This is a solution of Hadoop Developer Assignment part 2 in which we discuss  the age of advanced Hadoop programming and for each and every programmer.

Hadoop Developer Assignment part 2

Hadoop Developer Assignment part 2

As, it is discussed everywhere that technologies have certain drawbacks, the fact is true with Hadoop also. In regards to the features and flexibilities, there still a scarcity of the interested programmers those can hired easily. Hence, it is a fact that Hadoop has reduced the expenditure of learning as well as hiring of the professionals, but the important factor is that a business owner should hire an expert developers to enjoy the best benefits of this latest technology.Another drawback for hadoop can be referred as Hadoop does not support real time data processing. So, there are still some gaps remain and the programming language may not be suitable for several tasks. The amalgamation of some conventional components has still made Hadoop confined with some conventional strategies.Hadoop has already experienced several modifications to make the best use of it. Initially, the platform was famous for capacity and larger databases design used to be targeted to fix using the same. Simply, if it is matter of Google map, anyone can imagine the extended range of data. On the other hand, the introduction of YARN or Yet Another Resource Negotiator has brought more scalability and added performance for mapping and other tasks at the same level. Nowadays, the availability of Hadoop and the used database is not possible to measure, but it is not the only demand of the business entrepreneurs and they need more. Introduction of YARN has brought the dimension and now it is quite easy to tough analysis and quick retrieval of data in quickest possible time. Now, a quicker response of analytical queries is available using Hadoop and some other possible fields are like dynamic details, aggregated structures and several analytical calculations. Moreover, introduction of YARN and its specialized feature like real time data processing have brought more convenient use of variety, velocity and volume.

Hadoop can also be better used to evaluate machine learning language in case of sentimental data analysis or clustering. Implementing Hadoop and map process, many entrepreneurs can easily acquire new working fields and bigger domains like the field of data science or web data censoring.So, it is the time to get developed and not to run with a conventional database. From the discussion and bulk information, it will be not hard to determine that Hadoop will be a single point solution to catch more business and it is definitely an improved quality of effort and outcome to sustain in this competitive business stage.So, on the basis of all of these aspects, it is very true that a Hadoop developer will find many options to choose a profitable career path. The demand of Hadoop developers is highly increasing for a support as well as guidance purpose. So, for developers as well as business entrepreneurs, it is important that the concept of Java programming assignment and development have to be omitted. Sustaining with a conventional and aged technology means assured drawbacks in business and enhancing distance from the competitors.


It will be quite hard to summarize the beneficial solutions of this new programming language, but overall a business owner has to think precisely and in a faster way to understand the importance. There are no previous programming language or database that was based upon open source technology. This has happened with Hadoop and clients can easily hire the professionals. Due its special feature of open source programming, it is possible to continue working even if the task is not supported in future. So, an investor of Hadoop programming and development can be assured about benefits without any kind of risk factor.

The programming has been developed by some expert hands and Hadoop is the brainchild of latest technological amalgamation. So, it is is possible that current industry trend of IT has already hired so many professionals to operate a faster data processing and storing. It can be said that Hadoop has brought a new effective solution to overcome the job gap and recessional stage of private and commercial industries. There is no need more to manage varied and longer applications to solve data processing as well as storing. Hadoop is the single point solution to handle those all.The best solution to handle such dynamic technology is to educate the advanced prommer who are working for a respective business. The experts and quality heads are well aware of the needs and restrictions of expenditure for the small and medium firms. It is the reason that it is standing on Java platform. So, it will be easier and a matter of least expenditure to operate a training program through which workers can easily integrate this new technology for any kind of business.

Finally, the fact is that technology growth and expertise analysis is always working to fix the obstacles that a business owner or the respecvtive field is experiencing today. Simply, there was a time when small as well as big business firms were engaged to hire other professional services for database management. They hardly ever thought to manage it within the same house they are operating their business. Now, the task has become simpler with the introduction of Hadoop and the only effort they have to make is hiring of a quality developer. Another reason for Hadoop’s popularity is that there is no need of engagement throughout the years to learn a tough programming language. A little base of programming will be enough to make a ride of Hadoop. Specifically, it is not important to get an efficient training for the same field like learning all the episodes of Hadoop. The efficient instructors of Hadoop can easily specify the range so that a business entrepreneur can easily manage the effort of processing and storing data using own personnel. These ease of usages and low cost expenditure have brought the boom in the field of information technology and business owners are getting independent to save their valuable database using own skills and talent.


So, these are all about some expert’s concern and best determinations why and how to utilize the latest technical evaluation like Hadoop. Though, many experts have still analyzing the drawbacks and difficulty to manage it. On the other hand, entire IT industry has found a new dimension of faster processing of data and storage.


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