Establish Networks

ESTABLISH NETWORKS- Networking tasks


Networking can be defined as the connecting with more number of people and sharing the data and information, maintain the relationship, develops more career opportunities, pooling the different resources, taps in the hidden job marketplace and also increases the number of contacts. In other words, networking is related to the connecting huge number of individuals not collecting the people. Networking is very important as it helps in maintain the quality relationship for the lifetime and career. This report is based on the case study of Biz Ops where they successfully sustain their business and also implement different strategies related environment friendly. Report contains feedback form, professional development plan, media release and brochure which are related to the given case study.

Establish NetworksCase study 1

Q1. Brochure

  1. The benefits of networking for Biz Ops, including the benefits from new contacts in the environmental field
  2. Effective strategies you have developed for establishing connections and building genuine Biz Ops business relationships
  3. Tips for successful networking, including how to gain the trust and confidence of contacts and how to sustain the relationship

Q2. Media release

General Media release form of Biz Ops

Production Title – Environmental Credentials

Production Date – 23/10/2018

I would like to inform you all that that Biz Ops is going to transform its production and packaging styles. Our motive is to safe and secure environment and provides healthy lifestyle to society. In this relation, we are organising an event in upcoming week, i.e. Date – 29th October 2018, timings – 6 PM to 8 PM. The theme of the event is to protect environment and make it pollution free. We are requesting you to participate in that event and contribute in fulfilment of corporate social responsibilities towards society.

I hereby release you, your organisation, employees, representatives, managers, managers, parent companies, directors, subsidiaries from all claims and demands rising out of or in connection with environmental protection.

Thank You

Senior Operations manager

(Biz Ops)

Q3. Feedback form which helps in identify and develop ways to improve Biz Ops promotional activities.

Feedback forms are used by company for determining and improving the promotional activities which are used by Biz Ops. The feedback form for improving & developing the promotional tools are as follows:

  1. Is customers are aware about Biz Ops products and serviceswith the help of their promotional activities.
  2. a) Yes
  3. b) No
  4. Biz Ops advertisement stimulates the customer to buy their products and services.
  5. a) Yes
  6. b) No
  7. Print media promotional tools influence the target customers.
  8. a) Yes
  9. b) No
  10. Is promotional activity which is used by the Biz Ops increases the sales of the company?
  11. a) Yes
  12. b) No
  13. Which is the most effective promotional activity which is used by Biz Ops?
  14. a) Print media
  15. b) TV advertisement
  16. c) Personal selling

Q4. Prepare a professional development plan to improve your personal knowledge and skills in networking, leadership and management, including the completion of training opportunities.

For improving the personal knowledge and skills in leadership, networking and management, it is very necessary to prepare the professional development plan as it assists in developing and improving the personal skills and capabilities and leads to professional improvements.

In one sentence, define the concept of networking in a professional context.Questions

Networking can be defined as the process of fostering the interchange of ideas, information between the individuals and the group which shares the common interest (Zuber, 2013). It is considered as the process of making a mutual relationship with the marketers, customers, potential clients and business people which is beneficial in nature.

  • Describe two strategies used to network and analyse information about potential business contacts that can promote business opportunities.

There are various strategies which are used for increasing the business network and these networks helps in the business in making more contacts which promotes the opportunity of business. The two strategieswhich are used for increasing the network are:

Communication: It is the major strategy which is utilised for increasing the network is communication. It is very necessary to maintain the consistent, regular and good contact with the people. The most effective strategy is that communicates and meets the people face to face for the better business network(Jeffries,, 2013). It is considered as the very effective strategy and it also helps in making the potential business relationship which can easily promotes the opportunities of the business.

Build networking muscle: another strategy which used to increasing the business network is that try to attend more and more different networking events which helps in maximizing the business relationship. While attending the events, there is automatically increase in network as there are so many people for interaction and some of them become the good colleagues, friend or client. So it is considered as the effective strategy as it provides business opportunity.

  • Identify two ways that a leader’s role and responsibilities connect with others and contribute to broader goals.

Leader is the person who decides the vision of the company, provides motivation to their staff members, directs the workers by the work process and also increases the morale of the employees. There are various roles and responsibilities of the leader which connects with other and leads to the contribution to the broader goals. The way that a leader’s role and responsibility connects is as follows:

  • Inspire and motivate their team members: The major role and responsibility of the leader is to increase the morale of the staff members, inspire them to work and motivate them to perform their task in the given time frame work. This results in the contribution to the broader goals. It is because when employees are motivated and their morale is maximized than they work hard and also perform their functions effectively and efficiently. Thus, it leads to the great contribution in the broader goals.
  • Guiding the team members: Another role and responsibility of the leader is to guide or direct their team members in the correct directions. It is very necessary for the leader to provide proper guidance to their workers so that the task is completed with minimal mistakes and they are able to perform their functions perfectly. When, employees get proper guidance from their leader than they complete their work appropriately and this directly contributes in the broader goals and objectives.
  • Describe two strategies or techniques used to cultivate and maintain relationships with people who have the knowledge, skills and influence you need to promote organisational as well as client benefits.

Company can use different techniques and strategies for maintaining the relationship with the people who have the skills, knowledge and influence which is needed to promote the organisation and client benefits also. The strategies and technique are as follows:

Conduct timely meeting: For maintain the good relationship with the people who has good skills, knowledge than it is very necessary for company to conduct or organise regular and timely meetings with knowledge people so that it helps in increasing the relationship and also relationship is maintained for longer period of time. It is considered as the effective strategy and technique for maintain the good relationship with the people. It helps in promoting the company and also givesbenefits to clients as they are knowledgeable and skilful person.

Open communication: It is considered as another strategy and technique which helps in maintaining the relationship with the people who has knowledge and skills. Open communication refers to the conversation and interaction of ideas, views, experience and facts which helps in maintaining the relationship with the people who proper skills and knowledge which is very beneficial for the company and for the clients & customers of the organisation(Halinen,, 2013).

  • Explain two organisational or client policies, plans or procedures that are relevant when building business relationships.

Company formulates the different policies for building the business relationship that are as follows:

  • Confidential policy: Company have to formulate the policy for building the business relationship that is confidential policy. Confidential policyis the policy which means that all the information and data should be confidential and cannot be shared with anyone. This policy is very necessary for building the business relationship.
  • Complaint policy: Another policy that company should formulate for building the business relationship. In this policy, who has problem can able to complain and get the solution to their problem. So, this policy helps in building the good business relationship.
  • List two techniques to develop trust and confidence with business contacts.

It is very necessary for the organisation to develop the confidence and trust with the business contacts. So, company uses different techniques that are as follows:

  • Honest and supportive: For developing the trust and confidence, company use the technique that is honest and supportive. When company is supportive and honest with the business contacts than it become very easy for them to have trust and confidence on the company.
  • Commitment to follow:Another technique which is used by the company for developing the trust and confidence with the business contact is that company have to fulfil the commitment and promise that they take with the business contacts. Fulfilling the commitment and promise can easily develop the confidence and trust of the business contact.
  • Identify two difficult situations that may arise when networking.

There are several difficult situations ariseat the time of networking that is as follows:

  • At the time of networking, they interact with different people and the difficult situation arises is that who to trust people and whom to not. It is the major difficulty which arises at the time of networking.
  • Another difficult situation is that arises at the time of networking is that is is considered as the time waste activity it is because at the time of networking the information they exchange is not always beneficial sometimes they are gossiping so it is the difficult situation as it waste the time and also the information they exchanges is not always beneficial.
  • Describe two collaborative problem-solving processes to negotiate a positive outcome when a disagreement arises when working with a business contact.

Collaborative problem solving is the process where two or more party are able to agreeably negotiate for meeting the conflicting needs(Hakansson, 2015). It is used when two parties areconvincing each otherfor agree on a particular decision. The collaborative problem solving process helps in negotiate a positive outcome when disagreement arises.

  • This helps in identification of the problems by gathering the information and data and conduct proper research for increasing understanding of the problem. This assists in providing the positive outcome when there is disagreement arise.
  • This provides positive outcome by providing different solution to the one problem and also gives feasibility solutions which are possible.
  • List the specialist advice that could be sought when developing business contacts.

The specialist advices are given below which could be sought when developing the business contacts that are:

  • The first advice for developing the business contact is that be very honest and supportive in nature.
  • Build the trust and confidence while developing the business contact.
  • Commitment and promises must be fulfilled so that it helps in developing the business contacts effectively.
  • There must be open communication which assists in developing the effective business contacts.
  • Describe two methods to obtain feedback on the promotional activities undertaken by the organisation that help to identify and improve promotional activities.

There are various methods which are used for obtaining the feedback on the promotional activity which helps in identifying and improving the promotional activities that are explained in the following points:

Survey: by organising and conducting the survey in the market related to promotional activities which are used by the organisation.Survey provides the appropriate and reliable feedback which helps the company to identifying the problem in their promotional activity and helps in improving the promotional activities(Fuschi, 2016).

Questionnaire: it is considered as another method which provides the proper feedback which is related to the promotional activities that company use. With the help questionnaire, company gets the proper feedback and this assists in improving the promotional activities in the firm.

  • Describe how the feedback received from promotional activities can be used for continuous improvement.

The feedbacks which are received from the promotional activities are used for the continuous improvement in the organisation as the feedback they received cannot be repeated by the company so it leads to improvement and when promotional activities are properly operated than it directly increases the sales volume of the company and this results in increase in profit of the firm. So, it is very clear that feedbacks that are received are very useful in the continuous improvement in the organisation.

  • Describe how to take responsibility for planning, sequencing and prioritising tasks and own workload for efficiency and effective outcomes.

For the effective and efficient outcome, there must be proper planning, sequencing and prioritising the task. The responsibility is that allocate the task to the member according to their skills and capability(Kajan, et. al., 2014). Another responsibility is that prepare the proper schedule or do it list which helps in completing the task effectively and efficiently as it helps in no overlapping of work. For the effective and efficient outcome, responsibility is that they provide proper training and development program so that workers perform their tasks efficiently.


From the above report, it is concluded that networking is very important in the organisation as it helps in increasing the number of clients and customers for the company and also because of network people become friends or colleagues. So it is very important to have good network and to build network as it has life time benefits. This report provided knowledge about the network skills, professional development plan of an individual. Brochure and media release is also prepared in this report.


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