Health Strategies Industry Sector Analysis

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Comprehensive Health Strategies Industry sector analysis
Week 5, Monday at 11.55 pm.

Assessment Description

Health Strategies Industry Sector AnalysisStudents are to investigate an industry segment of the Australian healthcare sector and examine and evaluate its model of operations and growth over the last 10 years. Recommended industry segments include:

  •   General public or private hospitals
  •   General practices
  •   Specialist medical services
  •   Pathology or diagnostic imaging services
  •   Dentistry or other related services
  • Health Strategies Industry Sector Analysis

  •   Allied healthcare services
  •   Pharmaceutical industry
  •   Aged care 
However, students are encouraged to determine the scope of their analysis in consultation with their lecturer. Assessments2 and 3 will build on the initial analysis undertaken in Assessment 1. 
The industry analysis must be in report form, and should present appropriate criteria or business analysis tools as a framework in which to identify and analyse the challenges and opportunities confronting the segment. It should draw from a range of government and academic sources, as well as industry reports. It should cover:
  •   A definition of the industry, outlining its main activities
  •   An overview of the competitive landscape, identifying and describing major competitors or 
organisations within the segment and their business models
  •   Industry trends, presenting an overview of operating conditions and factors influencing 
operating conditions
  •   Ethical issues faced within the industry 
Your analysis should focus on the environmental factors influencing operations within the sector. The report may also include charts or diagrams, which are not included in the word count. 
2000 words (+-10%).