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environmental engineering assignment helpWith increasing awareness amongst people accepting environmental related issues, trade organizations are required to implement certain measures so that the environment can be protected from their everyday activities. They have realized that in order to survive this competitive age, it becomes necessary to take initiative for them to help them save the environment in the most effective way. Environmental essay is accepted with analyzing the management accounting system of the Visy, the world’s largest privately owned paper, recycling and packaging company, to assist the organization in achieving the environmental goals of the organization. To assess the key steps taken by the organization to achieve its environmental goal, the National Packaging Agreement and Environment Report will be examined for the financial year 2004.

Environmental Goal of Visy

Visy has been quite focused in relation to its environmental goal of becoming an environmentally sustainable packaging manufacturer and user in UK. To become an environmentally sustainable packaging manufacturer, Visy has integrated its environmental code practice for packaging with its management system. It is also used to reduce, reuse and refuse the continuous packaging and to avoid disposal. Thus, the main goal of the Visy of the environment is to follow the rules so that the negative effects on the environment can be avoided and it is possible to increase the stability of the packaging and recycling industry. In order to achieve its goal, the company has taken various initiatives like improving recovery rates, light weight and better design and development of new markets (Environment Management System (EMS) 2010).

 Role of Management accounting in attaining the Environmental Goal

The organization has a major role in helping the organization in achieving its environmental goals most effectively. Management accounting is basically accepted along with meeting the informational requirements of the initial management of the organization. This kind of management focuses on monetary and non-monetary information that basically helps in addressing activities such as the creation of business policies and the most effective use of available resources. To ensure proper management of the environmental management system, the role of accounting and accountant is to play as they have access to both the monetary and non-monetary information of the organization. They also have the skills to make the most appropriate use of such available information for decision-making. Generally, accounting plays an important role in the organization by creating rules and regulations that accept the management of finance, for which all organizations have to abide by.Similarly, accountants and accountants can help in implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) within the organization by bringing traditional functions of accounting in day-to-day environmental management processes.
As a result of effective implementation of EMS, it helps in incorporating accounting mechanisms in the form of better management of issues related to the environment, which is basically related to environmental performance evaluation, evaluates the effect of the environmental activities undertaken by the organization and Monitoring helps in relating to environmental related functions (Wilmshurst and Frost 2001) Received. Assistance of Management Accounting in attaining Environmental goals at Visy
In Visy, the top management has identified that good business practice and good environmental results are in hand. Thus, management has been highly accepted by the company’s packaging business with environmental related aspects. Management accounting is basically accepted with the initial management of the organization, which focuses on the physical flow of information such as water, energy, materials and waste, and monetary information is accepted with earnings, cost and savings. . Visy’s management has issued a series of values ​​to its employees to guide their employees on day-to-day activities so that the environment is effectively effective.In Visy the management is considering the integration of the integration of environmental practice for packaging in its management system to comply with the rules and procedures in the management of code management. In order to make the initial operation effective for the environment, management accounting in Visy has been designed in such a way that it gives high priority to the allocated capital of water and energy as it is considered a major resource management issue in UK.Apart from this, Visy also organizes energy audit so that its water management scheme can be developed, resulting in the efficient use of water and recycling on the Visy sites. Management accounting is very effective in Visy because the goal for each division has been set in relation to the use of energy and water as it is considered to be the least resource. Thus, the purpose of overall management accounting in Visy is to obtain the initial efficiency within the organization so that it is able to achieve environmentally competitive and its environmental goal (Visy Report 2010).


This essay is basically accepted with the assessment of the effectiveness of management accounting in Visy in achieving its environmental goals. Accountants and accounting have a major role to play in making the organization environmentally effective. Accepting the role of accounting in the environmental management system, it has been proven by various studies done in the past.By assessing the management accounting system in Visy, it can be concluded that it enables the organization to achieve its goal of being environmentally effective in packaging and recycling.

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