Global Expansion Strategy Assignment Support

Global Expansion Strategy Assignment Support

Global Expansion Strategy Assignment Support In today’s competitive environment, most organizations need to effectively maintain their talent pool of employees. It helps companies to maintain competitive advantage while maintaining their position in the market. This paper examines various talent management initiatives, which companies use to create effective global expansion strategies. Apart from this assignment writing support, this paper also considers various strategies The Global Expansion Strategy Assignment Supportcompany uses global talent recruitment as recruitment from various companies and recruitment of various employees. Challenges faced by companies in talent management initiatives have also been identified in this case study paper. This letter identifies ways to overcome these challenges and turn them into positive results.


In today’s organizational world, every company wants to expand their business into the international market. The expansion of trade in the international market provides many benefits to the organization, which supports the business to maintain its growth in national and international markets. To expand your business in the international market, Organizations also need to recruit talented employees, who can effectively manage the work in the international market. This letter discusses talent management initiatives which support the organization in the global expansion strategy. This letter also discusses the strategies to be used to recruit global talent and to meet the challenges in the global expansion strategy.

Talent Management Initiatives

In today’s business environment, talent management is getting more attention to make the market more competitive. Organizations can use various talent management initiatives to support the global expansion strategy. In the talent management initiative, companies can provide employees with effective training and development programs. Developing your skills and knowledge for employees can be helpful. In The training and development program can encourage the company to keep employees effective, which supports the company to retain customers and build effective relationships with them to achieve organizational goals and objectives in a significant way (Goldsmiths And Carter, 2009).

The company can also make effective recruitment policies. Through this, the company will be able to hire more suitable staff for the job. The company can also be helpful to strengthen the company’s global expansion strategy. This is because talented employees have more fidelity towards the company. The company can be helpful in making an effective plan for global expansion. In the talent management initiative, the company can also provide benefits to the employees. in this, The company can provide facilities to housing facilities, communication facilities and their children, which will be beneficial for the organization to maintain effective relationships for the organization and increase its loyalty towards the company, which will be effective in supporting the global expansion strategy. Firm (Hollander and Snell, 2007).

Strategies in Recruiting Global Talent

To recruit global talent, the company can recruit employees from other international companies. In this, the company can contact the employees and they can provide higher packages from the market. The company can be helpful to influence the minds of the employees of the company and motivate the company to join. It can also support the company to effectively manage global operations because global talent has the ability to develop an understanding of others Country culture, which supports them for effective work in other countries. In strategies, the company can also use diversification strategies. In this, the company can recruit people from various backgrounds, culture etc. to increase the firm’s market share in the global market (Fusion & Callings, 2010).

Potential Challenges in Talent Management Initiatives

To create an effective global expansion strategy, the company faces many challenges in talent management initiatives. The most important challenges are related to different cultures of different employees. This will create problems for the organization to create effective training and development programs for the company to maintain talented customers. Different background employees have different languages ​​and traditions that can be Develop problems in effectively managing training programs. There will be some challenges related to less support from the members of the staff. Due to the lack of support from staff members, problems will arise in effective implementation of recruitment policies (Gallegan, 2011).

Challenges Turn into Positive Outcomes

By organizing effective training sessions for the company employees, these challenges can also change in positive results. In this, the company can provide different training sessions for employees of different backgrounds, culture and language. It can be helpful for the employees to develop their knowledge according to culture and their priorities. The company can ensure the participation of each employee before the new recruitment Applying recruitment strategies and policies to employees or organizations. The company can be helpful in handing over the role and responsibilities to each employee in the company’s organization (Reed and Bogards, 2012).


From the discussion mentioned above by strategic assignment assistance, it can be concluded that training and development programs help the company effectively manage talent pool. Through this, companies can develop skills and knowledge of talented employees in a significant way. Recruitment of different background employees of other companies is also beneficial for the company in terms of providing competitive advantage.


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