Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

How a fashion-trend is impacted in its development

Trends and fashion may be observed in all kinds of culture like: cuisine, architecture, literature, and art, to mention just a few. However, this paper is going to focus on a specific fashion trend, which is clothing or outfit. Fashion trends have a tendency to change quite often and rapidly, and various individuals make use of the word “fashion” to define the most recent version of such trends. Moreover, they utilize the words “unfashionable” and “fashionable” to compare or illustrate whether their clothing style is up to the most recent version. Different fashion trends are influenced during their development in several ways, but this happens mostly from designers presenting their new designs at fashion or lifestyle weeks(Johnson, Lee, Choi, Mun, &Yoo, 2013, p75). Such trends also surface from celebrity impacts and the manner in which they dress. Different cultures also influence fashion trends as many individuals across the globe are searching for the most excellent trends at the correct seasons. Design and art influence fashion trends too, since people want to become more unique and creative with what they would like to wear.

Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

For businesses in the retail and fashion industry, it is important that they carry on with the most recent fashion trends and suitably offer them to their clients(Johnson, Lee, Choi, Mun, &Yoo, 2013, p89). These fashion styles usually change each season, time, or year. Things that impact fashion trends throughout their development periods include the following: celebrities, art, fashion, economy and technology, designers, media, and mindset. Actually, many fashion trends are mostly inspired by designers since they play a key role while it comes to generating the clothing ideas.

Celebrities, photographers, designers, advertising agencies, and store managers attend fashion-week shows as this impacts their conceptions on what to put on, and as celebrities wish to look attractive for their supporters and be role models to them. This assists in influencing designers and store managers to create innovative ideas, to offer their clients with trendy and unique styles and designs for the upcoming season. Also, this helps influence their study and makes sure they remain up-to-date with what is popular and new in the marketplace.

Most retail stores, such as Debenhams sell several different product ranges for their different kinds of clients. Debenhams have distinct departments to present their target marketplace. They sell various kinds of products to fit the necessities of various genders and ages – they mostly offer almost everything. Nevertheless, Thorntons does not have distinct departments. They sell several kinds of chocolates, but they have to set out whatever new that comes on their window exhibitions.

Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

Economy also impacts fashion trends during their development through  good proportion, for instance if in recession, many clothing retailers within the United Kingdom would not stock many premium designer clothing as they understand most individuals would not be capable of affording to purchase them. This is as well when inexpensive clothes retailers such as Primark Shines not merely on income margins but on fashion trends too. However, when the United Kingdom is not in recession or downturn, and in excellent economic development, fashion trends have a tendency to favor premium designer clothing. Designers are amongst the most crucial parts of advancing fashion trends, actually one could argue that they are the most crucial. This is all since many fashion trends, time and again have been motivated or inspired by different new and established designers. From models to celebrities, the clothing they display or wear are from different designers who spend pretty some time to study and generate the clothing so they can perhaps be the impact behind the subsequent new trend.

Celebrities also feature their fair portion of influence while it comes to impacting fashion trend in its development. In the hip hop fraternity, for instance, the kind of clothing they wear are motivated by the hip hop rappers and artists.Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

Cultural and social movements are very crucial to design a newfangled trend or bring designs for the upcoming season, since most individuals across the globe would wish to put on products that would be appropriate for them, affordable, and suitable. Fashion retailers need to be more mindful of the cultural or social sensitivity across the globe as all cultures have their individual morals and suitable modes of dressing. This generates a dilemma for customers with traditional backgrounds since they may reside in places where there are expectations of persons dressing in distinct ways of their own choice. This may encourage customers with conventional backgrounds to wear clothing that they would not be permitted to put on, or that will not be suitable for they type of nature. Thus, this is a great influence on cultural and social sensitivity and conventional/traditional values.
Fashion forecast

To contend with the dynamic  technologies, the consumers and market are swiftly evolving from conventional, demographic-based, static criteria to more modern, dynamic, psychographic, mood, and lifestyle influences. Resources for fashion trend forecasting help in predicting trends within the fashion sector. Fashion and trend forecasting refers to the prediction of behavior, buying habits, and mood of the customer at specific time of the spell. It is not a matter of finding your consumers or marketplaces by geography, income, or age, but examining what and how they purchase, based upon their mood, geographic locations, beliefs, and occasion. It is as well dependent on the fashion cycle and majorly contributes in the introductory stage of the recurring fashion cycle.Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

Fashion trend forecast computes as follows:

Season > Target marketplace > Customer > Colors > Fabrics/Materials > Silhouette > Texture > Use

Understanding fashion and trends forecast is amongst the most calculative and arduous operation for all. Undoubtedly, I understand that most of the leading  business houses across the globe completely depend upon designers to understand the same, although on the other part there are several others who do not believe in that at all. Presently, when we view technology we understand nothing comes by chance, and there are individuals who are operating behind the scenes, night and day to make things look affordable and easy to us. Since fashion trend forecast outcomes are mainly impacted by the forecasting technique utilized by the end-user, it is very important to determine the technique that would be most suitable to a business plan one adopts.

Factors influencing fashion and trend forecast

  1. Seasons

Every season, the merchandising and design departments across the globe wait what is in trend for the upcoming season. They depend heavily on generating new lines using these useful information collected by expert agencies. Fashion and trend calculations are based upon seasons Spring, Winter, Summer, and Fall. Like people link certain colors to seasons and holidays, they expect seeing earthy tones during fall season, the pastels of plants during Spring, jeweled tints for holidays, and refreshing white for Summer.

  1. Marketplace intelligence

In the past few years, world development has reduced and marketplaces have developed and become more defensive. It is clear that the only means for most small and big businesses to develop is at the cost of their rivals. Most large organizations within Asia are shifting to marketplace intelligence for input to their decision making and strategic management structure. Traditional marketing research is progressively seen as being very narrowly focused onto operational and tactical issues. The big export and retail companies across the globe as now seeking to use the internet in marketplace intelligence(Hahn, & Kim, 2014, p67).

  1. Customer research

The manufacturers and agencies might ask customers directly regarding their purchasing preferences or may look into their purchasing habits over some duration. Customer responses are documented and recorded to get preferences for some accessories or clothes, colors or shapes/sizes, or items to match specific customer choices. Survey by mail, customer-feedback forms, or phones are done by market research organizations and publication for retailers and manufacturers. Such surveys include questions regarding fashion preference, lifestyle, shopping habits, and income. Customers are normally chosen by the research agency to meet with retailers and manufacturers. Informal interview with customer may assist researchers get data by just asking consumers what they want to purchase, what trends they like that are presently available, and what alterations within the product they prefer, but cannot get. Proprietors of small businesses can frequently do this most efficiently, due to their close relation with their consumers.

Distinct fashion-trends impact upon the retail services

            There are several trends that might have a negative or a positive influence on retail services. For instance, some time back there was a style of puff-ball skirt that were seen to be trendy and suitable for catwalks. Most retailers purchased many of these commodities, but they never sold well since nearly all of the catwalk models are small in size  – the skirts required wide-hipped models. These girls are usually worried regarding their figures, and since these skirts were oversized, they felt unattractive while wearing them.Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

Most high-street retailers had purchased  most of these commodities to their customers supposing that what was illustrated on the catwalk will be a great seller. However, this item did not perform well at all. Several of these items were purchased and yet no customer was satisfied or pleased with them. This would have caused lots of puff-ball skirts being taken back to the stores for exchanges and/or refunds for something else that would have expensed the outfit stores a lot of cash. They would have as well lost huge amounts of cash on unsold products. This fashion style was negative in several ways, but  majorly as loss in income due to the amount of puff-ball skirts the retail stores paid to be manufactured and the total number of individuals not purchasing or returning this commodity. Not only were numerous items wasted, companies like Asos were amongst the organizations that had lost consumers since they were not satisfied or happy with the most recent trend that made them feel unconfident and insecure that the stores had a good hint regarding the latest fashion styles.

The best way this fashion trend could have been brought to the customers is by the retailers conducting customer reviews and surveys after it had been displayed on the catwalk. Maybe after receiving the response from the customers there could be certain sample amounts manufactured, and a restricted addition, only after they determined how well the puff-ball skirts could sell and this could as well help them to understand what their customers wanted (Hahn, & Kim, 2014, p67).

A good instance of a positive influence on fashion styles on the retail services were thin/skinny jeans. This has generated great sales as most men and women (both genders) like wearing the skinny jeans due to the fact that they never show false figures. Skinny trousers and jeans as well made in various interesting fabrics and colors, which are so comfy to put on. This item is very stylish as everybody is wearing this trend. Also, the skinny jeans’ prices are relatively affordable in most companies like Primark. There are also diverse varieties of skin-tight jeans, whether one wants high/low waist or stretchy, which appeals to individuals of different sizes and shapes.Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

This kind of strategy by retail stores is also surpassing the needs of consumers since this kind of trend is also suitable in terms of tradition/culture. For instance, some cultural beliefs do not permit the puff-ball skirts because it exposes the skin. However, the skinny jeans covers people and one can wear them with any top they feel comfy and most fit with (Calderin, 2011, p40).

Factors that affect fashion movements

Fashioners and clients structure the key relationship in setting patterns, whether the design is prepared to-wear, haute couture or different zones of style, for example, home furniture. Taste creators in the manner world assume supporting parts, serving as muse to the originator and motivation to the client. Style developments flourish when a pattern develops past the enclave of a world class gathering and enters the standard.

  1. Color and Material Forecasts

It is not a happenstance when originators’ manifestations for a specific season show comparative examples, fabrics and subtle elements. Why do creased skirts or dark red downy coats with metal catches show up in such a variety of accumulations in the meantime? Six to 12 months ahead of time style forecasters counsel with showcasing specialists, material creators, color masters and different powers to accumulate data for pattern reports for a specific season. Manufacturing plants that deliver fabrics might showcase creature prints one year, and plant prints the following. Brilliant essential colors may move to the front after a few seasons of blacks and impartial shades. These pattern reports impact creators and design purchasers for retail locations.

  1. Superstars or celebrities

Fanatics of expert players, film stars, and musical performers frequently emulate their objects of worship. This isn’t lost on planners, who credit apparel to big names to wear to celebrity lane occasions, shows, and on TV. This free publicizing pays off when fans group to stores to purchase the same dress, gems or even physical shoes. A few superstars make a design trend, for example, artist Bono’s tinted glasses. By complexity, design developments can likewise be impacted by a gathering, for example, skateboarders or punk musical artists.

  1. The Economy

The economy can influence style patterns, however there’s a whole other world to the mathematical statement than the relationship in the middle of hemlines and shopper certainty. At the point when the cost of crude materials is higher, prepared to-wear creators may decide to alter subtle elements, for example, bows, cinchs and sleeves, instead of raise costs. For 2011 accumulations a few planners exchanged to less expensive fabrics when unfriendly climate and different conditions helped higher costs for silk and cotton, as per The Wall Street Journal.

  1. Style Stylists

Beauticians dress models on photograph shoots, musical artists in features, and performers on screen. Stars travel every which way, yet beauticians have a steady vicinity in the manner world. Their impact is incredible as harbingers of style, particularly when exhibiting a curated perspective of a planner’s designs, worn by stars at profoundly advanced occasions. Ginnifer Goodwin, star of “Enormous Love,” credits her beautician Penny Lovell as the wellspring of her form style. Goodwin told “Manhattan” magazine, “It does shock me how on-screen characters like to imagine they do every last bit of it themselves in light of the fact that they never do.”

Compare unlike fashion-trends in terms of their influence on the retail services

Most of the retail stores are in trade to generate cash. This is the basis for them ensuring that the clothing they acquire from designers are appealing to their target customers in order that individuals are more probable to put them on and purchase outfits from the high-street stores like Debenhams, and John Lewis.Fashion Trends-The Influences and Impact

  1. New Look

This is an MNC (multinational company), which sells a variety of clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. The products of New Look are not expensive yet they have good quality. Recently, New Look also started selling children’s clothing and men’s wear in certain stores. The company sells items that they believe keeps their customers happy and satisfied – they sell clothing that are classy and simple for the exact reasons (Hahn, & Kim, 2014, p24).

  1. House of Fraser

The corporation is also an MNC. It sells several different varieties of items and has product ranges from various designers. The company offers a wide range of designer clothing making it simpler for customers to compare the distinct quality products and prices of each designer.


Fashion styles have a great influence on retail store services. However, based upon the type of the company, certain companies may be more effective and efficient at appealing to various consumers than other companies. The two companies I have selected to contrast the fashion styles influence on retail services include New Look and House of Fraser. The latter sells several different product ranges comprising of mainly designer wear, while the former does not normally sell designer clothing and does not have distinct products like House of Fraser. Also, House of Fraser stocks items from different designers that people  cannot easily afford. However, the commodity prices of New Look company are less expensive and easily affordable. This bears a great impact on consumers (Calderin, 2011, p102). In a quest to have many consumers buying their commodities, House of Fraser offers the most excellent client service possible –  in which they may have various services to assist them in improving the consumer experience. They also train their group members to understand certain information about their commodities. On the other hand, New Look sell their own labels, that is, they do not sell designer products. They are also not very trained to have specific information on their products. By so doing, House of Fraser is capable of making their clients contented, and this makes them want to buy products with high services offered (Demeester, 2012, p56).

The other thing that fashion styles have influence on retail store services is the products’ services. Customers would like to purchase products that would last as long as they wish. The products of House of Fraser might not be that reasonably priced, but the consumer services offered helps to improve on the products’ quality. Most consumers entering the business, such as business people want to buy clothes that are classy and presentable – products that do not easily tear out. House of Fraser stocks several different kinds of clothes like this. Thus, their clients are comfortable to purchase from where they expend a lot. Conversely, New Look’s clothing do not last like those of their counterparts (House of Fraser). This shows that many people prefer buying the more expensive clothing of House of Fraser (Calderin, 2011, p89).

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