Evaluation of Mos Burger Internal Market Environment

Executive Summary

This report analyzes the marketing strategy of Mos Burger. The restaurant offers affordable and premium quality products and services. However, the Restaurant faces a number of challenges including lack of ample parking space

Evaluation of Mos Burger Internal Market Environment

for its consumers. Additionally, since the firm provides fast foods the company faces the challenge of ensuring that all products are of the same quality and quantity. In order to retain competitive advantage the report proposes a number of recommendations: (1) providing high quality products and services, (2) Ensuring that all of its products are of the same quantity and quality.  (3) Improving its process system to provide better services. 

Marketing Report: Mos Burger

1.0 Introduction

This report seeks to provide an analysis of services that Mos Burgers, a popular restaurant in Sunnybank, Brisbane offer to its customers. The report employs critical incident approach as its evaluation criteria. The gr

Evaluation of Mos Burger Internal Market Environment

oup members blog posting provide a basis for analyzing critical incidences. The report is classified into five areas including: foremost, situational analysis of Mos Burger current business environment. The second section provides a summary on blog posting as well as identify element that require special attention. The third section provides a description of the live case internal marketing environment. The fourth section provides a summary of the discussions and, the final section recommendations that Mos Burger can implement to provide improve customer service.

2.0 Situation Analysis

2.1 Description of Mos Burger

Mos Burger, a leading Japanese food restaurant has taken over the Australian food market selling not ramen or sushi but hamburgers. The restaurant is located at the heart of Brisbane. Since Mos Burgers established its presence in the Central Business district of Queensland, the restaurant provides hamburgers, fries and beverages to its customers. In addition to this, the restaurant offers Asia hamburgers that include the teriyaki chicken burger. The company has altered its menu by increasing the size of the Hamburgers with subsequent increase in prices by 20 percent. The restaurants’ main aim is to provide high quality customer services to all customers.

2.2 Marketing Environment

Competition and social cultural factors are the two major challenges that affect the operations of Mos Burgers in Brisbane. The restaurant is located right in the middle of Brisbane’s Central Business District where many other restaurants that offer similar products and services are located. Competition is good for customers since it lead to increased competition among rival firms leading to better customer service (Vitale, 2011). The second factor, which negatively affects the operations of Mos Restaurant in the Australian market, is social cultural factors. Since the restaurant has Asian origin, most prospective customers believe that it offers Asian products and as a result leading to low sales.

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2.3 Target Market, strategy and Positioning of Mos Burger

2.3.1 Target Market

Table 1.0: Mos Burger segmentation variables

Geographic Segmentation




Population density
Land AreaMarket Density







Micro marketing


Market size

Market targeting is the process that entails classifying the market into different segments and then concentrates marketing efforts on few essential segments (Pride & Ferrell, 2013), it is a suitable strategy for small business organizations (Solomon et al, 2011). Target marketing facilitates easy pricing, distribution and promotion of products or services in a more cost effective manner (Pride et al, 2012). Mos burgers use geographical segmentation as illustrated in table 1.0. The location of the restaurant, that is, Brisbane provides convenience to all its customers in the city. In addition, the location provides customers with easy access to the restaurant. The convenience arising from its location enables the restaurant to build a positive customer relationship that will result in customer loyalty.

2.2.3 Market Strategy

Market strategy involves the process of aggregating potential consumers into groups based on similar needs and can respond to similar market action (Martin & Schouten, 2012). Market targeting allows a business enterprise to target different consumer categories who perceive the value of products and services provided differently. Mos Burger has adopted a concentrated market strategy. Concentration is a suitable strategy for firms that provide fast food services. The company employs this strategy (concentration) since it seeks to provide its customers with convenient high quality products.

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2.3.3 Target positioning

Target positioning refers to an attempt to influence the perception of consumers on a particular product or brand in relation to the perception of rival products and brands (Lovelock, Wirtz, Chew, 2012). The main aim of target positioning is to occupy a unique, advantageous and clear position in the mind of the consumer (Kotler, et al, 2005). Fig 2.0 shows a perceptual map for Mos Burgers. The perceptual map is plotted using two important variables: product and prices. The perceptual map shows that the Mos Burgers restaurant seeks to provide high quality products and at an affordable prices to its consumers. Many the restaurants’ local and international customers have approved this aspect. Business organizations that provide high quality products at an affordable price often tend to build positive relationship with their customers.

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Target positioning
Target positioning

3.0 Reflection on the blog posting

An importance/performance matrix for Mos burger is illustrated on figure 3.0 basing on comments posted on the restaurant blog. In general, most consumers agree that Mos Burgers offer high quality products at a relatively cheap price. However, there are a number of challenges that characterize the quality of products as well as prices offered by the restaurant to its customers; For instance, regarding the price company offers its burger products at a relatively higher cost compared to its competitors, which offers the same product at $ 4.95. Mos burger, in addition, is located at a place with no parking space and as a result inconveniencing most of its customers.

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Reflection on the blog posting
Reflection on the blog posting

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Fig 3.0 Importance/performance Matrix

4.0 Evaluation of Mos Burger Internal Market Environment

The internal marketing environment evaluation of Mos Burger is based on:

  1. Product: there is absolutely no point of developing a service or product that cannot be bought, however, many business organizations decide on the product or service first, and hope to sale the product afterwards. On the contrary, successful organizations will conduct market research to determine what consumers want before developing a product (Lovelock, Patterson, & Wirtz, 2011). In general, Mos burgers provide high quality products at an affordable price to its consumers. However, the high standards are at times difficult to maintain. As a result, one or two burger may be prepared poorly.
  2. People: anyone who encounters an organization’s loyal customer will draw conclusions and this has both negative and positive effect on consumer satisfaction. The reputation of a brand offered to the market by an organization solely depends on employees. Consequently, they must be well motivated, trained and with the right attitude (Andreasen, & Kotler, 2008). The waiters at Mos Burger restaurant are well trained and motivated in order to provide high standard services to the restaurant’s customers. In addition, Mos Burger stimulates its customer by offering a $2 promotion during morning hours.
  3. Place: the location of the distribution point and the place where consumers buy products must be convenient and appropriate for the consumer. It is necessary that the product be of the right quantity located at the right place and time. This also calls for keeping the inventory, distribution and storage cost at acceptable levels (Armstrong, Adam, Denize & Kotler, 2012). Mos Burger is located at the heart of Brisbane; this offers the restaurant with competitive advantage since it accessible to all its customers.
  4. Promotion: promotion refers to the way in which a company communicates about the products and services it offer to its consumers. Promotion entails activities such as advertising, corporate identity, PR, branding, exhibitions, special offers and sales management. Product promotion should be appealing, gain attention and above all provide a consistent message and give the consumer a reason to prefer purchasing products that a company offers over those provided by their rivals (Eagle, Tapp, Dahl, & Bird, 2013). Mos Burgers runs at $2 promotion on its products during morning hours. This aims encouraging customers to purchase their products.
  5. Physical evidence: a service can only be experienced after delivery. This means that the service that a firm chooses to use can be viewed as risky since it involves intangible services. The uncertainty can be reduced through enabling customer to identify the service they wish to purchase (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele, & Waller, 2012). A good atmosphere and a well decorated reception acts as an assurance to customers on expected service. Mos Burgers has a very attractive reception and in addition, the restaurant has ushers who usher in all customers and provide direction to them.
  6. Price: the worth of a product is determined by what customers are willing to pay. A company should ensure that price for its products are competitive and this does not mean that they are the cheapest in the industry (Emery, 2012). Mos Burgers offer highly competitive prices for its products, although the prices are slightly higher as compared to other restaurants around, Mos Burger offers high quality services in addition.
  7. Process: the criteria of providing service and those who provide the service are significantly important for customer satisfaction. Factors including waiting time, information provided to consumers, and staff helpfulness are all critical towards ensuring customer satisfaction (Dahlstrom, 2011). Consumers have no interest on how the business conducts its activities but rather their interest is on how the system works. Mos Burger has a highly effective system. For example, it takes a few seconds before a customer is served. However, this depends on the number of customer available at that time.

5.0 Conclusion

From the discussion above its evident that Mos Burgers is a very popular restaurant located at the center of Brisbane. The joint offers hamburgers to its wide range of consumers. In addition, Mos Burger offer high qua

Executive Summary
Executive Summary

lity products and service coupled with relatively cheap prices to its consumers. This aspect has enabled the Japanese food chain company to dominate the Australian food chain industry. However, the restaurant faces a couple of challenges ranging from lack of ample parking space for its consumers. In addition to this, since the firm provides fast foods the company faces the challenge of ensuring that all products are of the same quality, size and quantity.

6.0 Recommendations

From the reflection Mos Burger posting blog, a number of recommendations can be drawn in order to improve service delivery for the restaurant. Foremost, the restaurant should ensure that it continue to provide high quality products to its consumers. Secondly, the restaurant should guarantee that all of its products are of the same quantity and quality.  Thirdly, Mos Burger should improve its process system in order to ensure that it is able to provide better services to all customers regardless of their number. Lastly, the company should invest in brand building in order to attain brand equity. This can be attained by setting apart a larger budget for the promotional mix.

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