How to Install Android M Preview on Computer PC or Windows Laptop

How to Install AndroidGoogle has announced the Latest Android M 6.0, but its release date is not decided yet. Although Android M development version is available for developers. You can test the Android M in Nexus too. But if you don’t have Nexus, then you can also install Android M on PC. Let’s learn How to install Android M preview on Computer.

Install Android M on PC:-

Like in our earlier posts we have discussed the way to install Android on Windows PC. The method is almost same; here also we will go to install Android SDK and other tools. The method is simple and if you already have SDK then you can skip the SDK installation part.

How to Install Android M Preview on PC or Windows Computer:-

As we have discussed to install Android M on PC, you first need to setup Android SDK. So let’s begin with it. We have already discussed the method to install Android Kit-kat on PC.

Setting Up SDK for Android M:-

  • (1)  First Download the Android Studio and JDK 6 or higher.
  • (2) Now install the JDK first and then install the Android Studio, as Android studio requires JDK environment.
  • (3) Now when Android Studio gets installed, just run it.
  • (4) Now in Android Studio, click on SDK Manager Option in toolbar.
  • (5) Now download the latest Android M 6.0 package. In this package just download the essential files.
  • SDK Platform Android M Preview
  • ARM EABI v7a System Image
  • Intel x86 Atom_64 System Image
  • Intel Atom System Image

(6) Now just Install these 4 packages, it will take time to download and install, you should have high speed internet connection.

Now you have successfully setup Android m SDK on your computer. Now it’s time to start the emulator.

Android M Emulator setup:-

In Android studio, Go to tools> Android> AVD Manager or click on AVD Manager Icon on toolbar. Now click on Create, now we will configure emulator according to our requirement.

AVD NAME: or Any other name you like.

  • Device: Select latest Nexus Model
  • Target: Android M Preview
  • CPU: ARM
  • RAM: 4096
  • VM HEAP: 32
  • Storage: 1024

Click on OK and save the configuration. Now from AVD Manager select the Android Virtual Device that we created and click on Start. Now it will start you Android M in some time on your PC. So this is the way you can install Android M on PC, using the above method you can install any Android version. It’s easy but requires lots of downloads.

Now enjoy the Android M on windows, in this latest version they have added lots of new features. Just try them and we are also mentioning some best Android M features here.

 Android M Features

  • Android play: This is new feature of Android M, Android Pay has replace the Google wallet. It is almost same like Google Wallet; you have to add your debit card etc. Or if you want to secure your authentication you can also use finger print sensor. So it will only pay when you put your finger on it.
  • New App Drawer: You cannot scroll vertically while viewing your apps in App Drawer, there is search bar to search any app. They have listed the app in alphabetical order, so it will be easy to find app with its initials. And also four recently downloaded app are pinned at the top.
  • Volume Control: Android m volume control now you can change the volume levels of Notification, Alarm and Ringtones directly from your volume menu, by tapping a down arrow in Volume Menu.
  • Uninstall Apps from the Home Screen: Now you do not need to go Apps settings to uninstall any app, you can directly remove that app from your Android device by simply holding app, than a Uninstall and Remove option will appear at the top. Now you just need to drag that app to that option. It’s now easy and fast to remove and uninstall any app.
  • App Permission : Earlier when you download some app, it ask for some permission and you have to accept all those permission to use that app, but now you can chose which permission you want to give that app or which not. Like if you want to give access of microphone to certain app and do not want it to use camera, then you can set it in permission menu.
  • Fingerprint Secure: Now if your phone has fingerprint option, then you can secure your phone with it. So it will only unlock with your fingerprint match.
  • App Backup: Now your all app settings will be saved in your Google drive, so if you delete some app , then you can get that app back with all settings and data from your drive. But there is limitation of 25 MB for each app.

These are some best Android M features, there are lots of other features of Android M that you will get to know when you start using it. So if you do not have phone like Nexus, which support latest Android M. Then just use above method to use Android M on Computer or Windows PC. It support all Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. You can also install Android M on Linux and MAC.

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