HRD Marks Spenser Assignment

HRD Marks Spenser Assignment is based on the case study of Marks and Spenser and the human resource developmental functions and operations in that company. The assignment comprises of 4 Tasks. Task 1 will give an insight on the various learning styles; lay the role and importance of learning curve and transfer of learning to the workplace. Task 2 will discuss on the training need assessment, planning of a training event and the disadvantages and advantages of the methods that are employed or used for the training. Task 3 will be highlighting on the evaluation of the techniques that are used for carrying out a training activity. It will further describe the same with the help of a training evaluation form and evaluation and assessment of complete training in itself. Task 4 will analyse the efforts of the government of the country in regard to the training activities and the developments with respect to organization and country as a whole. All the tasks would be answered and analysed with a special reference to the cHRD Marks Spenser Assignmentase study of Marks and Spenser.

Task 1

This task would be studying in detail on the several kinds of the styles that are used for the learning activity within an organization. The role and importance of the learning styles, theories and the curves would be analysed and studied. Finally the contribution that a learning curve has with respect to the training would also be laid down.

P1.1 – Compare different learning styles

Learning Style refers to the way and style that is adopted by a person for his individual learning. Learning Style represents and makes the employees of Marks and Spenser’s understand the training and learning processes that take place within the company. It shows the speed and pace of learning that exists and is shown by the various individuals into the system. The types of learning styles are discussed as under:

  • Aural: Learning style that prefers the usage of music and sound.
  • Visual: This learning style uses images and the pictures to explain the subject better. This will even help in recalling and helping the person in remembering the subjects with the images in mind.
  • Physical: This learning is achieved sense of touch, language and the body actions.
  • Social: Social Groups gather together and enable learning for each other. This would be learning in a team in the company.
  • Solitary: This is a self-centred or the individual learning that is acquired as a standalone spirit.
  • Logical: Learning that is based on a proper logic, reasoning and valid argument helps in further remembrance (Joy-Matthews et al, 2004).
  • Verbal: The preference in this kind of training and learning is given to the verbal and written words and sentences.

Marks and Spenser’s is employing all these learning styles in training and development process of the company and its employees.
Myers-Briggs is said to be a MBTI Testing. This is said to be an assessment of the psychology of an individual with the help of testing questionnaire. This will help in predicting the learning style of the people.
Honey and Mumford is also a theory on the learning style that states that the stages are:
Activist – The person starts to learn.

  • Reflector: He reflects what its environment and people around him are.
  • Theorist: He understands the concepts.
  • Pragmatist:These are the stages of self development and learning. Kolb Theory has given four stages of the learning:
  • CE – Concrete Experience: This could be explained with the example of student giving interview for first time. He will tend to learn from others.
  • RO – Reflexive Experience: This is basically applying or taking actions based on the experiences of others.
  • AC – Abstract Conceptualization: In these concepts, practices and principles are analyzed than the feeling and others.
  • AE – Active Experimentation: This is basically experimenting on different situations and then finding out the best possible alternative.

Kolb is the best theory that could be used to compare the 3-4 people. Person 1 is a student who is going for an interview and he falls under CE stage. The people who have complete 4-5 years of experience will take guidance from others and then act. They will fall in RO. The people who have attained top positions in a company will fall under AC. Finally the scientists will fall under AE stage.

P 1.2 Explain the role of the learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace.

Learning Curve is said to be a pictorial representation of the level, pace and the speed of learning with the passing of time. It is true that once an individual starts learning then with time and gaining of experience, the learning process is also enhanced. Marks and Spenser’s has been testing and making sure that learning curve is referred to in order to see the immediate and after effects of the training and developmental process for the learning of its employees. It has a great importance in the development and learning of the employees within the company:

  • It reveals the kind and level of working that has to be done by the expert, company and an individual on his own.
  • It will highlight the hard work and the level of effort in terms of imbibing that an individual has to doing on the teams and groups that they have been working for.
  • It ensures that efficient planning is being done in regard to training, developmental and learning process for the company as a whole.

Understanding of the learning curve will make the people understand the pace and speed of learning and they will not be disappointed by the results initially.

P 1.3 Assess the contribution of learning styles and theories when planning and designing a learning event.

  • Process of Learning will start with the assessment and evaluation for the need of the learning among the people. Under the planning stage the scope, importance, number of people covered, competitive benchmarking on processes and their comparisons would be done.
    The learning styles, theories and concepts have been developed with a lot of past research and survey in this regard. These theories guide on the past experiences in the way of working of the developmental and learning process among the teams. Based on the concepts, the schedules and Communication Planning for the future trainings and the learning processes and practices could be operated and implemented. The company based on these concepts and theoretical understanding will develop the modules and impart them as per said schedules. It will also help in developing the formats for assessment of learning needs, their practical application and implications for the company. It will act as an analysis that will predict on the resources required, level of learning, skill enhancements and the time that is utilized and devoted to these trainings. Based on these curves, the managerial and strategic decision making for the company could be done. This curve will indirectly contribute to the development of bringing effectiveness and efficiency for the teams and company as a whole. This learning curve will be varying based on the various parameters like age, experience and subjects on which learning is imparted to various individuals.  The application of learning curve lies in:
  • Planning for production.
  • Forecasting and Pricing.
  • Bidding and Competitive benchmarking.
  • Accounting and Income Reporting.
  • Accident and Industrial incidents forecasting (Arya & Tandon, 1998).

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Task 2

Based on the study of the company, Marks and Spenser’s we will analyse and compare the training needs at different levels within the company. The advantages and disadvantages of various methods of training that are employed in the company would be analysed. Finally the way in which the full and final planning of the training event would be done will be discussed.

P2.1 – Compare the training needs for staff at different levels in your chosen organization.

HRD Marks Spenser Assignment

  • Marks and Spenser’s is a company that has been one of the clothing and apparel retail chains. Like various other retail chains, it also has global retail chains. It has been employing people in sales, customer services, Admin, HR and various other departments. The training needs that for all the employees. The most important area and very specific training requirement lies in training the sales representatives and the customer service employees in attending, treating and behaving with the customers and clients. Customer service is the main focus for the front end employees sitting in the retail stores irrespective of the level and the hierarchy.
    This would be called as operational, technical and soft skill training for the front end employees serving the customers. On the other side the training is also imparted to the support and back end functions and operations in terms of HR, Admin and Accounting department. These departments are not available or present in the front but without their support and contribution, the front end operations and functions will not run smoothly. These people also need basic computer skills and other learning and trainings in their respective areas. Based on the kind of role, profile and the activities that are carried out by these individuals, the company assesses the needs and makes the budgets to impart trainings to its team so that the skill set and competencies could be enhanced (Swanson & Holton, 2001).
    Based on the KATZ 3 Skill approach, Marks and Spenser’s can found out the areas where the people have to be trained. Technical Skills will help in inculcating the areas of the technical significance. Human Skills will comprise of the areas that are specifically related to dealing with humans. Conceptual Skills will be related with concepts and ideas.

P 2.2 Assess the advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in your chosen organization.

Marks and Spenser’s has been actively involved in the training and development of its team and employees. There are several methods and techniques that are employed or used by the company in imparting the training and learning to its teams like:

  • Technology based Training: This is a training that is given to the employees with the help of tools, equipment and equipment like: PC’s, Interactive media and web based training programs. This is helpful as it gives sound learning and exposure to even the employees sitting in remote locations through video conferencing and not making them physically attend it. This is weak as in case technology and web based tools are unavailable then surely it cannot be imparted.
  • On the Job Training: This is a type of training that could be given to a management Trainee or a new joinee in the company. He could be placed on the profile that he as to work at. Then he could be explained on the processes and practices that have to be carried out. This will help in real time application and exposure to a specific profile and activities. He will learn theory and standards with their correct applications. The disadvantage of this process is that with concentration the tasks and learning cannot be carried out. These training methods could be seminars and technology driven    .
  • Coaching and Mentoring: This is a training that is done by giving one buddy and expertise to the trainee so that skilled and expertise person can learn from a sound professional and coach. This has advantage that expertise will be guiding the right processes and practices and he will get the right mentoring and learning. The disadvantage is that in case coach and mentors are busy and not available then the situations may be mishandled.
  • Outdoor Training: This is the training that is organized outside the office premises. This would be away from the regular classroom sessions. Advantage of this technique is that it will have full concentration to the training and learning process. This is not useful as will incur extra costs and even take away person from his regular job or routine at work.

P 2.3 Use a systematic approach to plan training and development event in your organization.

Marks and Spenser’s has to plan and do the proper scheduling and setting of the rules and regulations for all kinds of trainings that they have been organizing. This planning will comprise of availing the resources, efficient faculty and other means for organizing the training processes. The budgets for the training processes have to be set and planned at the beginning of the year only. The systematic approach to the planning of training and development event in the company is:

  • Allocation of the funds and budgets – The Company has to set budget for the technical and non-technical training department and their effective implementation.
  • Search and appointment of skilled and expertise professionals for imparting the training (Torraco, 2005).
  • Development and design of the Calendar for training – This will include setting the timelines and dates as per business requirement and model.
  • Setting the objectives and learning aims for the employees.
  • Preparation of the Training Calendar – The calendar will have the plan of the course content and dates of the important dates for the activities that have been planned in the training.
  • Aligning the trainings with the company objectives and the training assessment needs that are done.
  • Setting of the assessment and evaluation department that will evaluate the development and benefits that are obtained from the training.
  • For Example Training Event – How to Use safety Condition the Bread Slicer Machines for new employees?
    Session Date: 11th Feb 2015.
    Training Duration – 4 Hours
    Learning Objective – To make employees understand and use the functions of Bread Slicer Machine
    Target Audiences – New Employees
    Room Arrangement – Class Room Style
    Prerequisite Trainers – 2
    Materials and Machines – Projector, Notepads, pens, pencils, screen etc
    Activities – Group and Team building exercises
    Comment: Trainer must provide gloves and special hats for all trainees on the practical session

Task 3

This task will discuss on the process of evaluation for the techniques that are used for Training and Development Process in Marks and Spenser’s. We will create a Training Evaluation Form and then even evaluate the training that has taken place in the company.

P3.1 – Prepare an evaluation using suitable techniques

Training process will be successful when the assessment and evaluation of the training process is carried out. This will do the evaluation of the trainer, training techniques and the trainee’s enhancement of the knowledge and its application. The evaluation could be done with the help of the following techniques:

  • Circulating the Training Evaluation Form – This will be having questions that will find out the level at which the subject has been understood by the trainee. The way he has approached the trainer and understood the style of learning. This evaluation form could then be assessed using the statistical techniques. These statistical techniques will guide on the way the training has been successful in the company (Werner & DeSimone, 2011).
  • The management may observe the changes and the practical implementation that is being done by the trainee who has been provided with the specified training. There should be 360 degree feedback and assessment that should be taken from the people around the trainee so that they also could reveal the differences observed in them.
  • The revenues and profitability achieved by the company through the application of the training program organized by the company. This will even comprise of the assessment of the improvement that has been brought in the business activities.

Name of Employee:
Employee Code:
Training Type:
Timings/Duration of Training
Trainer Name and Qualification
Please use the following scale: 1 – Strongly Agree, 2 – Disagree, 3 – Agree, 4 – Strongly Agree.

  1. Course Content
  1. The objectives were clearly explained
  1. The content was complete and logically organized.
  1. The objectives were met by the contents provided.
  1. Trainer
  1. Was knowledgeable and provided answers to all queries.
  1. Created learning structure for training and encouraged lively and participative environment.
  1. Was presentable and motivated team.

 P 3.2 Carry out an evaluation of a training event.

Marks and Spenser’s organized training for its marketing team for understanding the concepts and subjects matter. The evaluation was carried out in the following way:

  • Making the trainee’s fill the Training Evaluation Form (Gibb, 2011).
  • Understanding the way the training has been imbibed and implemented within the organization.
  • The improvements and changes observed in the team after the imparting of training.

This evaluation could be done in the above given format that has been displayed. This will help in knowing the relevance and purpose of the specific course content and the value that a trainer has with respect to the training.

Name of Employee: ABC
Employee Code: 0010
Department: Accounts
Training Type: Technical
Timings/Duration of Training – 5 Hours
Trainer Name and Qualification – Mr. XYZ, MBA
Please use the following scale: 1 – Strongly Agree, 2 – Disagree, 3 – Agree, 4 – Strongly Agree.

  1. Course Content
  1. The objectives were clearly explained
  1. The content was complete and logically organized.
  1. The objectives were met by the contents provided.
  1. Trainer
  1. Was knowledgeable and provided answers to all queries.
  1. Created learning structure for training and encouraged lively and participative environment.
  1. Was presentable and motivated team.

P 3.3 Review the success of the evaluation methods used.

This training assessment and evaluation form is always successful as they help in finding out the relevance and validity of the training for specific participants and trainer as well. This will even let the training department know on the improvisations that have to be brought about in the modules of the training programs.

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  • Marks and Spenser’s has been a company that is involved in such a Business Strategy that requires its employees to be equipped and updated with the newer skills and learning processes. This requires the company to work upon the learning curves and do the training need assessments. HRD in Marks and Spenser Assignment will help in knowing the areas where they should be trained. It has been using various kinds of methods for the training processes. These methods have to be placed as per the right way and to the right manpower approach. This company has been developing newer ways in which it can even evaluate the benefits of the training to its employees. This has helped it in doing evaluations and bringing improvisations in the current techniques and processes. The government is also taking important steps and measure sin ensuring that the citizens are trained and no more serious issues prevail in the country. It is also using training techniques and processes in helping to achieve this objective. It has allocated certain funds and resources for the execution of training and derives benefits from them.  Due to this the country will have expertise and skilled professionals making the country sound and highly successful.


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