Enhancing Security In Companies Using Facial Recognition


The technology in this generation has reached its peak and engineers and scientists all over the world are trying their best to achieve something more better in future. Facial recognition technology is one of the most brilliant ideas of technology that is making a huge place in this modern world as it is solving many issues and also helping in improving daily life. The more people are trending towards technology the more benefits are understood by the public and facial recognition is one of the simplest and fastest modes of technology (Morosan, 2020). Digital security is very important in the current era and facial recognition is one of an amazing idea as everyone has a different face and this makes the security more secure. The digital world is very fancy and attractive and also useful but at the same time the digital upgradation brings some kind of threats with thm. The threats related to security and data manipulation need to be secured and many technologies have come up to support the security of the digital world and this facial recognition is one of them. Facial recognition technology is very important especially in the corporate sectors as facial recognition is the most advanced and unique way of identification.

The more digital the world is becoming the more security threats towards the data are emerging and facial recognition helps to secure more the data and keep limited access to the data that is to be secured and hide things which need to be confidential (Álvarez et al. 2018). In the corporate sector there are many employees working and the data can be easily manipulated or stolen so the company must keep a regular track for the data and also the people who can access that data. The confidential data must be protected and the track must be kept to who uses those data and when that is being used so in order to understand and follow this system the facial recognition helps a lot as the access is limited and at the same time who is using the data can be seen.

Scope, Aims and Objectives


The scope of the study is limited to the topic that is chosen “facial identification technology”. Technology is a bigger term and a large topic to research about and in this topic a specific term has been chosen so that the research can be done in a better way. The research is focused towards the objectives and aims that are already set by the researchers. The whole research is completed according to the aims and objectives so the scope of this research is limited to the objectives set.


The main aim of this research is to identify the importance of facial recognition technology. The uses of the technology in corporations and their benefits is to be highlighted so that this technology is used more effectively and less threats are found.


The objectives of this research study are as follows:
To identify the importance of Facial recognition technology in the corporate world.
To identify the threats and potential solutions to those threats from facial recognition.
To identify the issues related to the technology of “facial identification”.
To understand the impacts of facial identification technology in the corporates.
To know the “legal, social, ethical and professional” benefits and issues related to the “facial recognition technology”.


The project is based on the topics and the topic is covered with the objectives and aims set by the researchers. The research has been conducted with the proper methods so that the research does not harm or offend anyone. The research that is conducted in this study is completely secondary based where the application of the ideas and knowledge is carried on and then again acknowledgement of knowledge is done. To identify the research objectives and aims the research of this study has taken a secondary method where the data has been taken from the study of another author and their ideas about the topic have been illustrated here in this study.

Dissertation Overview

There are mainly five chapters in this study where each chapter has its own importance. The first chapter illustrates the introductory part of the topic and the research work (Ahmed et al. 2019). The first chapter is an introduction where the research aims and objectives are stated and a brief idea about the topic is given that is “facial identification technology”. Then comes the second chapter where the literature review is provided for the study. This part states the actual research and findings that have been done and the ideas about the topics by the other writers and authors. The third chapter shows the methodology of this research. The methods used by the researchers to collect the information is illustrated in this part. Then comes the fourth chapter where the data collection and analysis is done. The data that is collected from different methods are va

lid in this part and analysis of those data is done (Damanik et al. 2018). Then comes the fifth and last chapter where the summary of the whole research work is provided and the recommendation is also given to improvise the technologies and also the research.


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