Numerous proteins are found inside living cells and are responsible for catalysing all chemical reactions. Enzymes, or biological catalysts, are what these are called. These proteins perform a variety of activities in the living body of an organism in addition to speeding up all chemical processes, which is why Biology students are interested in learning more about this topic. Due to the strong demand for the subject, a number of students have contacted us and requested our Enzyme assignment help service to resolve all of their assignment-related issues. is a name that stands out among all other companies in the business because of the high quality that we provide.

Enzyme Technology Introduction

Students study the features of industrial enzymes and how they are used in industry in the subject of enzyme technology. Natural enzymes, for example, are primarily used in the production of a wide range of foods such as vinegar, cheese, wine, and beer. Natural enzymes are also utilised to make linen, leather, and other similar products. Recombinant DNA technology has been instrumental in improving manufacturing techniques, which has led to the commercialization of enzymes in the industry.

What Are The Functions of an Enzyme?

Enzymes are necessary for life to exist because they perform a range of activities. These proteins are located in many cells throughout our bodies, and each of the enzymes contained within them performs a variety of intricate roles.

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Lactase is an enzyme found in the small intestine that is responsible for breaking down lactose and all other sugars in milk and converting them to glucose and galactose.


It is an enzyme family that aids in the digestion of lipids in the intestines.

Pancreatic enzymes

The enzymes found in the pancreas are listed below. These are responsible for converting proteins, lipids, and carbs into glucose.


Amylase is a family of enzymes present in the saliva. Complex starch products are broken down into simple sugar particles with the help of this enzyme.


The small intestines also contain this enzyme. Its function is to break down protein molecules into smaller amino acids, which speeds up digestion.


This enzyme, like amylase, can be found in the saliva. Maltose is found in many foods, such as beer and pasta. This enzyme breaks down all of the sugar maltose particles into simpler glucose units.

9 Catalytic Characteristics Of Enzymes

Enzymes are also known as bio-catalysts since they increase the speed of chemical reactions without interfering with the reaction. Enzymes have a number of functions, but the most important is to reduce the activation energy of the process. More than 2000 enzymes have been found around the world to date.

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Following are 9 characteristics of an enzyme:

Highly specific

The enzymes have a distinct nature and are highly specialised. There is an active site in the enzyme that has a strong affinity for a fixed substrate. One enzyme cannot engage in more than one reaction due to the phenomenon known as “induced fit.”

Extremely efficient

Each enzyme has a high catalytic efficiency, converting 10,000 substrate molecules per second. The sole difference is in the conversion rate, not in the equilibrium constant. The overall number of substrate molecules that are transformed into a product is greatly influenced by the catalytic process.

Possess a stable structure

Despite the fact that an enzyme alters all of the substrate molecules, they stay unaltered throughout the process. Only the amino acid residues break or establish covalent connections with one another. Aside from that, the structure of an enzyme is always consistent.

Require for activators

Enzymes may also require activators or co-enzymes to boost the enzymatic catalysis process in specific cases. Activators are inorganic compounds that aid catalysts in speeding up the chemical reaction.

The maximum effect at optimum temperature

Only at the optimal temperature can an enzyme’s catalytic activity produce the best results. The enzyme catalytic reaction will be dramatically reduced if the temperature is increased or decreased.

Dependent on pH

The ideal pH range, according to ourenzyme assignment help professionals, is 5-7 pH values. This is the range in which an enzyme’s maximum potential is realised. This implies that enzymatic activity is also affected by pH levels.

Repressed by inhibitors

The catalytic reaction of an enzyme can be easily blocked using a variety of inhibitors. Inhibitors can be competitive, non-competitive, or irreversible.

Competitive inhibitors attach to the active site in the enzyme and reversibly block the interaction between the substrate and the enzyme.

The non-competitive inhibitor’s goal is to render the enzyme inactive by attaching to any place other than the active site of the enzyme.

Similarly,the irreversible inhibitor’s goal is to form bind with the enzyme and reduce its activity.

Beneficial enzyme amount increase

The rate of reaction will rise as the concentration of the reactants increases. Similarly, when the concentration of enzymes rises, so does the rate of reaction.

Function reversely

The enzyme has no bearing on the reaction’s direction. This is why enzymes can also work in the opposite direction. The primary function of the enzymatic catalyst is to speed up the reaction and keep it going until it achieves equilibrium.

How Are Enzymes Produced?

Enzyme production is a complex phenomena that any student studying biology should be aware of. Enzyme technology encompasses a wide range of processes. Among them are:

Production of enzymes
Purifying the enzymes
Use of enzymes

Recombinant DNA technology and a discipline of engineering known as protein engineering are also employed to create more useful enzymes. All of this is included by the wide term “enzyme technology.”

Enzyme synthesis makes use of microorganisms. The graphic below displays the formation of enzymes.

There are currently around 2000 enzymes available in the world. The majority of enzymes are synthesised in vast quantities. Proteases, oxidases, hydrolases, and isomerase are among the enzymes. These are made with the help of microorganisms.

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