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history-assignment-helpHistory is very interesting subject but many students think otherwise. History seems utterly boring to them and all the credit goes to the oh-so-boring approach of some teachers which they use to introduce our past to the students.

History is the study of all kinds civilizations that has existed since the formation of the earth. It investigates all aspects of the past of humans, their society, culture,  lifestyle, beliefs, their economic structure, everything. It’s all about the people and their past and seeing the mysterious past unraveling right before your eyes can be anything but boring.

Phases Of History

  • Pre-history
  • Ancient times
  • Modern times
  • Stone age
  • Bronze age
  • Iron age
  • Middle ages
  • Renaissance age
  • Industrial age
  • Space age
  • Information age

Areas Of Study In History

  • Ancient history
  • Art history
  • Cultural history
  • Demographic history
  • Economic history
  • Environmental history
  • Political history
  • Social history
  • Military history

History Assignment Help

Why Students Face Difficulty In Writing History Documents

  • Lack of interest- There are so many students who start yawning even at the name of history. We can imagine the chances of writing a good assignment that is good enough to fetch good grades. But, everything is not going to be so good if students don’t have any interest in the subject itself.
  • Lack of time- This is the most common reason behind not being able to write an effective academic paper. There are many important things in students’ lives other than assignment writing.
  • Lack of proper knowledge- Even if you have interest, time, and everything but knowledge. Simple, all these things serve no purpose. There is no way one can write a good grades worthy assignment.

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Post-colonial histories

In contrast, post-colonial histories criticize this ‘euro-centricism’ of history writing and try to shift the historical attention to the colonies of Europe in order to rectify this euro-centric bias of history. A number of interesting works have been produced on the different colonies of Europe. Some of the major areas of specialization are:

  • South Asian history which focuses on colonial experience of British rule in India
  • Latin American history which focuses on the experience of Latin American countries after the Spanish and Portuguese conquests
  • And finally African history which shows the development of the continent as a patch work of nation-states after the colonial experience.

Apart from these, the regular histories harp on the regions of:

  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • England

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