Global Operations Management Assignment Help

Global Operations Management Assignment Help

Global Operations Management Assignment Help extension refers to the activity that is usually adopted by the organization to expand the business area. For expansion, organizations work towards developing understanding of the area. In such a development, organizations may have to face many issues (Conrad and Buck, 2011). This report discusses issues affecting Expansion by PPQ Parts In this case, the Study Assignment Help Paper PPQ also helps in planning the evaluation of such Global Operations Management Assignment Helpmanagers who should be trained in multiculturalism and the ability to manage diversity. The following points will help senior managers solve the issues:

Issues Faced By Host Country by Expansion

Extension is a step that directly and indirectly affects the areas concerned. In the period of foreign expansion, hosts and domestic countries are affected by major changes. The host country may have to face many issues through the expansion of a foreign company in its economy. With such expansion, it is difficult to create products in a new environment. For effective production, the host country develops all the environmental factors such as deep understanding their impact on political, economic, legal, social, and technical and foreign companies (Seen, 2012). Apart from this, the host country may face problems in communicating with the new gateway as a failure of Pepsi in Taiwan due to language differences. Pepsi used the same marketing campaign in Taiwan “Come alive with the generation of Pepsi” And failure was encountered because when it is transferred to sugar, it gives different meanings such as “Pepsi will bring your gift back from the dead”.

Along with these essay editors, the host country may have to face cross-culture differences so that the host country cannot get over the operational culture of the human resources organization. New technical evaluation by organizations can develop problematic conditions for the host country (Conrad & Buck, 2011). Thus, people of the host country, culture and other environmental factors are affected by the expansion of any organization.

Cultural barriers and diversity issues

At the time of expansion strategy, a company may have problems to develop an understanding of the host country’s culture. The expansion of any global organization generally meets issues similar to diversity and cultural differences. To be a domestic or a MNC enterprise, an organization must develop global leadership skills Due to diversity in human resources this kind of variety can lead to major obstacles in the way of expansion. At the time of expansion, organizations have to adopt the host country’s culture as it is important to do business in that country (Penny and Barbara, 2010). Differences in the work culture of human resources can reduce the efficiency of human resources and may be result failure of expansion. Another difference is regulatory culture of both countries that creates hurdle in the expansion, because it is necessary to follow host country’s rules & regulations to run business successfully in another country.

Due to the difference between business cultures, the expansion of trade can meet the obstacles. This difference makes the management unfair because human resources cannot interact with each other because line managers have difficulty discussing directly with top managers (Brown and Gutter man, 2003). Such diversity in the employees and management also hinders those who develop combined networks in the organization.

Diversity as Important Issue

In a country in the expansion, in other countries, organizations have to face many issues along the way. In all issues, diversity is an important subject in the concern of internationalization. In terms of diversity, organizational expansion is suffering, when human resources can not cooperate with each other due to many differences like cultural, behavioral and regional (Keen, 2011). Due to language differences, organizations may have to face difficulty in making effective Communication that directly affects the organizational productivity. The difference between the rules of the country and the home country and the regulation cannot be in line with the type of business, which can result in losses. Thus, diversity is an emerging issue for international and global organizations and it is necessary to properly manage it for organizational development.

Ignorance of Multiculturalism and Diversity

Differences between cultures, languages, traditions and religions are big problems for international businesses. Because these areas cannot be ignored by organizations in the expansion of trade in other areas. If an organization ignores issues such as multiculturalism and diversity, then the organization will not be able to achieve its objective effectively (Mark, 2009). Organizations cannot take talented human resources from foreign countries; If this Diversity is ignored because in that situation it will be less effective to solve the issues of local employees. This will lead to obstacles on business growth in the international market. In terms of expansion of business, diversity management is essential, if the organization does not highlight the needs and desires of different customers, the organization can not get it Customers’ expectations (Burke & Cooper, 2009). Therefore, issues of multiculturalism and diversity should be managed within organizations within the period of foreign expansion.

Political and Economic Issues

During the expansion of organizations, many issues have to be faced, but there are some environmental and political issues which play an important role before and after the expansion of trade in any other country.

Political Issues: The legal requirement of the host country is one of the major political issues in the way of business expansion. Organizations have to cover their own private policies in accordance with the rules of the host country, which may take more time & Efforts and impact on business development Another, the main issue is the currency control which is in the hands of the host country. Due to the increase and decrease in currency, organizations have to make many changes in many operations (Dannie, 2009).

Global Operations Management Assignment Help

Economic Issues: Economic issues affect the global expansion due to differences and changes in the host country’s economic conditions. The unavailability of proper infrastructure and technology for business is a big economic issue for global organizations. Because of this, the business can stop growing at one time. Similarly, change to host The country’s GDP, GNP and per capita income can stop the business expansion process, because these changes may require huge changes before and after expansion (DAFT, Murphy, and Wilmot, 2010).

Organizations can effectively solve such political and economic issues through the research and reach of potential markets for expansion. In addition, if the organizations follow rules like “Think Global, Act Local” compared to reducing the chances of reducing the issues related to the political and economic environment (Beck, 2005). In the same For the time being, the use of hedging strategies will also be effective in reducing the risk of currency exposure in foreign countries for firms.

Applicability in PPQ

The issues discussed above for the PPQ are important because it determines the possibilities of global expansion issues. Issues related to the host foreign country provide a way for the PPQ to choose the host country where all necessary requirements will be available (seats, 2002). Issues related to cultural and diversity meets the need for this issue as PPQ Wants to expand business in Germany and Japan. Also, it is important because it provides a way to manage diversity and cultural differences after expansion and expansion in PPQ. Analysis of Germany and Japan will be beneficial for determining PPQ To source the issues and manage them correctly (, 2012). It will be effective for the firm to reduce expansion costs and increase the importance of the firm within the environment.


From the above discussion by our assignment service experts, it can be concluded that many issues have been received in the global expansion which should be managed properly. These issues have had a great impact on organizational development. It has also been concluded that all of these, host country, diversity, cultural, multiculturalism, political and economic issues are important and must be resolved for a successful expansion.


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