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HC1041 -Individual Assignment Help Services


The POS system is determined as Point of Sale to keep the transaction going. It is useful to keep track of inventory and the number of sales established for one day. It maintains better experience in performing customer services related to purchase and price. It keeps the track record of various things that carry out the sale process in the registered services. It covers most of the system benefits to keep moving the data that includes computer, credit card reader, barcode scanner and POS software. It adopts the great use of functioning of resources.

Question 1

HC1041 -Individual Assignment Help ServicesThe Point-of-Sale is defined as a place and time where the processes are completed. In this, no due are entertained at the time of the transaction. This point shows the multiple ways of the payment modes through which various options are open to the customer. The POS systems are popular because it doesn’t bring a price change and if there is change then it did with the help of the inventory window. Various kinds of program are implemented through which customer attracts to purchase the products. It is easy to track the business data when the sale transactions are managed at the time of sale. The resources are updated at the time of sale from the complete set of list. The market of Point-of-Sale systems is providing high growth potential because it is helpful in managing the customer needs to experience better growth in the systems.

Some advantages of the POS system are as follows:

  • This system is helpful in improving the efficiency of the resources.
  • It is possible to efficiently manage the stock in the system.
  • It provides accurate reports for the customer.
  • It keeps the employee tracking in the systems.
  • It maintains the consistency in the price growth.

Disadvantages of a POS system are as follows:

  • It is possible to manage the reliable internet connection to keep continue in the systems and maintain ISP for a POS system that is totally based on the web.
  • The software updations are completely frequent and costly. When it expanded the business so that it requires more to make payments for the software.
  • Most of the system makes a charge to get efficient monthly services which provide the company to be maintained for a long
  • There are multiple ways to make payment and through this, it leaks the details of the customer and put it in security risk. (POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM (POS), n.d.)

Question 2

The Point-of-Sale is specified as computer software and a hardware network to keep track of sales and inventory services to occur. It provides its focus on certain businesses to register lots of cash transactions. It is required to plan high-level services that maintain the care of multiple providers. This maintains the records for multiple systems so it allows businesses to keep track sales of the items.

Some ways to gain advantages in the businesses are:

  • It is profitable to keep the software in the updated form so that the provider wants more purchase.
  • It is possible to maintain access to resources for providing unlimited support. It figures out the support to get unlimited access for the POS
  • It provides a complete training of resources to keep it in stay with the services.
  • It provides a certain amount of cost for maintaining the account of POS models for expanding the growth of businesses.

Question 3

The centralized database is used to keep records at one place only. This system builds a central computer to maintain the services of the server. Mostly centralized database provide its use for the organization. It is possible to access the centralized database with the help of a computer network which maintains access to the central CPU system. Some advantages of the centralized database are mentioned as:

  • It provides an improvement to store the data with the help of a centralized It provides its functioning to put its support in hardware failure. It maintains storage in tolerating the faults and maintains redundant storage of the resources.
  • It makes improvement in system physical security. It provides access to access the stored data to access the data from proper server location and restrict physical access of resources to maintain security in the database.
  • It helps in maintaining improved data security in the centralized database. Data security is maintained at multiple locations to implement the data security services.
  • It reduces the overall cost to maintain business and require the use for server technology in the databases.
  • Overall reliability and speed of resources are maintained in the updated form of the databases. (Cui et al., 2015)

Question 4

The sale systems provide benefits for small businesses. It will not maintain sale and inventory services to keep the growth for business services. It provides business intelligence in the marketing software. Benefits of small business in the POS system are as follows:

  • POS software is able to make relevant support for profit-enhancing It provides essential point-of-Sale to easily install the software and run quick access. A Point-of-Sale reduces the work in spending business services.
  • It increases the stored profits in maintaining inventory management to facilitate targeted tools. The certain software provides instant access in order to make marketing services.
  • The Point-of-Sale manage the stock control system. It keeps built-in inventory management systems for allowing order based decisions.
  • It keeps one centralized database to provide real-time access in updating automatic services. It enables small businesses to make the better business performance.
  • It manages instant access of resources and builds POS solutions anywhere and anytime. It maintains transformations to operate real-time access for both financial and operational data.
  • It immediately tracks the beneficial information to the Point-of-Sale. It keeps the identification for best sellers and effectively provides time management.

Question 5

The Point of Sale makes business options to keep available for simple payment processors and manage the large multi-location business. It decides the POS system to work best for the company. It manages a brief description in the suitable form of business.

The POS system is based on the computer system or networks that keep processing for the transactions to make checkouts in critical equipment’s. It shows that network-based POS system is easier. The POS server is installed and work as a POS system to create a configuration in multiple databases. It usually manages the involvement of connecting computers over internet protocols with the help of routers, switches, hub and makes connection POS workstation and POS server with Local Area Network.

  • Local Area Network (LAN): It mainly covers the local area. It usually includes local offices and makes proper use of homes in Wi-Fi network. The wired and wireless services of the LAN are based on Ethernets. It implements certain forms of connections with the network. It provides access under IEEE 802.11 standard.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN): It is a network which covers large area than LAN. It maintains a network connection to connect multiple offices across the country. It is expensive in building long network communication.
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): It is used to connect several nodes in the same metro area. It builds a way to transmit microwave and build the technology. This service uses Asynchronous transfer modes networks. (Jumaah et al., 2017)

There are three types of media like print media, broadcast media, and the internet.

The print media is used to describe the print-based media to set up the technologies for creating printed materials. Examples are Television, movies, video games.

Question 6

Cybersecurity is a major process for businesses. It increases the amount of information to be stored and keep moving between cloud systems. It builds the digital security plans for point of sale systems. There are mainly three possible vulnerabilities to own a business.

Software and Network weakness: It is a common problem for the network that is not secure. It keeps stealing the information like card numbers and business account data. The POS technology should maintain a separated protected network to keep possible. It also provides the facilities of password change. It keeps the updated form of the software and makes improvement in the operating systems. It maintains the access for the latest security measures.

Fault in the device: It is important to make device secure. It maintains passcodes and enhanced security in the systems. It chooses the products according to the inherent security measures.

Other Threats: It is possible to hear about credit and debit card threat. The small devices collect all the information to maintain security measures for the problems. It keeps preventive measures in POS systems and makes information safer. (Fuchs and Rieke, 2010)


This report maintains the information about Point of Sale system so that all the data is currently available at the time of the transaction of the resources. It is possible to maintain the resources to keep move at one point. It possibly performs several activities to keep the sales in an performed way. All the services are performed with the POS systems. The system maintains security related to threats, security and many other forms. It performs operational and communication tasks to build the resources maintained. It serves to build various activities for the POS software. It performs various activities in the POS systems.


POS system becomes the nervous system of many businesses. It is important because POS is for small business and brings the knowledge about what is going in the business. It brings an easy interface to move data around the customers. It is recommended to monitor the functions and bring it to the retail software point of sale systems. It brings new employees to maintain trust and offer good work for the customers.


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