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The purpose of this thesis is to determine a health promotion issue in Australia. This thesis aims to provide a range of information based on healthy eating, regular physical activity and help to take an initiate to lead a healthy life style. The health promotion issue to be discussed here will be related to healthy aging of the people of Australia. There are certain number of advantages of the process of healthy aging, which includes the increase in their wellbeing and participation, their capacity of quick recovery from an illness and also reducing the risk of getting affected with any type of chronic disease and also contributing to prevent the process of fall,

Every person living in any portion of the world has the full permission to live a long and healthy life. The atmosphere around which a person is staying tends to raise their standard of living or has a harmful effect on their life. The environment in which a person is living has an effect on their behavior and such people are exposed to various types of health risk like pollution and violence. The environment in which a person is living influences their healthy living, their method of care in the society which the process of healthy aging brings about.

The method of a person ageing in a healthy deals with the creation of a suitable environment and giving a good chance to the people of being the person they are and to do things which was important to them throughout their life.  Each and every person has the permission to experience health ageing. Living with the motive of being free from any sort of disease is not the main consideration of healthy ageing. Mostly all old age people suffer from one or more disease which does not much affect their way of leading a healthy life and such circumstances of health can be regulated.

Health Promotion  NurseIssue requiring change:

The most important determinants of health in a society can be based on health inequalities created by the economic, political and cultural condition of the wellbeing of a person (Markle-Reid et al., 2014).

The determinants include:

  • Socio-economic condition
  • Past living condition
  • Isolation in a society
  • Investment in the society
  • Occupation
  • Shelter and home environment

Socioeconomic Condition:

It has been observed that usually people from a poor socio-economic background are at a greater risk of bad health. There are high rate of illness, death and disability among people who belong to a poor socio economic status. As a person climbs up the ladder of socio-economic status their quality of health improves (Roden et al., 2015).

The individual indicators used to define the socio-economic position of a person include the following:

The process of an educational attainment is connected to having a good health throughout the life of that person. Education helps a person to have a stable employment, have a secured earning, an adequate housing system and an opportunity to support their families (Vamos et al., 2015). An educated person can even help their families to cope with their bad health in terms of guiding them to make adequate health care choices. The educational qualification of a person hampers their own health as well the health of their family including their children.

Employment of a person has a very important connection with social status of a person. A good occupation of a person is closely connected to the high level of education and income. A person who is highly qualified will get a job with a high position and thus leading to high income level (Walton et al., 2015).

The role of an income and wealth of a person is very important to find out the socio-economic position and health of that person. Apart from improving the socio-economic position of a person, an income is very important in providing an easy access to the product and services which in turn provides health benefit to person. This includes a proper fooding and accommodation option, more health related facility and more amount of selection in health pursuit.  In case of a person losing their income due to an illness, disability and also due to an injury sustained from an accident can adversely affect the socio-economic status and health of that person (Wei et al., 2016).

Social Isolation

The process of social isolation has been a major concept for the purpose of describing the social disadvantages, scarcity of resources, chance, participation and art of a person. A person may be socially isolated due to reasons like unemployment, discrimination, branding and many other factors. The factors like poverty, culture and language and also the differentiation made based on the class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any form of disability restricts the participation of a person in the social activities. It can even psychologically damage the health of a person causing stress for a long time and also by the development of anxiety in a person. It has the potential to damage a relationship of a person, to increase the risk of disability and illness of a person. This in turn will socially isolate a person. Both the occurrence of a disease and illness contributes to the social exclusion of a person (Wilson-Barnett & Clark, 2015).

Home Environment

The home environment of person has an impact on the health status of a person by the influence of such an environment on the local resources of a person, the person’s behavior and safety of that person. Those types of communities or neighborhood which provides an access to products and services are considered to socially involve.  This promotes both physical and mental well being of a person and also protecting the living environment of that person. Thus a health promoting modern environment is that environment with proper transport and housing system. An environment in which the land is used to motivate social interaction and motivation.

Objective statement:

An old age of a person should not be a burden to the society. The management of a number of chronic diseases existing in the old age people has been supported with evidence. The common practice should be based on the demographic challenges posed by the old age people.

The common old age problem is related to the loss of hearing in that person, developing cataract in their eyes and refractive mistakes. It also contains problems like that of a pain in the back and the neck of that person. An old age person tends to develop pain in their joints and severe respiratory problem. They mostly tend to go into depression, suffer from memory loss and diabetics. An old age person usually suffers from one or more of these problems at the same time.

An old age of person results in the development of certain health issues which only takes place at a later part of a person’s life which belongs to the category of a particular disease. This occurs due to the problem in the urinary tract of that person and even because of the delirium. An old age person mostly develops problems related to pressure ulcer and the process of fall. This kind of a syndrome is a better of death rather than an indicator of the presence of one or more distinct disease.

Short and long term objectives determination:

The health condition of a person can be determined by the selection one makes in their daily life. The choice of smoking or not smoking, the choice of drinking an alcohol or not drinking an alcohol, the choice of a person being immunized, the choice of taking a healthy diet and undertaking a regular physical activity. The main purpose of health promotion and prevention with timely and effective method of treatment and care is the most important contributor of good health in the society (Banfield et al., 2015).

The proof developed regarding an intimate relationship between the various environmental and employment conditions and also the result of the health. It also provides evidence regarding the renewed appreciation of the sensitivity of a person’s health to the environment in which he is socially involved.  Conditions like the income of a person, education, the condition of the employment, the condition of strength and social assistance tends to either increase or decrease the condition of health of a person or of a community as a whole.  Due to its powerful and underlying effects, the condition which affects the health of a person is called the determinants of health in a society (Bastable & Bastable, 2017).

A social environment in which a person is born, in which the person is living and working is the most important factor in determining the health of a person in terms of good or bad. In terms of the factors affecting the health of a person, a social determinant is seen as cause of the causes, which is seen as the base of all the social determinants affecting the health of a person. The pros and cons of the health experienced by the people of Australia are determined by a broader sense of social and economic conditions (Clarke et al., 2015). The condition of inequality of health occurs in a way contributing to a sector of health in a society. This portrays that higher is the socio- economic condition of person, healthier that person is.

There are certain cases of an inequality in health which occurs due to certain external factors which is beyond the control of an individual. Such inequalities cannot be ignored and are often linked to factors like poverty, unfairness and access to products and services (Maijala et al., 2015).

Strategies to deal with the issues identified:

There are certain number of amendments in the health of the old people which is hereditary. Such a change occurs because of   their physical and social atmosphereincluding their own house, surrounding environment, groups as well as their own nature. An individual behavior of person includes factors like gender, culture, and their standard in the society.

These factors hampers the health of person at the beginning of their old age. Such atmosphere consists of the place a person is living both as a child and fetus together with their individual nature and will be having a long lasting effect on the process of ageing.

An environment in which a person lives also plays a key part on the occurrence and keeping maintained of a healthy behavior. People should keep a healthy behavior throughout their life. This can be done by maintaining a balanced diet and by getting engaged in the physical activities daily and also preventing the use of tobacco.  This in turn reduces the chance of non-communicable diseases and progresses the all-round physical and mental condition of that person.

The nature and action of a person plays a very key part in the process of healthy growing old of a person. An assistance is provided to control the muscles weight and proper diet can help to store the activities and also cause delay of the old age people depending for care.

A supporting environment helps a person to do what had been important to them in their life. They do this even when they had lost their energy to perform their work. This gives a safe and easily reachable public buildings and also makes the use of transports easily reachable. It also helps to create an atmosphere which is secured for the old age people to walk around.


In this thesis, one of the most common health promotion issues of Australia has been discussed.  A great part of the diversity of an old age people arises from the physical and social environment in which they are living. It also occurs due to the effect of the environment on the health related issue of an old age person. The relation of a person with his environment is based on the family of which he is a part of and the sex and culture of that person. The diversity of the people of an aged person is the outcome of the unhealthy conditions he had been facing in his life. Here in this thesis an emphasis has been given to the money status of a person and the method by which it affects the health of a person. A person who has a high socio-economic status will experience good health in comparison to those who have low socio economic status.  Over all the income, employment and status of a person affects the health of that person.


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