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What is personal finance?

Personal Finance is one of the three main areas of finance in addition to corporate and public finance. It refers to the management that requires a person to receive, save, budget and spend money resources over time, keeping in view various factors like financial risk and future life events.

Why it is difficult for the students to complete their personal finance assignments?

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Major areas of personal financial planning

According to the Financial Planning Standards Board, there are some key areas of personal financial planning. They are:

  1. Cash Flow Management- Cash flow management is related to the financial condition of a person. Keeping in view the cash flow and cash outflow, it determines that the income generated by a person is enough to meet your monthly expenses, the primary concern of cash flow management is. Cash flow analysis focuses on whether a person is spending more than earning.
  2. Risk Management- Risk management takes into account the unforeseen acts in the future. Some major areas of risk are disability, death, property loss, health etc. A complete and proper financial plan helps you cover all the potential areas of personal risk.
  3. Investment Planning- The investment plan refers to the accumulation of adequate funds to make big purchases. Important examples of asset accumulation include the purchase of a house, car, luxury goods etc. Life events like marriage, starting a family are also part of the personal finance plan, which requires personal help.
  4. Tax Planning- A smart plan is required to maximize tax policies and tax benefits and tax deductions provided by the government. Tax management is necessary for tax management to get the maximum benefit from paying taxes. This is considered to be the most important aspect for which personal finance management is required.
  5. Estate Planning- Property planning involves planning the nature of a person’s property on death. At the time of the death of a person, the state or federal government is taxed. It requires careful disposal of the property by the government, in which the person’s family cannot be included.

Finance Planning Assignment Help

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