ENT101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENT101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship


In order to discover your own personal capability to become a successful entrepreneur, you
will need to utilise all you have learned about yourself and align this to the characteristics of
successful entrepreneurs reviewed in the subject content and learning resources.
This assessment requires you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and
skills in relation to the types and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, and the theory
and practice of entrepreneurship reviewed in modules 1, 2, and 3, to identify where your
capability, knowledge and skills place you in the entrepreneurial context.
This will assist you to demonstrate your own current capability and analyse any gaps that
you may need to address to become an entrepreneur.
This assessment will enable you to identify if you wish to pursue a career as an entrepreneur
and the key skills required.


This assessment task requires you to prepare a ten-minute video or animated presentation
about your personal capability to become a successful entrepreneur.

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You can use your phone or tablet, or any other media device, to record your video.
Alternatively, you can use software such as Prezi, Focusky or others found at the sites below
to create an animated presentation, which may include graphics and voice-overs.
Animated presentation sites

Visme Home Page


Prior to shooting your video, or creating your animated presentation, choose two of the
following creative thinking tools outlined in modules 4 and 5:

 Mind mapping on paper or using software.
 Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats on paper or using software.
 Brainstorming on paper or using software.
 Any self-assessment tools or 360 assessment (e.g. surveys of peers or others who
know you).
 Any other resources that helped you with this assessment such as inspirational or
inciteful quotes, links to videos or other media.
 Other creative thinking or design thinking tools of your choice that will demonstrate  your analysis of your own personal capability, and how that aligns currently with
what you know about successful entrepreneurship.

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Review the content and learning resources in modules 1, 2, and 3 relevant to the types and
characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, and the theory and practice of entrepreneurship.
Identify the key areas (minimum 4, maximum 6) where you would like to focus your selfassessment analysis.
Use your chosen creative thinking tools to document your preparation for your video or animated presentation in a working document.

Brainstorm your self-assessed strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and skills and relate them
to the identified key areas from the subject content (modules 1, 2, and 3) in your working
Outline the main points of your analysis for each key area including your strengths, areas for
improvement, and other considerations for the future, as you intend to present them in
your video/animated presentation, in your working document.
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Outline the main ideas in your presentation plan per component (listed below) in your
working document.
Record your video or create your animated presentation.
Submit the working document along with your video/animated presentation by the due

We recommend you to use your knowledge gained in:
 The entrepreneurial self-assessment activity in module 4.1.
 Other self-assessment tools used in other subjects, such as Gallup Strengths Profile,
Emotional Intelligence, Laureate Professional Assessment, professional selfreflections.
 Other personal and employment related self-assessment or 360 feedback.
Your video or animated presentation require the following components:
a) Introduce yourself (30 seconds).
b) Outline the key areas you focussed on in your analysis plus the method/s and tools
you used to analyse them (minimum 4, maximum 6) (60 seconds).
c) Analyse each key area including your strengths, areas for improvement, and other
considerations for the future (approximately 60 seconds per key area).
d) Present a final summary (remaining time available).

Submission Instructions:
Submit your Professional Capability Assessment via the assessment link in the main navigation menu
in ENT101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can
be viewed in My Grades.
The below learning rubric guides the marker when awarding marks for your Professional Capability
Assessment. You should use this rubric to review your assessment task prior to submission, ensuring
there is nothing you have missed.
ENT101 Assessment 3 Brief Page 4 of 6
Learning Rubric: Assessment 3- Professional Capability Assessment

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