HE06860 Marketing Essentials


HE06860 Marketing Essentials is most important concept that closely related to customer value and strategic relationship management. The concept of marketing has seen evolvement over time with new approaches and challenges become part of conventional marketing activities by company to control their related impact. The process relate to effective marketing planning process that gives a relative greater share of marketing activities to a number of related organizations who perform their activities. The process gives a relative closer control of integrated market initiatives that seek to make a better process of activities. The marketing activities in company take control of key aspects which create greater product and process value integration offering a related impact of activities. Coca cola is largest company in world which sells beverages and other products which create significant market value for company. The company uses some higher quality marketing practices that make them stand out of other related activities and carry out their customer influence in an effective way to manage key activities. The company uses quality integrated marketing strategy with clear objectives for better customer relationship management process.

Activity 1: The key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function.

P1  The key roles and responsibilities of the marketing funtion for the chosen organasation:


Marketing is important business unit which plan and carry out different activities with regards to various activities which help creating consumer value. The marketing process is used in company that helps to take action and efforts in order to make value driven relationship between company and customers. The marketing efforts in company are treated with efficiency that uses a planned approach to fit communication and product information for customer that helps deliver company value. Marketing activities in most companies like coca-cola are able to carry out activities in relation to different initiatives that make a related process. The impact of marketing in company creates greater market impact with clear channels of customer communication and process of quality repetitive messages to inform consumer on key aspects of brand. The impact of marketing on key different approaches creates a greater need on marketing aspects that make them more effective and customer oriented. There are various elements of marketing which needs to justify the cost of financial and human aspect for being effective in marketing orientation process. computer science assignment help

The concept of marketing requires effective management of activities which emerged as the industrial revaluation can to conclusion with more impotence of strategies to sell products and creating new markets. The concept saw affiliation of marketing activities which can be used in a process to create differentiation and branding of products with intentof capturing more market. The value relationship and partnership marketing concept in today era devalued new opportunities and require new expertise by the companies in relation to deal with challenges. The increased digitalization of consumer and business activities require company to develop online marketing plans which can expose products to millions of potential customers. The globalization of activities requiresmarketing activities to deal with newer cultures in order to promote product with new markets.HE06860 Marketing Essentials

The marketing department in company creates greater impact to manage key activities in order to provide their operational process. The marketing department help acquiresresources and unify them for collective and integrated impact by dealing with threats in firm’s external environment. The factors in external department which carry economic, political and technological issues require better planning and greater change absorbing plan by company. Marketing department in Coke ensures its implement legal and other aspects of policies in its process of activities which created greater impact on company.

Marketing Process

The marketing process is a structured set of activities orientation thing which enable company to deeply marketing resource in a format where it can offer best consumer value. The marketing process initiate with a related activity for company that needs to make a greater impact on activities. The coke starts its activities with basic consumer needs and wants assessment where its look for answers in a series of research based on key questions. The process than moves on to make a relative impact on integrated activities in company which require creating few segment in market which can be targeted and most importantly setting product positioning. Then coke creates a integrated strategy where allocation and decision on using key marketing mix elements is decided by company. Different element of marketing mix is dedicated in order to manage different resource to create greater process value for company. The company then create better value preposition for customer who are provided effective value and reward program which attracts them. The return of the whole process gives coke a return on investment where it gain back the profits, prices and loyalty as key return from its customers. The whole process is monitored and evaluated by company for better integration of activities in company which supply greater impact.

Activity2 Ways in which organisations use elements of the marketing mix(7Ps) to achieve overall business objectives.

P2  Marketing as Business Function

Marketing is significant business function which is directly related to customers and its external environment. Marketing plays crucial role in successful delivery of consumer value their fore its require as a core activities and primary process with own resources. The process of marketing gives its important and direct impact for costing communication mix in company. The greater relationship management of marketing efforts in company gives a better allocation of activities which create greater impact on activities. The marketing integration with environmental aspects require it to plan key aspects in its performance. The environmental forces in clouding political and economic uncertainties can undermine key marketing element and their important to meet marketing desires.

The value chain relationship management of marketing activities in company is curtail as it require better process and resource management activities. The input of activities taken by marketinginitiatives that possess its own transformation process which provides better output creation in shape of satisfied customers for company. The marketing department activities posses its own structure in coke which uses a matrix based control that gives duel control of its activities making it environmental friendly. The marketing department in coke possesses one of highest budget which satisfy its market demand and help to meet its objectives. The process of marketing requires greater control and initiatives process in order to provide different resource management process. The integration of mission and vision in coke is also creative embedded that reflects its intentions to stakeholders in company.

The inter-relationship and process sharing in coke its alsoimportant which help implement marketing strategy. The policies and processors are also made for internal customers who participate in planning can coordination. The strategy planning process involves operational inputs and procurement abilities of company to finalize effective marketing strategy of company. The process of personal planning activities in humanresourcedepartment for company is also related to marketing employee skill and facilitieswhich are acquired through effective and planed training activities to make better decision. The related activities in company also enablebetter automation and process of communication which help manage resources more efficiently in order to create better impact on activities.

P3  Marketing Mix activities

The marketing mix in company refers to its different elements which possess key consumer value with clear ability to influence their perception and decision making system. The company provides better evaluation of activities in order to manage various processes that create greater significance for company. The marketing mix process in company offers relative better customer advantage which provides value relationship management for company.

Product is most important integration of its portfolio which requiresdesperatestrategies at core and argumentlevel integration with customers. The products in company are important which require management of very process of their fife. Coke manages its brand as they go through age of maturity, growth and others while they serve their customer value. The Boston Matrix of brand management uses the core position a s star product that occupy fewer resources and offer greater customer value with profits. The new product development process in company is also important as it goes through to a process of being a raw idea to revenue generating product. The other impact concept of place is relatively important decision making area for company. The place of selection to carry products in market with distinctive branding and channels is important for company. Coke uses relative broader channel of distribution where its uses it supply chain to distribute product to retailers, whole sellers, intermediates and super market distribution process. The prices part of marketing mix process requires decision on using relative strategy. The best pricing approach is to use market based and competitive strategies which set relative similar competitive prices. The coke uses marketing skimming and market penetration process to set their pricing although it charges slightly higher prices to its customer. The promotional activities are important process of company which requires media advertisement, personal selling to sell products. Coke also uses an effective below the line product strategy to differentiate its product in market which is due to its highest marketing budget.

The impact of additional elements of marketing mix on company is also important as it require it to undertake effective strategy. The process of using additional marketing mix gives company a far better relationship and connection of activities which gives a relative closer impact of activities. The people are importantresource of this elementthatneeds to have right skill set and information to manage their activities. The impact on people create better relationship of required process which gives better value to company. The company’s process are also relevant part of activities which need to be managed by company through a better management of activities. The speed and efficiency of process in Coke gives company ultimate process management activities that create greater relationship of activities. The physical evidence concept is last related part of its process which needs to create better customer relation using various tangible elements of product which can feature its marketing and promotional message. visit for more matlab assignment help

Activity 3:Developing and evaluate a basic marketing plan

Company Introduction

Coke is one of largest company which possesses strong consumer products with relative higher consumer loyalty. The company is related to different activities which creates better activities and process in order to manage its activities. The marketing plan for coke relates to different important activities which can provide a better customer value using its existing product elements. The company is said to increase its relative control over greater market share in industry which gives the company better potential to exposited current market arrangement to deal with relative challenges in its environment. The process of product development is impotent for using the marketing plan as a basic influence of activities that require greater control by company.

Situation Analysis in Beverage Industry

The current in beverage industry of UK provides the first position standing for coke to carry out its activities. The company is said to be effective in order to manage its key related activities and gain greater market share from its rival company Pepsi Co that creates best process of activities for company in order to manage its activities. The competitive pressure for company is increasing from a number of related alternatives which are rapidly availablethrough companies. The increased diversification from companies provides its unique related product advantage as the healthy fruit juices and better quality energy drinks clearly taking greater market share away from Coke.

Internal Analysis

Process of internal analysis activities in coke offer greater integration at different levels in company which information and knowledge is even distributed with better line of communication. The goals of marketing department in company gives relative control of overall corporate objective orientation process that provide greater delivery of related activities. The impact of internal analysis in company offer better integration of activities for company with clear communication of mission and vision to employee and customers. The internal strengths of company are effectively coordinated in order to meet environmental challenges for company.

External Analysis
The external analysis impact for company creates greater relationship of activities in order to meet different relationship. The process of external evaluation gives relative impact of changes within the market supply and demand that directly affects its sales. The internal presence of company also govern its activities with regional trade activities and international activities in order to manage its global market share and relative growth potential.
Competitive Environment

The competitive environmental impact of company gives it a relative closer market impact that requires company to manage different activities using better competitive strategy.  The process in company gives relative growth and development impact that offer greater market share. The rival company is Pepsi which details in similar products using greater product diversity and pricing impact on customers. The greater new pockets of company which are claiming market share in beverage category includes new drinks offering better taste and experience to customer require competitive strategy management process. also looks for  programming assignment help


The impact of PESTEL analysis which are most common analyzed environmental factors having direct impact to firm production and marketing decision. The impact of political environment in company requires analysis of government priorities and policies that seek to gain its economic incentive. The impact of economic factors gives the company relative better investment of changing strategy in wake of un-favorable economic condition within market. The social factors in company’senvironment require analysis and relationship of customer and values preservation within customer and social groups. The technology is always important resource for every aspect of business activities in company. Coke monitor technology market closely and adopts its process in processing, communication, production, and product dimension. The factors in organization environment are also closely required integration by company for better value delivery. These factors in environmental challenges require analysis of natural environment, pollution impact and issues like global warming. The last important factor that affects company is its relative legal and legislative impact of activities for company which makes them able to acquire their activities. The company ensures it implements various areas of legal requirement in company which enable a greater impact for company that uses employment, trade and custom law activities that provide better advantage for company.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT is important tool which can offer company real insight and information of key strengths along with management of related weakness. The company cans carryout basic planning process which gives it better opportunity analysis along with threat management activities.


The objectives of company are key related activities which are part of ultimate goal for various set of efforts by company. The objectives in company related to end results which drive a better change for company that creates a relative close impact of company to manage its activities. The key objectives used by coke as part of their process and activities includes long term strategic objectives and short and medium term operational objectives.

The core objectives of the company are:

  • Coke would look for increase in market share by up to 10% within one year
  • Coke will work for increasing product loyalty to manage greater increase of satisfaction
  • Coke will make better relationship of activities to gain 5% increase in its profits

Strategy, Tactics, and Action

These are three important aspects of job which can be used by company in order to increase their efficiency. The increased process in coke creates a long term strategy to gain greater customer satisfaction with a process of research and investigation being used as most effective medium term tactic for company. The process provides company better opportunity that gives a relative increased impact of market activities. The tactics are importantinitiatives supporting oversell strategy for company that range from medium term activities. The actions by company are immediate activities that can be taken as an effective process management activity for company. The action planning process in company needs to dedicate resources and take key initiatives to provide relative important market process for company.  looking as Management Assignment Help

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

The process of segmentation in company sets relative smaller workable units of activities that can be used by company. The process of segmentation offers relative control and better targeting process in order to manage key activities for company. The segmentation process by company set clear direction of activities that creates small number of consumers market who are able to create better process for company. Coke makes use of geographical and physiographic customer segmentation process which delivers superior impact on key activities that help to deal with issues. The targeting process required better strategy to deal with relative segment which offer better output of activities for company. The targeting process delivers key benefit for activities of company that needs to make better relationship of activities. The positioning of product is unique related direction and mental map company creates to relate product for consumer understanding. Coke takes positioning of fun and entertainment related activities which offer better related advantage for company.


The marketing management activities in company provide greater related impact on different aspects of activities. The infinitives and activities which are used by company in order to create consumer value and strategic relevanceare important for its long term commitment of activities. The impact of activities in company requires better activity management relationship offering better process orientation for company. In the related impact of greater chance and efficient process relationship offers better impact on its efforts. The output of activities and their share on related process gives a greater process management approach which offers key commitment process for company.


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