This is a solution of Five Personality Traits Assignment part 1 in which we discuss Personality Traits  can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to Personality Management.

Five Personality Traits Assignment

Five Personality Traits Assignment part 1

INTRODUCTION (2008) indicated that personality aspects has been conceptualized using variety of theories at different levels of abstraction. Even it has been seen that each of these level has got unique contribution of person understanding difference in individual behavior and experience. But there have been various personality traits and scales designed for measuring such aspect that escalates without an end in sight. In this regard it has been observed that there have been various researchers and practitioners in the area of personality assessment and have undergone bewildering array of personality scales that they are required to select. However, they also had little guidance and were not having any sort of rationale at their hand. Cobb-Clark and Schurer, (2012) indicates that after laying down decades of research this field is moving towards a consensus of general taxonomy concerning personality traits that is Five personality traits dimensions. It is a dimension which has not got the potential of a particular theoretical perspective. But have been derived out of analyses pertaining to natural language but were derived from analyses of the natural-language that is used by an individual for describing themselves and others. The Big five taxonomy has been serving an integrative function rather than replacing the earlier system. Even this system builds up a common framework for representing various diverse systems of personality description. Thus, this study has been undertaken in order to critically discuss the “BFI test and its utility to psychological and psychometric practice”. Even this report will be discussing regarding the chosen process/Instrument that has been used in this particular research. Further, discussion will be carried out concerning its utility to psychological and psychometric practice.


There were various pioneering work laid down by Cattell’s and the availability of smaller list pertaining to variables. This has helped out investigators for carrying out research concerning dimensional structure of trait ratings. It has been seen that there were various researchers who looked after the dimension of big five for its appropriate discovery and clarification (, 2009). In the period of 1949 Fiske came up with 22 very simple descriptions of Cattell’s variables. The structure of the factors have been derived out of ratings by self, peers and psychological staff members that were seen to be highly similar and resembled and in later period they were known to be Big Five. Further, clarification has been laid down by Tupes and Christal in 1961 laying down analysis by correlation matrices considering eight different samples. The samples were ranging from airmen who were seen to have high-school education to first-year graduate students (, 2011). The rating in this regard has been laid down by peers, supervisors, teachers or experienced clinicians that were seen to be as diverse in the military training course. The analyses undertaken by Tupes and Christal indicated five strong and recurrent factors and there was no other consequence. Then in the period of 1981 structure of five factors has been showed by Digman and Takemoto-Chock that has been derived out of Cattell’s 35 variables. The factors identified were named to be as follows:
• Extraversion
• Agreeableness
• Conscientiousness
• Emotional Stability
• Openness
Eventually all these factors were known to be big five as a title chosen to reflect all these factors not for reflecting their intrinsic greatness but for laying down emphasize that every factor is seen to extremely broad. However, it cannot be said that Big Five structure of personality could only be reduced to the level of five traits (, 2010). Rather, it could be said that these five dimensions represent personality of an individual at broadest level of abstraction. Even all these dimension lays down the summary of larger number of distinct as per specific personality characteristics.


Since the period of 1980 it could be seen that there was increase in the research of big five and issues pertaining to personality structure. It has also been identified that there were numerous set of variables indicating big five factor structure. In the period of 1995 Block indicated that there are number of researches that have been influenced by the variables identified by Cattell’s selection of variables (, 2009). It has been done in order to test its comprehensiveness and generality of the Big Five in a more comprehensive variable sets. In the year 1967 Norman laid down an exhaustive list of personality descriptive terms that have been sorted in 75 semantic categories and it has been done for updating Allport and Odbert list and reducing the steps of Cattell’s. Further, in the period of certain list has been laid down by Goldberg in order to clarify nature and composition of broad factors. Even it has been done for testing their stability and generalizability that could be seen around variations in research methodology and data sources. Then in the period of 1990 Goldberg laid down an inventory of 1,710 trait adjectives that could be used by individuals for rating their own personality (, 2010). Then Goldberg carries out the factor analysis process concerning Norman’s semantic categories laying down inter-correlation of self-rating data. In this respect it has been seen that first five factors indicated the Big Five and replicated throughout various methods relating to extraction and rotation of factors. Even it has been said by the author that first five factors were seen to remain virtually invariant than more than five were rotated.

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