This is a solution of Five Personality Traits Assignment part 2 in which we discuss Personality Traits  can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to Personality Management.

Five Personality Traits Assignment part 2


Five Personality Traits Assignment part 2

It has been indicated that big five personality model is a useful logical framework for measuring personality of an individual and for organizing the personality. These five factors have been designed for providing short, flexible and to understand assessment in an easiest manner concerning five dimensions that lays down focus on five broad dimensions instead of individual facets (Giluk, 2009). Further, critical analysis showed that big five factor have been providing a descriptive taxonomy that lays down myriad natural-language and concepts of scientific trait in a single classificatory framework. But as similar to other scientific model the big also undergoes certain limitations. In the year 1994 Pervin argues about several critics indicating that big does not lay down a complete theory of personality. Even it has been seen that Big Five taxonomy was never seen to be a comprehensive personality theory. The development of this trait was to form a structural relation among various personality traits (, 2009). Even it could be said as like of other structural models the big five system lays down personality that is seen to focus on descriptive rather than explanatory. It even lays down emphasizes on regularities concerning organization behaviour rather than focusing upon inferred dynamic and developmental processes. Further, it could also be said that it looks after variables rather than individuals or types of individuals. However, it could also be seen that this system provides a conceptual foundation in order to examine issues in the form of theories.


1 Procedure
The invitation letter was mailed to the participant through e-mail and detailed about the personality test that they are required to undergo explaining purpose, procedure and research team of the study. Then after a week the interviewer approached the participant via telephone. After laying down a verbal consent a structure questionnaire has been administered.
2 Measure
For measuring the personality trait of an individual there has been an execution of big five inventory that consisted of 44 items that measured five trait dimensions of a personality. In this regard extraversion included 8 items, agreeableness 9 items, conscientiousness 9 items, emotional stability 8 items and openness with 10 items. These all 44 items were kept on the 5 point Likert scale from 1= strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree.
3 Data analysis
The data collected from the participant based upon 44 items of big five inventory was analyzed based upon a particular score. Every factor was composed of different variables and these specific variables falling in a particular factor was laid down with a score. Then after laying down the score it was totalled. The calculated total was divided with the factor total variables in order to derive the mean for the factor. Further, the highest mean identify indicates about the personality trait of the particular participant. On the other hand, lowest mean states that a very trait could be seen with respect to that factor among the participants personality trait.


Table 1: Extraversion

ExtraversionQuestion Number16R111621R2631R36TOTALMean (/8)
Score 2 43 4 3 4 5 2 273.375
AgreeablenessQuestion Number2R712R172227R3237R42TOTALMean (/9)
Score 1 4 1 4 5 2 4 14 222.75

Table 3: Conscientiousness

ConscientiousnessQuestion Number38R1318R23R28333843RTOTALMean (/9)
Score3 14233 3 33 252.77

Table 4: Emotional balance

Emotional balanceQuestion Number4R914R19R2429R3439RTOTALMean (/8)
Score24 3 4 2 5 2 5 233.28

Table 5: Openness

OpennessQuestion Number5101520253035R4041R44TOTALMean (/10)
Score 2 5 4 5 3 4 1553 373.7


From the analysis it has been identified that mean value was seen to be highest for the factor openness (3.7) among the big five personality trait of a respondent. From the findings it could be said that these are the individuals who have got the tendency of being imaginative, spontaneous and flexible. Even they are the persons who are seen to strong in discovering new experiences or new ways for doing particular things. However, they do not like established structure, routine, rule and solutions that focus upon doing things in a different manner. These individuals are having an intuitive thinking and are seen to be comfortable in a situation where the information is not complete (, 2009). It has also been seen that such people feels their comfort in an ambiguous situations and adopts change in a quickly manner. It can also be said that openness is a general appreciation concerning art, emotion, curiosity, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination and variety of experience. Even such an individual has got a tendency to get change with newer thoughts, ideas and changes.Further, analysis showed that 2 highest mean was seen to be with respect to factor Extraversion (3.375). This shows that with openness participant has also got some personality trait pertaining to extraversion. They are the individuals who are seen to be socially involved, highly energetic and assertive with a preference to be around people involved in some or the other activities. Even it has been seen that person high being extraversion will be surrounded with individuals at their work and personal life. They are the individuals who have been enjoying their life socializing with other, talkative and communicative (Giluk, 2009). It could also be said that such people lays down an active existence, seek excitement and stimulation. The others will be considering such individual to be cheerful, upbeat and optimistic.However, analysis also indicated that the lowest mean to be with respect to the factor Agreeableness (2.75). This shows participant will be having a lower tendency of being sympathetic, cooperative and considerate. The individual who is seen to have lower score in this factor will display lower level of sensitivity, compassion and understanding (Graziano and Tobin, 2009). Even this person will be seen to less pleasant and accommodating, compassionate and cooperative in social situations.


From the study it has been found that big five personality model is a useful framework for measuring personality of an individual and for organizing the personality. The big five personality is composed of five factors that are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness. Study also indicated participant to be openness and Extraversion as mean was highest in this factor. This shows individuals who have got the tendency of being imaginative, spontaneous and flexible. Even they are seen to be socially involved, highly energetic and assertive with a preference to be around people involved in some or the other activities. However, participant is seen to low in agreeableness indicating lower tendency of being sympathetic, cooperative and considerate.

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