This is a solution of Government Organizations Assignment part 2 in which we discuss organizations which are involved in utilities, social services and welfare tend to have an extensive detail of every person in the country.

Government Organizations Assignment part 2


Government Organizations Assignment part 2

Anuj Mathur a 35 year male is an immigrant from India who is residing in Sydney, Australia since last 7 years. He came to Australia for his post graduation in business management and after completion of his course he joined a brokerage firm and become a resident of the country. Eventually he got married and now he is one the verge of become a citizen of Australia. He and his wife are law abiding residents and they applied for their resident status and citizenship duly when they cleared the criteria for the same and they were expecting to get citizenship in a period of 6 months. It was very important for them to be a citizen so that they can enhance their family, they will have stability in job and both of them would be able to switch to other jobs easily.
One month after his application of citizenship he received a call from a investigation agency officer who told him that he is handling his case and he is verifying all the details. He provided a snapshot of all personal, family, financial and educational history of Anuj Mathur and also informed him about some areas of concern. He indirectly hinted to Anuj that his application might get rejected if he does not do something about some missing information or come up with a workable solution. After 2-3 calls in consecutive days he finally offered to provide a clear verification for a fee of 5000 AUD. Anuj being an educated and law abiding resident realized that something is fishy and he started asking questions regarding his department and his formal rank. He also done some background check on the process of verification for citizenship and realized that no verification officer is allowed to contact with the subject in any way. As soon as Anuj started asking questions and inquiring about him, he initially tried to threaten and then stopped calling. On further research Anuj relaised that it was just a phishing call from fraudsters who gain all the information about a applicant either by hacking or gaining data access and then try to fleece them out of money.

If we look at the entire incident it can be said that the problem arise because data of Anuj was leaked into wrong and this data was the base on which fraudster created the entire story. They target only those people who are in a vulnerable position and try to threaten them into giving money and sometimes people who are not fully aware fall into these traps and become victim of data theft.


In government organization an enterprise wide solution to the problem is required. Filters and gauntlets can stop this as well and a V2F system can also be added in the Enterprise wide solution providing computer systems. U2F or universal second factor is also integrated with the Browser and keys which are generated by U2F are appearing to be much stronger against spam and phishing which is sometimes generated by the Big Data service providers only to confuse and misguide the Enterprise and charge them without giving an actual and tangible service (Liftman, 2004).Training and development of the employees is off course and obvious part of all strategies of the company in implementing information governance. This training program should also cover the importance of keeping the communication two way and reaching out to each employee explaining the need of information governance system and its benefit for the company. Information governance system and data management plan should be made mandatory for all the government organizations irrespective of their interaction with people on a day to day basis. Information governance can be explained as the set of policies and measures which are employed by a corporate entity or a organization to ensure that information is well managed and processed at an enterprise level before being used for decision making process. Information governance does not just mean data management; it includes data protection, risk management, information security, information recovery, business intelligence and Big Data (Freeman and Peace, 2004).


In conclusion it can be said that IT is an emerging technology and its users are growingly rapidly all over world. Since it is still an emerging technology, its rules and regulations are in a formative stage and many users are not fully aware of the ethical, moral and legal implications while using IT. In IT services a lot of personal information and data is managed from one source to another and there is a possibility that someone might misuse that information or leak it unknowingly.


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