History Of Employment Relations


A) Examine the history of employment relations in the UK briefly and analyse the current state of employment relations in your chosen travel and tourism or hospitality organisation
Inter Continental Hotels have ample setting up in the company’s organizational Behavior that regulates the relationship between the employee and the company. The company has focused mainly towards providing its employees with individual freedom at work. The managers play crucial role in maintaining the relationship with the employees and the company. The company practices equal opportunity at the work place, and it starts right from the recruitment and selection program. The company runs graduate programs which are long term based plan to capture future leaders and groom them into shape. The hotel discourages any act of discrimination at work, and tries to maintain vibrant workplace. The hotel communicates its employees and the outsiders about employment and other key policies. The employment problem related grievance system is present in the hotel, which takes care of issues arising from misconduct by employees (Hollenbeck et al, 1997; Lucas, 1995).

B) Discuss how employment laws in the country affect the human resources management function in your chosen organisation

In terms of abiding by proper rules of conduct, the hotel tries to maintain fairness at workplace, and ensures that its employees are also abiding by the outlined rules. In unfamiliar situations, the employees can raise the concern which may arise from his or her manager or fellow colleagues. The concerns are raised through grievance methods at Inter Continental, which are useful if the employee feels that there has been any form of misconduct. The employee must follow a formal procedure of complaint to the human resource department and the following steps must be coordinated with the employee. The grievance process assures the employee of ample confidentiality, and the employee has to offer his or her full support so that fair settlement can be done (Hoque, 1999).

Task 3

A) Analyse the recruitment and selection policies and procedures in your organisation and discuss how job description and person specification can be matched for a specific job in the chosen organisation

The Inter Continental Hotels group gives much importance to diversity and tries to implement inclusion across all aspects of its business located across various locations globally. The hotel practises the recruitment process and promotes the individuals in the organisation solely on the basis of their suitability. The hotel discourages any form of discrimination which may arise from various grounds such as gender, colour, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnic, religion, or marital status. The company also modifies its principles based on certain national or local legal requirements in some countries. The company provides opportunities for employee development and provides proper and ample training programmes which include management and leadership training to its employees. The company also provides succession planning for identified high-potential contenders in the company and provides development programmes specifically designed for women. The company has been acknowledged by the UK Government for its “Positive about Disabled People” initiative. The company also has a Disability Advisory Committee which takes care of recruiting proper candidates with any sort of physical disability. Because of its affinity and ability for recruiting people with disabilities, the hotel group won Springboard Award for Excellence award in the ‘Diversity in Employment’ category in 2008 (InterContinental Hotels Group, 2014).
We will discuss job descriptions and personal specifications for hotel receptionist job at InterContinental Hotels. The company publishes employment advertisement for the position in various print and online mediums. The candidates are then screened based on the matching criteria with the below mentioned requirements:

Job Title: Hotel receptionist

Department: Administration

Work and Responsibility: Full time permanent front office administrative work. The hotel receptionist will report to the Administrative Head of the particular hotel facility in London.

Location and Purpose: Hotel receptionist will handle the administrative works and front office reception related formalities of the hotel. The person will work with the administration and human resource department to in order to make the customer reception work go smoothly. The location is at the hotel facility located in Hamilton Place, Park Lane, London.

Person specification: The person be proficient in managing communications and have a pleasant personality. He or she must possess great amount of professional ethics. The person must have the qualities to meet the customer demand, and the efficiency to meet their complaints with priority. The candidate should be passionate towards managing people and should enjoy while interacting with people. The hotel reception should be open to interact with people from various social and physical backgrounds. As the hotel will have a large number of Asian and Latin American visitors, the candidate should have a fair idea about the cultural background of the people coming from different geographical locations (Dowling et al, 1994,; Goldstein, 1993).Order Now

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