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Meet with Hadoop Professionals in Better Understanding the Job Landscape and Preparing the Resume


After getting the technical knowledge, the next step was to meet the Hadoop professionals to understand the scenario going in the software industry. Finding the Hadoop professionals on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn gave me an idea of their roles in their work. As LinkedIn is a professional networking site, I was able to find many software professionals with this site. Sharing their experiences helped me to improve my skills as well as body language. By contacting them, I could know the growth in income after some experience. Meeting with Hadoop professionals gave the better understanding of job market and could be able to know the responsibilities as well as how to do a Hadoop project.

 As a part of the plan, the employer should know my technical skills to get a job. So, I prepared a resume to apply for the interviews. Preparing a resume was not an easy task and it took around four days to complete. The resume was written to effectively communicate my assets to an employer. Mentioning the accomplishments in the resume gives the employers an idea of my academic success. As resume is a self-marketing tool, it is presented in a clear and easy format to apply for a job. I prepared a resume according to the company requirements based on my skills that included both technical and managerial skills. The resume was written by performing the tasks like surfing the internet to get sample resumes, including the skills, and experience in resume, checking for grammatical mistakes, and reviewing the resume before applying.

Thus, I met with the software professionals with Hadoop experience and learned the managerial skills from their experience. I implemented this plan to get the clear understanding of work that is done by Hadoop developer and also for preparing the resume. The resume was analyzed, prepared, and reviewed in the action part of the action research.


According to the plan, I met with the software employees through Facebook and LinkedIn and requested them to share their experiences. The Hadoop professionals gave me a clear idea of salary structure and their responsibilities while doing a project. Because of my inexperience, I had no idea of how to communicate with the colleagues, team leaders and managers in the office. By talking to Hadoop professionals, I have a better understanding of how to communication between colleagues and superiors.

            Secondly, the resume was prepared in four days as per the planned schedule. In the first day, I browsed the internet to get the sample resumes to apply for a job.  I learned about the format of a resume and listed all of my strengths and weakness roughly. The strengths and weakness included technical knowledge and managerial skills.

The second day focused on writing a resume by including the career objectives, strengths, and weakness as per the position of job. The career objective was a powerful opening for a resume. It included the actual goal in the particular organization and the position available in it. The objective was two or three lines in length.

 On the third day, I presented technical and communication skills according to the company requirements. I also presented the accomplishments in the resume. I have six months experience on working in mini project, which was mentioned in the resume. The mini project was Optimizing Wireless LAN for Long wall Coal Mine Automation, which was a Hadoop project. The project title, description, duration, and software were mentioned in the project for better understanding my experience as a Hadoop developer.

Finally, I checked the grammar mistakes and reviewed the resume before submitting. The mistakes were identified and fixed to make a perfect resume. Even though the mistakes were fixed, it was better to show the resume to an experienced person in this field. Therefore, I forwarded my resume via GMAIL to Mr. Ram Movva, an experienced Hadoop developer. He checked the resume and fixed the mistakes and sent it back to me. Now, the resume was good for marketing.


After implementing the plan, meeting with Hadoop professionals and preparing the resume, there were many observations made. From this iteration, preparing a resume took a lot of time as it is very important to get a job in any field.

The first observation was about my way of thinking about the Hadoop developer’s role. There were a lot of differences in my way of thinking after meeting the Hadoop professionals. Previously I thought that a Hadoop project was same as a Java project and there was no increase in the income. Now, I learned that Hadoop was quite different from the Java project and the pay was high for Hadoop employees. The second observation was communication in the office. By contacting the Hadoop professionals, I observed that there was a lot of communication between colleagues to better understand the project.

The third observation was on the format of resume. By looking at the sample resumes through internet, I observed the contents that needed to be included in the resume. The fourth observation was on the career objectives and the weaknesses. After having a look at the sample resume, I started analyzing my strengths, weakness, and career objectives. I observed that the career objectives in my resume were the standout for the competition and should be adjusted for each job application to match the position. The fifth observation was about checking the mistakes written in resume. After writing the resume, I reviewed and fixed the mistakes. I thought it was a perfect resume, but after forwarding it to an experienced person, I learned that there were grammar errors that I had missed previously.

Finally, I observed that preparing a resume was like a mirror which can show my skills, capabilities, and experience to the employer. So, I prepared my resume strongly with no errors and forwarded it to experienced person to fix the errors.


This iteration was successful by meeting the experienced persons in Hadoop and preparing a perfect resume. Contacting the Hadoop professionals, sample resumes, and fixing the errors helped me to realize the importance of showing my skills to the employer. Because of my inexperience, I have knowledge of the office environment. After talking to the experienced people, I came to know many things related to Hadoop, most important of which was communication skills.

As I had six months experience in the mini project, I clearly understood the team work in the project. The prospective employer knows the relevant experience in Hadoop and how I qualify for the job by seeing the resume. I realized the importance of project and purpose of resume. The perfecting of resume gave me confidence as it plays well in the market. By providing the accomplishments in resume, I was able to provide the generic description of myself. I realized the important of accomplishments and those were highlighted in the resume. These accomplishments of doing a mini project were clearly presented.

Reviewing the resume was just as important as forwarding the resume to an experienced person.Order Now

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