asset of a company is the human factor. If increases and perfects the human factor, both the individual and the company highly benefited out. Training and development is a process that is related to the improvement and growth of skills of individuals and groups within the organization. By educating the individual invests in itself, increases its capacity (Werner, & DeSimone, 2011). This paper aims to discuss human resource development (HRD) as the integrated use of training and development, organisation development and career development to improve individual, group and organisational effectiveness. Proper work of HR Development and Training with Production-Operations that people get up the company are able to transmit information efficiently, communicate well with others, work in teams and know how to lead and motivate teams. It is said that the development of human resources is the basis of socio-economic development and a factor of economic growth. By offering youth and unskilled workers to receive training and education, a country is a progressive labour, skilled and high-level work. The development of human resources plays an important role in the economic development of a country contributing to job creation, encouraging entrepreneurship by boosting competitiveness. 3 Discussion Human Resource Development Increasingly organizations are produced in technological, organizational, productive or commercial that cause the need for rapid adaptation of the professional profiles of its human resources.

On other occasions, the need for adaptation is caused by the low level occupational training for the high turnover of staff. In any arena, the reality is that organizations invest, every day, more resources and are constantly on the search for alternatives in the development of pedagogical and technological processes, focused on improving the training of their employees (Vredenburgh, & Shea-VanFossen, 2010). The development of the workforce, now commonly known as human resource development, is an ongoing process that analyzes the requirements, forecasts and projects the organization’s future human resource. In other words, human resource development focuses on issues such as whether the organization is ready to compensate for the loss of the experience of employees who retire and whether employees are adequately prepared to implement organizational change (Werner, & DeSimone, 2011). The human resource development is a process that seeks to optimize the use of human resources in the organization. It needs an incorporated method that deals with the international characteristics of employees, varying from getting better mechanical and interpersonal skills for imaginative and innovative thinking and leadership. Organizations with high levels of output have made the development of human resources in an integral part of its corporate culture (Murphy, & Garavan, 2009). 4 Importance of Human Resource Development When nations and firms allocate resources to develop their workforce, the benefits are not only made by the workers. The human resources department helps an organization to its development by assessing the changing needs of the organization and equipping workers with the necessary tools. Although employees may be the direct beneficiaries of the program of development, such as tuition reimbursement and additional training, the companies win in the short and long term as well (Daley, et. al. 2010).  Economies of Scale The human resource development helps an organization to achieve economies of scale. This occurs when the firm produces goods at the lowest price possible as a result of its capital operates at peak efficiency. Capital includes machinery, equipment and employees. The human resource development reinforces the skill set and knowledge of workers, allowing them to increase their production or develop new and innovative products (Murphy, & Garavan, 2009). Thus, the company reduces the cost of production when workers have a strong set of skills with which to do their work. The human resources department plays a pivotal role in ensuring this benefit by finding suitable workers for positions in addition to designed resumes; human resources determine the intangible attributes such as attitude and willingness to learn new skills (Vredenburgh, & Shea-VanFossen, 2010).  Competitive Advantage Companies also gain a competitive advantage through the implementation of programs of human resource development. The backbone of an economy that works smoothly and well developed is a skilled workforce and efficient. When a company offers extensive training and 5 programs to enrich their employees, workers who benefit from training are increasingly valuable. A skilled labour increases production of a nation, increasing its gross domestic product. Other companies benefit indirectly from such programs, and in the event that an employee is transferred from one organization to another (Vredenburgh, & Shea-VanFossen, 2010).  Job Satisfaction One of the most critical components of job satisfaction is the belief that the position offers room for growth and improvement. The human resource development helps the organization to impart this sense of value on the worker. The human resources department can develop programs that promote job satisfaction.

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